Earlier, a man wardrobe would consist of shirts, t-shirts, pants, trousers, jeans, shoes, sneakers, caps, belts and blazers. The bag has now become an essential part of it. Most of the men struggle to find the right bag for them. Leather is the most versatile canvas, especially when it comes for all-purpose bags.

Leather Bags for Men in Different Types and Styles:

Here are a few styles of mens leather bags for business and college use.

1. Wallets Leather Bag:

There is no question that wallets made of leather are the smartest. They are perfect to fit in the back pocket. You can keep your change, money, credit and debit cards. They are made in many types. Each and everyone uses it.

2. Backpacks Leather Bag:

Backpacks are two shoulder bag. They are made of canvas, leather or synthetic materials. But if I am asked, a leather backpack is the smartest choice. They are spacious and strong. Leather material also gives a chic and fashionable look.

3. Briefcases Leather Bags for Men:

A leather briefcase is the most used bag by men. It comes in mostly black and brown. Nowadays, designers are experimenting with colour and texture. They have a unique lock code for security purpose. Thus helping you carry important things.

4. Messenger Pure Leather Bag:

Courier men used messenger leather bag to deliver the parcels. Now it is a common trend. It is used by students mostly as books fit easily. They are given different prints and textures. They have many compartments with added zippers. You can use it as cross body slings.

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5. Duffle Leather Bags for Travel:

A duffle leather bag has short handles. There is no doubt it is a default bag. It can be used in your daily active routine, be it your gym or outings. You can even take it with you for a weekend trip.

6. Mens Tote Leather Bag:

This is the most famine bag on the list. But if you ask me, it is the best because it can carry many things like laptops, magazines, cameras, notepads, and even an extra shirt. It is like a huge pocket that fits everything. If you want to play this style safe, opt for long handles, which can help you carry it on the shoulder.

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7. Folio Leather Handbag:

The folio leather bag is a handheld folder type bag. It is smart and unobtrusive. It shows cases smartness and helps you portray a serious yet stylish business look. You can use it to carry important documents and anything slim, like i-pad. It is more like a pouch, which says you are here for serious business.

8. Holdalls Leather Bag:

A holdall leather bag is nothing but a short or smaller duffle bag. The leather adds sophistication to this style. You can use it for the gym or a short trip. They are very spacious. I would suggest you not bulk it up. In case you are adding weight, then make sure to have padded shoulders for ease.

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9. Leather Laptop Bags for Men:

A laptop leather bag is for carrying laptops. They are smart and very classy. Normally they come in various styles and an array of colours.  But if you are going to use it for formal meetings, then opt for format black with stylish handles.

Looking at the trends nowadays, men’s have raised the bag industry to the top 5 positions. You can opt for any of the leather bags and look sophisticated with ease. Just remember, it is how we carry it and not how it looks.

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