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Simple Benefits Of Honey And Lemon For Weight Loss

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Lemon and honey are rich in many useful nutrients and thus helps to curb many diseases. These two natural sources are commonly consumed by all of us but may not be regularly by most of us. Among all other benefit, these two helps in maintaining your weight by reducing the extra unused fats from your body. Regular intake of honey and lemon individually or making a solution of two is beneficial for weight loss.

honey and lemon for weight loss

What is the latest trend? Being the slimmest of all. There was once a time when curvy voluptuous bodies were appreciated and flaunted. And then the new generation sets their foot and the era of survival of the slimmest set in. what was once looked upon as bad is now flourishing. The zero figures.

Though many are not in the pursuit of the ultimate zero figure, a crazy trend for the slim and trim is in. but with the need for a perfect body, a need for time is also required which in today’s world is precious than platinum. Hence the lazy ways to keep your body fit and lose weight at the same time is in taking the proper diet.

How The Lemon Helps:

From tooth ache to bleeding gums to bad breath- lemon takes care of all. It is also a lightening agent and helps exfoliate skin. Then there are times when a bad liver may be cured by lemon. It is also known to improve concentration.

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Benefits Of Lemon For Weight Loss:

Lukewarm lemon water induces weight loss. This is because it is pure and natural with no added chemicals or preservatives. It is a primary ingredient in any detox diet and so the more you have it the faster you lose weight.

The main reason why lemon is so effective because lemon performs the following when inside our body:

  • Helps regulate metabolism by keeping our digestive system under check.
  • Restricts excessive sugar absorption in the body by decreasing hunger.
  • The polyphenols present in lemons also help those who suffer from blood sugar problems by improving insulin levels in our body. This is essential for weight loss.
  • It is a healthy aid to bile production capacities of our liver.
  • Flushes out the toxins in your body along with its internal wastes. So powerful are its cleansing properties that regular consumption can ensure that one does not suffer from colon cancer over time.
  • It therefore also aids proper bowel movement in our bodies thus preventing diarrhea and constipation.
  • Provides quick energy bouts without inducing food cravings.

Do not use any sugar in your lemon water because that defeats the whole purpose for weight loss. However, the natural ingredient that can be used as an alternative is honey. A honey and lemon juice tonic can is natural and a tasty alternative to lose weight. Let’s dig deeper into the benefits of honey for the purpose of weight loss.

The Honey Uses:

Next time before you hit the treadmill help yourself to a spoon full of honey as honey is a great natural energy booster. The glucose in the honey is immediately absorbed in the body which gives us more energy. Also it is a good anti-cancer ailment. When we were small remember what our grandmother used to give us when we suffered from a heavy cold. Tulasi leaves dipped in honey. Yes! Honey is also a natural immunity builder.

Benefits Of Honey In Weight Loss:

Like lemon juice, honey also contains important nutrients that aid digestion and help dissolve fat in our body. Raw honey is preferred over processed tonic as it is more natural and it retains its original goodness as intended by Mother Nature. Some of its benefits are:

  • It is rich in amino acids and minerals. Vitamin B-6 present in it helps improve digestion remarkably.
  • It is effective in metabolizing fatty acids and lowers the triglycerides in our body that are the major causes of heart ailments.
  • Fructose in honey provides an energy boost hence giving us enough acceleration to kick start our mornings.
  • These are simple carbohydrates that are easy to digest and slow absorbing hence they do not get absorbed immediately and keep providing energy over time.

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Honey And Lemon For Weight Loss:

What happens when we combine this two power packages and form one healthy drink that has the power to aggravate weight loss.

The Honey And Lemon Water:

One of the massive miracles of this drink is it helps in quick loosing of weight. Every morning after a good night’s sleep start your day with a lukewarm glass of water mixed with honey and lemon. An inexpensive hassle free easy home-made recipe to a flatter tummy! Along with a flatter tummy this is also a morning energy drink that boosts up your early mornings. But as a part of the weight loss policy this should be incorporated as a diet and maintained in that sort. A regular in take of honey and lemon water without fail is necessary.

Other than weight loss this drink also possesses some good functions like helps improve digestion and helps re-lift the mood, cleanses the tummy and relieves us from further stomach disorders while improving oral health as well. Weight loss comes only with intense determination so one cannot keep two feet in two boats. A decision has to be made and if the decision is weight loss, along with the honey lemon water diet, a strict routine must also be followed. Remember, honey with lemon water followed by a cheese burger is never helpful.

How To Make And Use Honey And Lemon For Weight Loss:

It is essential for the ingredients to be completely natural and as far as possible involve very less processing. While lemon is easily available in natural state honey is often processed. Try sourcing them from bee farms if possible.

