Leopard print nail art designs! This is a kind of animal print nail art. Nail arts are a new rage moreover style statement amongst girls, from celebrities to the girl next door. It is time when you provide your regular nail polishes with vivid creativity. Leopard outlines are n evergreen fashion trend, so you can be guaranteed to have incredible look nail designs while you get some. Nail art in leopard prints is among the most fashionable nail art designs girls love to sport. These below beautiful nail art leopard print designs are easy to recreate too. Check out this article to know how to do leopard print nail art.

Leopard Print Nail Art Step-By-Step Process:

1. Glitter Leopard Print Nail Art Design:

  • First, apply a base blue coloured nail polish on your nails
  • Next, create purple coloured dots on these nails, ensuring that they don’t join each other
  • Now, take dark blue coloured nail polish and create dots around these
  • Take a toothpick and try to join these dots to create a leopard print
  • Apply a top clear coat on this for a perfect finish
  • You can also try creating shimmer nails in between for a chic look.

2. Simple Black And White Leopard Nail Art:

  • This nail design is so simple; moreover, superior to look at that as minimum you would absolutely want to try it as a minimum once still if you are not too much into nail art.
  • This can be simply recreated with the help of just 1 toothpick also black and white nail polish.
  • Apply white coloured base polish on your nails
  • Create dots with black coloured nail polish
  • Use a toothpick to create a leopard print pattern, as shown in the figure
  • You can utilize additional colours for the base as well.
  • It is still best to apply a white colour for the base plus a dark color for the dots.
  • To add more drama, use plain black colored nails on one of your fingers

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3. Leopard and Zebra Tri-colour Design:

  • This is one of the best leopard print art that combines the beauty of zebra stripes.
  • You need a base polish coat on your nails in grey color
  • Choose fluorescent colours like teal and purple to create alternate color blocks on the base coat
  • Take a toothpick and dip it in black colored nail polish
  • Start creating zebra stripes and leopard prints on these blocks
  • You can also mix and match these patterns by showing variations in the sizes
  • Finish it off with a transparent top coat of nail polish

4. Mix–up Leopard Nail Design:

Who says leopard prints have to be simple and sober? Check out this amazing patterned nail art

  • First choose three nails and apply white colored nail polish
  • One the nail, create a leopard print using a toothpick and black colored nail polish
  • On the second nail, you can create zebra stripes and make them look bold
  • On the third white base nail, create giraffe-printed blocks, which are a bigger variation of the leopard prints
  • Lastly, apply a black base coat on two of these nails
  • You can add more drama by dipping the toothpick in black polish and creating 3D dots, as shown.
  • This can be achieved by dripping the nail polish from the tip of the toothpick
  • Finish it off with a clear coat

5. Neon Leopard Print Nail Art Design:

These glitzy neon leopard-printed nails are currently in vogue.

  • First, apply a base coat, using white colored polish on alternate nails
  • Now create stripes using black and neon colors
  • You can create a cross stripe with black coloured nail polish for some dramatic effect
  • On the white area, use a toothpick and black nail polish to create leopard prints
  • The remaining nails can be colored black
  • A centre stripe with neon can elevate the look

6. Leopard Black And White Nail Art:

If you are a person who likes a little sparkle in everything, this pattern is just for you:

  • First apply a white base coat on the fingernails of your choice
  • Now, using a toothpick, create dots with shimmer randomly
  • Dip another toothpick in black nail polish and create a leopard pattern around these shimmer dots
  • On the remaining nails, apply black nail polish as a base coat
  • Using white nail polish create white horizontal stripes, as shown

7. Leopard Dual Colour Nails Art Designs:

For girls who love sparkling pinkish nail art, check out this extraordinary design:

  • Create a French manicured style nail look by applying pink nail polish only on the nail part
  • You can create an asymmetric style for some glamour
  • Now using black nail polish and a toothpick, create ‘C’ shaped patterns randomly on the nails
  • Take a rhinestone and use a nail art gum to stick it between these patterns
  • On one of the fingers, use black nail polish and apply it as the base coat
  • Reverse the combination and create leopard nail art using pink nail polish
  • Finish it off with a top coat.

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8. Purple And Blue Leopard Nail Art:

This is one of the extremely stylish and slightly difficult patterns to achieve:

  • First apply a base coat using a neutral-colored nail polish
  • Now create color blocks using shimmering teal, silver and purple colored nail polish
  • You must let one nail block go completely dry before applying another. This can prevent smudging.
  • Once all the nail colours are dry, using black nail polish and a toothpick, create leopard patterns as shown
  • Finish it off with a top coat

9. Rainbow Leopard Print Nail Art Design:

This colourful nail art is similar to the pattern shown above but has more colours:

  • First create a base for your nails using a neutral color
  • Now choose bright, bold colours like purple, yellow, orange, teal, neon green
  • Apply these colours in stripes randomly on the nails
  • Ensure one stripe is completely dry before attempting to apply another
  • Make sure all the colours neatly blend
  • Now create leopard print on these colors using a toothpick and black nail polish
  • Finish it off with a top coat

10. Lilac Bridesmaid Leopard Print Nail Art:

This is one of the latest leopard print nail art. Perfect for any bridesmaid, this design is also easy to achieve:

  • First apply a base coat on your nails with lilac nail polish
  • Now take a toothpick and create a diagonal section of the nails
  • On the upper half, apply a second coat of the colour to make it look slightly darker than the base
  • Let it dry
  • Create a leopard print design using black nail polish and a toothpick
  • Decorate the border with rhinestones for a pretty look


Leopard print has many variations and versions. While nail art takes time, achieving leopard print with perfection and precision takes a little practice. You don’t have to confine your designs to stereotypic black spots. Leopard print can be completed in any colour combination; your creativity is the only limit. If you wish for professional-looking nail art, remember that you need the right polishes specially made for nail art, like Konad, a unique black nail polish. Regular nail polishes can be runny and may make your art look messy. I hope you roar in those gorgeous leopard prints!


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