9 Best Layered Hairstyles for long Hair

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It is true that when you have long hair, you can freely experiment with newer styles and newer hair dos much more freely. Amongst the various styles, there is one hairdo called the layered look which looks exceptionally good in long hairs.

Layered Hairstyles for Long hair Main

The haircut or the hair style is called layers where the entire hair is separated into different, precisely two or three layers throughout the length of the hair. This aids in increasing the volume of the hair and at the same time working towards establishing a trendy hairstyle.

1. The Classic Layers:Layered hairstyles for long hair 1

After the haircut when your hair guy has finally given you the green signal, your hair would look exactly like this. The best of the look can be accentuated by these soft yet chic layers. With a beautiful side or middle parting, use hair spray to comb down your hair but keep it light.

2. Taking Off The Edge:

layered hairstyles for long hair2

To opt for a new trend try this new edgy layered look with sharpened ends. The reason why I favor this look so much is because of the rough edges that portray the hairstyle. The front starts in a soft banged look that ends up in edgy layers. This gives the person a rocker kind of look.

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3. Opt For Bigger Ponies:

layered hairstyles for long hair3

If you have layers but want a big pony for your office presentation always opt for this great illusion that will make your hair look long and preserve your layered look just perfectly.  Segment your hair into two and use the upper section for some teasing. Tie a pony on the lower section and then tie one in the upper one two but this time a bit loose.

4. The Low Bun:

layered hairstyles for long hair4

Whoever said layered hairs don’t make good buns has never really been through this trickery. For the perfect hair bun, section your hair from the two sides and clip them aside. Now take the middle end and secure it in a pony. Take the end of the pony, tie it and pin it up. Now braid the two sides and roll them up for the bun look.

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5. The Blunt Look:

layered hairstyles for long hair5

This has been named the blunt look because of its soft bangs that fall swiftly across the forehead. This can be a perfect winter hairstyle. The different between this front bang is that it is slightly swept in a side motion with major layers at the back. Incorporate this in a pony or a bun even.

6. Style Your Braid:

layered hairstyles for long hair6

We all have been there where the layers in your hair have come in between your awesome braid messing up both the layers and the braid. Therefore try for this awesome trick where you can opt for a messy braid. You don’t need to follow every norm and rule for a braid so whenever there are disobedient layers just roll it around.

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7. Half ups:

layered hairstyles for long hair7

The half up half down is the perfect hairstyle for a layered hair since most of the layers on the top can now be securely tied into a half up pony while the rest of the longer hair stays free underneath. This can be experimented with a lot of variations.

8. The Simple Puff:

layered hairstyles for long hair8

For an everyday look you don’t have to go through so much just to let your layers set in. for this look try this simple front puff. Section a front lock from the top of your head and tease it. Now use pins to secure the front puff.

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9. The Looping Pony:

layered hairstyles for long hair9

Since the lazy layers won’t allow you to have a straight pony, try this beautiful look where you tie a low pony and then loop it.

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