Top 9 Layered Bob Hairstyles

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For many years layered bob hairstyles are in vogue and are still in practice. They are very attractive and the more you look at them the more you adore them. Compared to other haircuts layered bob hairstyles are suitable for almost all females. With the help of layered bob styles, they are able to enjoy a distinct look every day. Following are some of the best layered bob hairstyles.

1. Convex Disconnection:

Layered Bob Hairstyles1

In this type of hairstyle, the length of hair is pretty much the same from top to bottom allowing women the liberty to style and texture it comfortably. This is a popular hairstyle which involves major changes in the length. Compared to other haircuts it does not involve any mixing of layers and there is a complete disconnection.

2. Triangular Lob:

Layered Bob Hairstyles2

In this particular hairstyle, the layers are longer in the front which makes the hair fall towards the face naturally. The parting makes the hair look very elegant and attractive. This trendy form of haircut can be done by applying a suitable drying product suitable and then brushing and setting the hair accordingly.

3. Asymmetric Bob Hairstyle:

Layered Bob Hairstyles3

This is one of the most popular hairstyles which will enhance your charm and give your hair a modern appeal. It’s edge less ends are the reason for its charm and glamour. This hair is fairly partitioned haircut is being sported by many celebrities nowadays, such as Rihanna.

4. Barely There Layers:

Layered Bob Hairstyles4

No matter what is your hair type you can sport this bob hairstyle without much trouble. In contrast with other hairstyles, the layers are much longer here. Suitable for all face types It is good for the scalp as well as it restricts volume-losing tendency of the hair. For getting the best out of this hairstyle, you will have to blow dry the hair and then smooth certain parts and even flip the ends.

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5. Rebel Layers:

Layered Bob Hairstyles5

Rebel layers is a popular layer bob hairstyle which lets your hair naturally fall from the face. Women with narrow faces can also sport this haircut as it assists in revealing the real face structure. After applying Rebel layers, your narrow face will look wider. The fringe towards the side will adjust your all-embracing look.

6. Golden Wheat Waves:

Layered Bob Hairstyles6

This is one of the trendiest layered bob hairstyles. This hairstyle comes with large curls which define your actual look. It sports exquisite shades of blonde which looks like gold. The wheat like shades embarks the face and offers a feminine look. It will go hand in hand with a beautiful dress as well as with casuals.

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7. Cropped Chocolate Bob With Caramel Feathers:

Layered Bob Hairstyles7

Dark chocolate color is perfect for bob hair. The cropped chocolate look provides the hair with a dark chocolate and caramel look which is an exquisite combination. It comes with excruciating cropped edges which are well distinguished. Along with delectable shades, this hairstyle is flipped to a certain extent which adds a feathery effect to your hair.

8. Black Windy Bob:

Layered Bob Hairstyles8

This hairstyle comes with a unique shape and is meant for women with dark skin tone. Ideal for a windy day, this bob hairstyle is moderately alleviated and very stylish at the same time. Because of it’s distinct texture it looks as if the hair has been punctured by the wind and is saturated with fresh air.

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9. Crispy & Downy:

Layered Bob Hairstyles9

This is layered bob hairstyle looks very sweet and is comparatively a delicate hairstyle. It is suitable or young women and can be maintained easily. It is a shaggy hairstyle and looks as if it has a blonde like shade. The gold like tints are accompanied by black shades.

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