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30 Mesmerizing Lehenga Saree Designs For A Desi Girl Look

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The lehenga styled sarees are trendy sarees available in India for the past few years. These lehenga sarees are preferred for wedding and bridal collections to add a new element in the fashion world. A lehenga styled saree consists of lehenga choli and a traditional section what is being wrapped around. Pleating is not necessary for this dressing which is a different feature of this saree. This easily worn and ready-made sarees are known for the party wear dress. The dupatta or the lehenga choli has a different style factor that is blended in this fashionable attire. This hassle-free dressing is relatively easy than the traditional sarees. That is why these dressings are widely available in Indian markets.

Latest Lehenga Saree Designs With Images:

Here are some top 30 lehenga styled sarees, also called Ghagra Saree designs are presented with pictures:

1. Yellow And Cyan Embroidery Georgette Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 1

This lehenga styled saree is a combination of the yellow designer pallu and cyan embroidery section. The embroidery works are being done in golden colour on the cyan lower half of this saree. Sleek vertical designs make this saree look gorgeous. The borders of these two pieces also have shimmering golden works. Pallu has golden motifs which are depicted in a regular fashion. This designer saree is paired up with golden designed pink blouse that looks awesome.

2. Green And Pink Chiffon-Net Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 2

The lehenga choli of this lehenga saree has a semi-transparent look. The lower half of the saree is of shaded green on which floral designs are being made. Floral designs are being done in a vertical manner in pink and white colours. The golden border has a sleek blue lining on both sides. Pink choli also has some floral designs which look nice on being draped over the shoulder.

3. Sea-Green And Orange Lehenga Saree In Net Material:

lehenga-sarees 3

Sear-green lower halved lehenga saree consists of different coloured strips. This lehenga saree is blended with orange and sea-green colour. The orange choli has well-designed stone works on the net texture. The sea-green sections have wide golden glittering border also with golden and orange strips. The lower portion of this lehenga saree spreads nicely over the floor which makes you look classy.

4. Tantalizing Green-Yellow Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 4

This green-yellow lehenga saree has a contrasting designer work. The yellow choli has simple circular designed embroidery work. In contrast, the green portion has a lustrous effect with intricate golden works that seem to be very attractive. Designer lace is being stitched along the borders of these two halves of this dressing.

5. Turquoise Net Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 5

This net lehenga saree has different layers of embroidery and stone works to emphasize the beauty of this saree. Turquoise colour is blended with golden effect. The borders have wider temple designed stone works which are neatly done. The most unique feature of this saree is the different layer designed lower half. Traditional designs are being done with a modern touch. It is paired with a deep blue blouse having a net designer sleeve. You can surely wear this outfit at wedding parties.

6. Splendid Net Lehenga Saree With Border Work:

lehenga-sarees 6

The cream-based lower half has self-coloured patch works done in regular patterns. The border of this lehenga saree consists of blue motifs in a horizontal manner. The lower edge of the border is of vibrant pink colour. Blue netted choli with patch work is the main attraction of this lehenga saree. The border of the pallu is of simply pink with golden lining.

7. Pink-Yellow Net Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 7

The choli of this lehenga saree is a lemon yellow coloured with heavy designer stone works. This semi-transparent net choli is contrasted with the pink lower half. The heavy designer border is done in this lehenga saree leaving the other part as simple of the pint portion. If you feel comfortable with this attire you should try this dress.

8. Black And Red Net Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 8

The main attraction of this lehenga styled saree is the colour combination. Red and black coloured dressing is loved by most of us. Simply designed lehenga saree makes you look elegant. This lehenga saree has vibrant red pallu which is being nicely pleated. Pallu has red and black border which have a shimmering outlook. The black portion only has intricate border and a sleek golden lining. You can pair up this saree with full sleeve golden blouse which makes you look classy with this black lehenga saree.

9. Green-Pink Faux Georgette Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 9

This georgette lehenga saree has simple semi-transparent choli with multi-coloured border. The edge of the pallu is designed with traditional motif designs. Same motif designs are also being seen along the lower half of this lehenga saree. The green portion has slender vertical lines at regular intervals. Over the border, floral designs are done in green and pink colours which are the highlighting feature of this lehenga saree.

10. Yellow-Blue Net Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 10

The net lehenga saree has fluffy outlook which does not make you look skinny. This net splendid yellow lower half has a gorgeous border with orange, blue and golden effect. This lehenga saree has a sleek designer choli in red and yellow combination with blue golden lining. This is paired up with a royal blue velvet blouse having golden designs along the sleeves.

11. Cream And Red Traditional Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 11

This is a traditionally designed lehenga saree consists of cream and red hue. The red choli is of a lustrous texture which is paired with a cream netted lower half. Traditional floral designs look attractive on the shiny green border. The choli consists of a silver border with green lining in between. You will have an appealing look if you wear this outfit in a reception party.

12. Georgette And Net Party Lehenga Saree In Pink And Silver:

lehenga-sarees 12

This pink party wear lehenga saree makes you look really classy. This stylish saree is simply designed. The lower part of this attire is of georgette texture having glittering golden strips. The choli is of the same colour but is of net fabric having different designed borders. This semi-transparent choli can be styled in a different manner as per your choice.

