Leaf craft is a nice craft activity. This activity looks beautiful with fall colors, but it could be done in any season using any type of leaves. The arrangement of these leaves makes a fun activity for kids.

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Best Coconut, Palm and Paper Leaf Craft Ideas With Pictures:

Here are a few leaf crafts. Choose from below the top 9 leave activities for kids, preschoolers and toddlers,

1. Paper Leaf Project:

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A nice craft which could be done easily with paper of different colors. You don’t need a leaf template. Take any shape of paper and work it out to make beautiful leaves. Paper leaf can be of any shape and color. You could try to make some autumn leaves with them. It looks so natural and beautiful. Cut anthem glue them together to make bunches of them.

2. Palm Leaves Craft:

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Making palm leaves is such fun. A nice leaf craft for kids. This season gives a tropical makeover to your home with beautiful palm leaf activity. It is working out with the paper and giving as many blades for the leaf selected. Try to color them to give them a lovely look.

3. Coconut Leaf Activity:

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A great idea to make something useful from the coconut fronds. Instead of throwing them out, try these beautiful coconut leaf hats. It looks so nice. No special tools are required to make them. It protects you from sunlight. That’s fun to make too.

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4. Fall Leaf Crafts:

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Your child would love to make some fall leaf crafts. You need to pick a frame and collect some fall leaves. You should choose a picture to create and use glue, and these leaves could be stuck together to make some great wall art.

5. Leaf Sunflower Craft:

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Fall is a nice season to get crafts done. Pick some nice leaves which are long and pointed. Make your kids create these lovely sunflowers. Get a nice colored round paper at the center and stick these leaves around. Color of these flowers will put a nice smile on your face.

6. Leaf Mask Craft:

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This idea of creating a mask from natural leaves is so much fun. A nice leaf craft for preschoolers. They will love to play leaf man wearing such nice masks. It is simple to create, and the kids will have a last wearing them. Draw the mask and cut it to your size and adjust the eye holes accordingly. Leaves must be dried out. Apply glue and stick the leaves to make this mask.

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7. Leaf Lantern Craft:

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Leaf lanterns are a good leaves craft idea for toddlers. All you need is autumn leaves of different colors. You need to have a wire and an electric bulb to make the lantern. Stick out these leaves onto the craft paper, and you need to roll them on cheese boxes. Hang a bulb inside them to make lanterns glow. Kids would love the lights coming out of the leafy lanterns.

8. Leaf Monster Craft:

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Check out some fun activities for your toddlers. Make some leaf monsters. The kids would love them. They could scare away their moms with these lovely leaf monsters. Kids will love to stick those scary eyes on these autumn leaves to give them a monster look. All you need is so e glue and dried leaves.

9. Painting Leaves Craft:

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Fall is a good season to take up this craft. Pick lots of leaves from your yard. Select your choice of acrylic colors. Paint them on these leaves to give them a beautiful look. You can also put together all these painted leaves to make a nice collage.

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Leaf craft adds a lot of fun to kid’s activities. Autumn is the season you can pick to make such lovely crafts. Try making these simple crafts like leaf monsters and leaf masks for your children. They would love to play with them. Lanterns are such a good idea for those breezy evenings.

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