What is Lettuce – Types, Benefits And Side Effects

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Green vegetables are an important part of eating a healthy and stable balanced diet. From spinach to broccoli, every single veggie that is green can provide us with a multitude of benefits. One of them that should be mentioned here is Lettuce, whose scientific name is Lactuca sativa. This is an annual plant which belongs to Asteraceae, the daisy family. Not just as a leaf vegetable, Lettuce’s seeds and stem are also often used by humans. Lettuce, which is best known as a salad ingredient is also a famous ingredient often used in soups, wraps and sandwiches.

It is light green in colour and the appearance is quite thick and grassy. It is very light and has often been used to prepare sandwiches, salads and other healthy dishes all over the world. It is quite popular in the Mediterranean region even though it was primarily grown in the Middle East earlier. There are different types of lettuce.

  • Looseleaf lettuce.
  • Chinese lettuce.
  • Butterhead lettuce.
  • Buttercrunch lettuce.
  • Heading lettuce.
  • Growing lettuce.
  • Romaine lettuce.
  • Rocket lettuce.
  • Red leaf lettuce.
  • Little gem lettuce.

But they all have the same set of benefits.

Benefits Of Lettuce For Hair And Skin:

Let’s find the most common benefits of lettuce

Nutritional value of Lettuce:

Lettuce is one such green that is truly rich in Vitamins K, C and B-complex. Alongside this, the veggie is rich in minerals like copper, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and Zeaxanthin. The veggie is an excellent anti-oxidant too.

Lettuce is one such leafy vegetable that is too low on carbs and thereby makes a great ingredient into weight loss diet.

Turnip greens also are highly rich in fiber and all types of Vitamins and minerals. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids and potassium.

Let us take a look at the various health benefits of Lettuce, especially for skin, hair and health.

Helps You Lose Weight:

Lettuce veggies are very low in calories and fats. Since they are grassy, you should always use them in order to lose weight. One cup of lettuce contains only 21 calories. Isn’t that amazing for those who want to shed a couple of pounds this year? We would suggest you to make some multigrain sandwich with lettuce and lean protein or even fruit salad. This would not only increase the taste but also help you eat fewer calories every.

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Hair Loss Prevention:

Lettuce can prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. They are full of Vitamin A which is great for the nourishment of your hair. All you need to do is boiled some lettuce and add some freshly prepared lemon juice. Apply it all over your hair. Keep it for thirty minutes and wash it off with some shampoo. Also condition it well with some mayonnaise and honey. This will facilitate hair growth and hydrate it. You can do this twice a day in order to derive benefits out of it.

Gives You Lean Muscles:

This message goes out to all the exercise freaks. We know how difficult your workout is and how hard you press yourself every day to do those difficult poses and moves. But it is also important to know that in order to get leaner muscles, just working out won’t do the trick. You should also eat better veggies and by that we mean lettuce. They will increase the protein intake in your body and give you stronger and leaner muscles.

Lovely Complexion:

Lettuce leaves are great for your complexion. They will improve the texture of your skin and purify the body completely. Since it is full of Vitamin A, it will rejuvenate the tissues and help you to fight infection at the same time. This is one of the main reasons why lettuce has been used in skin and beauty products. It will give you fairer and simpler complexion in some time. You can easily make a paste of them and apply all over the face. The results will be great.

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Silky And Soft Hair:

Did you know that lettuce leaves could also be used for your hair? Yes, they are better than half the beauty products that you use. They will impart a lovely shine and colour to your hair and make you absolutely beautiful. The best way to use this could be boiling some lettuce leaves and using the water when it has cooled down to wash your hair. You can also blend the leaves and make a hair pack with it using yogurt and eggs as well. Do it two times a week in order to reap its benefits.

Skin Toner:

Lettuce can also be used as a skin toner. This will make your facial skin smooth, glowing and hydrated. All you have to do is boil the lettuce leaves and pour the entire mixture in a jar. Keep it in the fridge for a couple of hours and then you may use it whenever you like. This is particularly good for dry skin as it tends to become very dull. By using a home mad lettuce toner, your skin will stay fresh and firm all the time. You will also keep yourself away from common skin problems such as rashes and infections and even blackheads.

Good Sleep:

A lot of people are unable to sleep well at night because of stress, anxiety, work or study pressure. Well, these things are a part of life and you should know ways in which you can combat such issues so that your sleep is never harmed. In such cases, we would recommend you some healthy lettuce leaves. They promote good sleep and help you stay fresh and active. When you start consuming these veggies on a daily basis, you will surely feel a change in your sleeping and lifestyle patterns.

Fights Acne and Skin Problems:

Lettuce can be used as an herbal beauty product especially for those who suffer with common skin problems such as acne and pimples. It removes all dirt and excess oil and makes your skin smooth and radiant. It prevents any form of dryness or flakes which cause severe irritation to the skin and also increases blood circulation. It also helps in soothing the pain and gives that difficult area a feeling of numbness so that blood warming can be carried out.

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Revitalizes Skin:

Good health is the biggest reason behind healthy skin. Those who maintain a fit lifestyle have also claimed that their skin also looks better. It does look flaky or dull anymore, instead it looks very natural and bright. Eating a balanced diet is important but one should also understand which foods contain what kind of properties and whether they will benefit them or not.

The nutritional value of lettuce is pretty high which is why most salads and sandwiches contain lettuce. Its light texture and fibre content makes it a very healthy snack. For the calorie conscious and the health buffs around the world, lettuce has always been part of their diets.

Side Effects of Lettuce:

Although different types of lettuce have great health benefits, excessive intake or usage of it may have negative impact on your health. Excessive intake may impact breathe cycle, affects vision, heart rate and may be fatal at times. When wild lettuce comes in contact with skin causes skin allergy or irritation.

Anything too much is too bad. Lettuce is an exclusive veggie with excellent health benefits. All you need to know is the do’s and don’t s which we just told you in this article. Therefore, grab some fresh lettuce and consume in small amounts to enrich your health.

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