13. Fancy Light Green Lehenga Saree With Floral Work:

lehenga-sarees 13

The choli and the lower section of this lehenga saree are of the same design. This light green fancy saree has a silky texture and a red contrasting portion. Floral works are done with pink and golden on different portions. The black-bordered pallu has floral designed part which is unavailable in the lower half.

14. White And Pink Lehenga Saree In Velvet:

lehenga-sarees 14

The white intricate lower half section of this lehenga saree has a very elegant look. The lower portion has black velvet texture with golden motifs. Above that section intricate work is being done in black with some simple patterns above it. The pallu is left simple with semi-transparent pink coloured. The golden borders along the pallu make this outfit looks gorgeous.

15. Black And Red Lehenga Saree With Golden Borders:

lehenga-sarees 15

Glittering golden and vibrant red borders make this black lehenga saree look attractive. These plain strips are contrasted with golden designer border. The other part of this lehenga saree is left simple. It is paired up with red net choli with the contrasting border. Red designer blouse perfectly goes with this attire.

16. White Chiffon Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 16

This pure white chiffon lehenga saree has a unique effect of same coloured strips in a horizontal manner. Black net portions are cut out in triangular fashion and over which floral designs are being made in orange and golden. This lower half has a plain golden-black border. While the pallu has designer patterns in the same colour combination.

17. Violet And Cream Color Net Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 17

This lehenga saree has traditional designs in the lower half. Here, violet is blended with cream coloured choli. The cream choli has transparent effect made of net fabric. The designer works along the border and the small dots throughout the choli highlight this piece. The violet lower portion has intricate stone works with small dots and shiny golden border.

18. White Faux Georgette Lehenga With Red Designs:

lehenga-sarees 18

This dive white attire has unique floral designs which make this saree look different. The lower half has a red shaded effect and over this part white designs in triangle fashion with red flower designs are being done. The borders are of white-silver block designs. The pallu has red and white floral embroidery works.

19. Off-White Butterfly Net Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 19

This choli of this lehenga saree has a different effect. On one portion of the choli, designs are done in maroon colour and on the other half, it has a yellow-orange shaded net portion. The designs are done in the same fashion with long-chain vertical embroidery work. It seems fluffier in the lower section and may also be known as butterfly net lehenga saree.

20. Green White Colored Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 20

This white net lehenga saree has sleek dark green and golden border. The net pallu drape over your body has simply floral design near the shoulder. This deep shaded green blouse with designer neck border makes you look appealing.

21. Off-White Lehenga With Orange Designed Borders:

lehenga-sarees 21

This designer saree has the same coloured body and choli. This off-white lehenga saree has orange designer works done in golden colour. This absolutely makes this off-white saree look vibrant. A designer blouse with off-white netted sleeve completes the outlook.

22. White-Black Net And Velvet Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 22

This lehenga saree is paired up with a black velvet blouse. This full sleeve blouse has heavy works done in golden and white colours. This saree has particular black-golden designed lace along the border and in a circular manner in the lower half of the saree. With the patch, works are seen in the white portion.

23. Maroon Bridal Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 23

This maroon lehenga saree has a magnificent effect. You undoubtedly look gorgeous in this outfit. This saree has floral golden designs with golden borders and semi-transparent pallu with golden motifs. This enriching maroon colour is contrasted with a cream colour.

24. Gorgeous Yellow And Purple Wedding Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 24

This wedding lehenga saree seems like butterfly lehenga saree. Purple in combined with the yellow designer lower section. This lower half has heavy multi-coloured designs with stone works. Traditional designs run along the border of the pallu with golden dots on the purple coloured texture.

25. Red And Blue Patch Work Bridal Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 25

This bridal lehenga saree has two colouring effect. The blue and red portion is separated by horizontal golden designs. The glittering golden border looks elegant. The red section has self-designed patch works along with unusual golden designs. The choli is of red with sleek floral designs.

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26. Light Green-Cream Lehenga Saree With Stone Work:

lehenga-sarees 26

This parrot-green saree has a cream shaded portion. Lustrous small golden bootis are seen all over this saree. The border consists of golden stone works and also with a silver effect. Pair this saree with a dark shaded green designer blouse.

27. Orange Art Silk Embroidery Wedding Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 27

Heavy works are emphasized in this orange-pink art silk lehenga saree. The pallu is of simple orange with light golden effect. The pink portion has intricate golden work which seems appropriate for a wedding collection.

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28. Yellow-Grey Net And Velvet Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 28

This trendy yellow grey saree looks vibrant undoubtedly. You would surely love this uncommon combination. The lower portion of this saree is of the yellow net while the choli is of grey coloured with black designs. The border gets amplified with black and yellow lining.

29. Beige-Orange Net Designer Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 29

The cream-based lower portion of this lehenga saree has glittering embroidery patterns. It has a wide shimmering golden border. This soothing attire of this outfit is combined with orange pleated designer pallu. You must pair this saree with cream designer blouse.

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30. Navy Blue-Pink Wedding Lehenga Saree:

lehenga-sarees 30

This navy blue lehenga saree has neat golden designs along with pink choli. This light pink choli has patchwork all over it and shimmering golden border. Matching navy-blue designer blouse completes your outlook.

This dressing is a proper blend of traditional style with a modern one. This easy wear dressing is opting by many ladies as an outfit in any special occasion. The latest designer lehenga sarees are depicted in this article which will surely enhance your style quotient.

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