Straight from the professional athletes to the home workout sessions, one will find there is some common warming up exercises which are to be performed right before you venture out for your workout or running. Out of these warm up exercises include leg stretching which is a form of workout where your muscles which are otherwise stiffened on a daily course has a chance to release the tension in them.

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As a result your body becomes more stretchy and flexible curbing a path to a injury less work out session. The same goes for yoga patients too. This slight warm up session is hence important and here is illustrated some of the leg stretching exercises for you to take a cue from.

Basic Stretch:

The first basic step to leg stretching is simple. Stand with your legs apart but aligned and your spine straight. While keeping the lower body still reach for the toe with the opposite hand. This will create a slight forward twist which may also be a cure to your lower body or back ache. Keep the legs straight and apart making the toe touching a bit difficult. With time you will ease into it.

Side Squats:

Another way to release your fat tissues and strengthen up your rusted muscles is the side squat which is almost similar to the normal squats and may seem easy at first but on implementing you will notice it being a bit difficult than you imagines. The reason is of course lack of practice which eases with time. stand straight with an erect spine and with one leg stretched out wide and apart from the torso do a side squat where your body weight will rest on one of your limbs. The other one is stretched out as wide as possible. Hold for a minute before you relax and repeat the same with the other leg.

Toe Crunches:

For toe crunches one has to use their stomach muscles  and waist strength as well. using a flat surface lie down on your back and lift both of the limbs up in the air keeping it perfectly straight. Now with your hand lift your former portion of by using your stomach muscles and try to reach the stretched out toe. This is an effective exercise in curing back pain and releasing stiff leg muscles and shoulder joints too.

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Revolved Head :

This is a form of a yoga pose incurred for the same reason we have been dealing with, leg stretching. This not only focuses on your legs and lower body but also does a thorough exercise of your entire body. Sit cross legged on the floor and then stretch one leg sideways. With the other still crossed and maintaining position with one hand reach out and grab the toe. Now with the opposite hand thrown above your head try to reach for the toe as well. You will immediately feel your muscles stretching as a slight stinging might appear. This eases with time.

Warrior Pose:

Warrior is almost the same as the side squats. The person needs to align their body in a way that is similar to a warrior ready for a bow and arrow match. For this stand sideways and stretch your back limb all the way to the back. With the front leg, stretch out and bend down from you knees resting your body then. Do the same with the hands out stretched one in the front and the other at the back. Hold on to the pose for a while and release and do the same with the other leg.

Standing Quadriceps:

For this you will need to flat surfaces one horizontal one vertical. For example a chair and a wall, or two chairs. Stand straight and resting your hands on the front chair or wall lift up one of your feet and cling the chair top with your toe. While your toe is rested on top of the chair stretch your lower back and as you do your leg muscles including your back fat issues will be handled. With time loose the support.

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Wall Hamstrings:

This is an easy enough and fun exercise for a home workout session where all you need is a flat wall and you are good to go. stand inches away from the wall and lie down straight in front of the wall so that you form a perpendicular to the wall. Now edge near to the wall and lift up your lower back and place your limb aligned to the wall surface. Keep your arms stretched so that you feel the stretch working throughout your body. While you maintain that position try some ankle twists if you can.


Butterfly is also an effective exercise to work those pounds right off your inner thighs. This includes the person to sit with his legs cross legged but away from the body so that your foot touches each other. Now use your hands to keep your feet pursed together as you bend forward and if possible trying flapping your thigh like a bird’s wing. This may seem funny but is an effective exercise.

King Dancer:

For this exercise stand straight and then with your spine straight reach forward. You may use a wall as a support for balance. Now lift one of your limbs high up and curl it so that it forms a U shape. with your back now parallel to the floor with your other hand reach out and grab the toe and maintain the stance for a little bit until you release and repeat.


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