Anklets worn by men and women symbolize more than just pure fashion. These bohemian-looking anklets are perfect for the beach or someplace where you can let your hair down. The leather anklets are made in different styles like braiding, broad strapped etc. Choose something that fits your style statement. Make it colourful and vibrant with coloured leather strips of colourful beads. Select meaningful charms, and then you are sure to keep these beauties as a prized possession.

Latest and Stylish Leather Anklets in Fashion:

Let we have to look top 9 different Leather Anklets.

1. Swarovski Leather Anklet:

Go for this natural tan colour leather anklet for a very gypsy look. This beaded anklet has a Swarovski element that makes it stand out. The roping technique used here is very rustic.

2. Braided Leather Anklets for Men:

This is a men’s leather anklet that uses the braiding technique. The brown leather anklet is a double-length anklet that can be wound around your feet two times. It has an adjustable clasp that fits any size. This leather anklet is simplistic in pattern and will be liked by all.

3. Double Heart Leather Anklet:

Choose this elegant mint-coloured flocking leather anklet that is charming to look at. The double hearts are entwined together to give it a really special look. The silver charm used here is quite a lovely way of saying ‘I love you. Select this leather ankle bracelet for your loved one as a gift.

4. Handmade Leather Anklet:

Go in for a DIY leather anklet that is rustic and charming. The broad anklet gives a fuller look to the feet. The wonderful braiding done on this dark brown leather anklet is fantastic and looks great on men.

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5. Beaded Leather Anklet:

Leather anklets using beads are very common. This particular leather anklet is quite colourful, using several beads around its length. It gives a complete look to the anklet and is entirely pretty. Select bead colours that you like including this turquoise one.

6. Charms Leather Anklet:

Leather ankle bracelets worn by women give a very bohemian look. This particular ankle bracelet has a vintage silver charm. The charm is attached to the centre of the bracelet. The bracelet itself is made from woven leather in black.

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7. Crocodile Leather Anklet:

Go in for something more daring and try out this crocodile leather anklet. The anklets come in black and brown and look quite stunning. The anklet is usually broad so that it shows the grains of the leather quite well. The authentic crocodile skin leather will set you apart from the others.

8. Engraved Leather Anklet:

Love a particular design very much? You can choose it to be on your leather anklet by engraving the design on the leather strap. Here the image of a feather is engraved on the leather anklet. The tiny turquoise beads give it colour too.

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9. Personalized Leather Anklet:

Need something blue for the bride to wear on her wedding day? Choose this braided blue leather anklet bracelet for her. This has a personalized charm with the words ‘I do’ on it that makes it the perfect wedding gift. You can personalize the charm to any wording that you would like.

Choose from the stunning leather anklets to give you perfect-looking feet. The anklets and ankle bracelets lend a charming look to your feet. Be it personalized or handmade; these beauties are a must-have in every fashionable person’s jewellery box. Charms add a quaint touch to the leather anklet. Each of the charms can be given a personal touch. Beads used in the anklets add charm and a playful character.


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