  • To make the lemon and honey tonic, always maintain a ratio of 2:1 with the ingredients. That is, two parts of lemon with one part of honey. The reason being, Vitamin C in lemon makes it an easily soluble compound. Now add this to your glass of lukewarm water and you have the weight loss elixir millions of people swear by.
  • There is another variant for this which involves cinnamon. Use this in warm water or green tea to yield the best benefits of weight loss. Take a cup and put ½ teaspoon cinnamon powder. Pour hot water over it and allow it to steep for about 30 minutes. Now add 1 teaspoon honey and stir well. Warm it up and drop a bag a green tea and a freshly squeezed lemon. Garnish with a lemon rind and serve.
  • Drinking this every morning within 30 minutes of waking up and 30 minutes before bedtime will ensure the desired results. Cinnamon is known to help metabolism and insulin levels as well.
  • One must also exercise and eat a balanced diet since this is not a cure all. This boosts the system to act fast and responds to exercising. So try this and help your body lose weight faster.
  • Warm solution of lemon and honey being done by mixing water in it. This solution is very common and helpful in lowering or weight. It is more effective if we consume this solution in lukewarm condition regularly at early morning in empty stomach. It would be followed by breakfast by maintaining some interval of gap. This warm or lukewarm water solution helps to burn the extra fat and this would leads to weight loss by providing relief from obesity. The unused stored fat is the main source of additional weight. This property of warm lemon water solution is thus useful for providing us relief from various diseases. Obesity leads to cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks risk, heat condition gets deteriorated, strokes and hypertension. One tea spoon of honey in this solution is required daily for improving your health conditions. Studies have shown that lemon and honey are quite helpful in reducing the weight to normal. Drinking this regularly helps to maintain a better health condition. It also provides better digestion and reduces constipation risks.
  • Many people often consume honey with warm water also for weight loss. Lemon juice on other hand has many benefits for our immunity, skin, hair and other health benefits. Lemon juice too has the power of reducing our weight along with honey. So, the mixture of lemon juice and honey work as an amazing agent that is a remedy for this serious health issues. Lemon is loaded with vitamin C which is due to the citric acid present in lemon that improves the fat metabolism of our body and increases better functioning of liver. Lemon juice basically increases glutathione which helps in detoxification and slimming. The essential components present in honey helps to convert the unused fat into usable energy.
  • Also, cinnamon along with honey and warm water is useful for reducing weight. A mixture of one cup of warm water adding one spoon of honey and one tablespoon of cinnamon powder is very helpful by drinking this in empty stomach. This mixture helps in weight loss. These natural products do not have any side effects rather these help to reduce the risk of many diseases. Regular consumption has provided people with better results. Extra fat in body leads to high blood pressure and also high sugar level in our body, cinnamon helps to regulate these conditions and helps to boost our weight loss effect.
  • Both honey and lemon helps to provide better digestion of food. These do not store the extra fat that leads to obesity. Obesity lowers all the body condition and makes our body inactive. Due to this feature honey is even consumed after dinner for reducing the digestive problems.
  • You can consume honey as a substituent of sugar as it consists of many useful nutrients needed for our body metabolism. You can use honey in tea, lime juices, in pancake, oatmeal in spite of using sugar. Of course this provides different taste in your food along with benefits. Many people stop consuming sugar due to its weight gaining factor, but you would surely opt for honey in appropriate amount that helps to reduce weight.
  • It is very useful to consume a spoonful of honey before going to sleep. This provides us with better body metabolism by burning the extra fat that leads to obesity and also stimulates the liver functioning. Consuming honey acts as a stress reliever and helps to remain healthy.

How It Works:

The basic cause of weight gain as researched and known is the accumulation of toxins in our system. Lemon and honey both act as detoxifiers and hence they help us break down these very toxins which in turn results in no accumulation, ergo, no excess fat. However this diet requires us abandoning all toxic food such as white sugar, trans fat, junk food, fast food, dairy products, chocolates and sweeteners, refined flour etc.

It Differs:

It is proven that honey and lemon does tone the body down but sadly enough, this is not for everyone to consume. Lemon has a high acidic value and people with low ph level cannot obtain the benefits of this diet. Also people with diabetes should refrain from consuming honey because of its sweet nature which might increase their sugar level. Also certain allergies should be looked into before commencing this diet. Other than a few points this is a perfectly healthy diet which helps you lose the extra weight.

Daily intake of different quality of foods leads to high calorie intake that often leads to weight gain. In order to reduce intake of calories, lemon and honey provide you with the natural process for weight loss. In this article, we have come up with individual benefits of lemon and honey and also with how of mixture of lemon and honey can be used for weight loss. Hopefully this article will be beneficial for you and you will be glad to get your feedback.

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