Belts are always the perfect accessories to accentuate and escalate the glam quotient for men. In particular, the designer and branded belts are often appreciated for bringing an instant high-end and luxurious style statement. Today, we have the Levis belts for men. Levis’s brand is well known globally for its durable and stylish products. Its belts deserve special mention for transcending the contemporary style boundaries and being forefront to accommodate new designs that are also vintage and classic. These men’s belts are one-of-a-kind and deserve all our special attention for exuding the perfect dose of luxury fashion sense. So why wait? Let us go ahead and check out all new and trending Levi Strauss and co-belt designs in the fashion market this season!

Fashionable and Popular Models of Levis Belts Collection for Men:

We have custom compiled the best belts from the Levis brand trending this year in the fashion world. These belts deserve all our attention for being a perfect choice, suiting those who love contemporary, modern, stylish, yet classic designs. Please continue reading to check them out.

1. Levis Duncan Belt:

You may even check out the Levis Duncan belt for a contemporary style statement. If you are a man with a modern outlook and are searching for casual contemporary chic hues, this brown Levis Duncan belt will impress you. The belt features a buckle closure with a brass buckle. It is perfect for convenient and comfortable wear and is long-lasting too!

  • Design: Men’s Levis Duncan Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Semiformal, Casual
  • Style Tip: Pair with jeans, or semi-formal trousers with shirts or polo T-shirts

2. Levis Braided Belt:

How about a Levis braided belt? This is a perfect design for both men and women, with its intricate and classic design look. The brown braided belt comes with gold toned colour buckle, looks incredibly sleek and exudes smart vibes. It is perfect for pairing with party wear outfits and casuals and instantly accentuates glam.

  • Design: Tan Brown Colour Braided Levis Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Style Tip: Pair with denim or casual trousers with a partywear ensemble.

3. Levis Red Solid Belt:

If you do not want to get into the most common colour belts, check out Levis’s red solid leather belt. The Red belt is perfect for giving a striking and bright look. It looks perfect when paired with formal and office wear. The belt can instantly set you apart and provide a cosy and dreamy definition to the outfit.

  • Design: Red Men’s Levis Belt Design
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Formals, Outings
  • Style Tip: Pair with formal trousers and shirts when heading for the office or formal gatherings.

4. Levis Stitched Belt:

This Levis stitched belt in brown colour is a perfect choice if you love a classic and vintage look. This design imitates the good old belt designs and always stays relevant in fashion. It is versatile and can also be paired on various occasions and different types of trousers. How do you like it?

  • Design: Brown Men’s Levis Stitched Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Casuals, Outings, Parties
  • Style Tip: Pair with jeans or formal trousers with any upper wear and styling.

5. Levis Textured Belt:

We cannot miss out on the textured belts, can we?! This new belt design is making quite some noise in the fashion market, given the unique and intricate detailing and the design component. The textured belt is perfect if you love a luxurious, luxurious, sophisticated style statement. It utters glam on the look and brings elegant and smart vibes.

  • Design: Black Textured Levis Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Professional, Formal
  • Style Tip: Pair formal trousers with a blazer for a stylish look.

6. Levi’s Full Grain Leather Belt:

Whether for everyday wear or a particular occasion, this all-rounder leather belt from Levis is a great option for those across any age group. The men’s leather belt in pecan brown is a lovely choice to give a minimalist-inspired classic style quotient. It can complement your formals, semi-formals and casual seamlessly. This is among the present trending Levis belt design in India.

  • Design: Brown Colour Full Grain Men’s Belt From Levis
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Semiformal, Casual
  • Style Tip: Pair with formal or casual trousers with shirts in lighter colour shades.

7. Vintage Levi Buckle Belt:

No matter how many new designs within the belt accessories may arrive, the buckle belts will always be perfect with vintage and antique designs. We have the vintage Levi buckle belt. The Levi Strauss and Co original brand name is featured on the buckle, giving a unique and stylish vibe. It is perfect for all your perfect party occasions.

  • Design: Black Colour Vintage Levis Buckle Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Style Tip: Pair with formal trousers and partywear outfits for special attention.

8. Levis Reversible Belt:

There is nothing like reversible belts. They are not new phenomena in the fashion world but are perfect for utility. We have the Levis reversible belt for you today. The black belt for men is perfect for styling on the go and compliment myriad of your occasions and everyday outfits.

  • Design: Men’s Black Leather Reversible Belt
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Casual and Formal
  • Style Tip: It can be paired with denim or formal for a fashionable look.

9. Levi’s Double Prong Belt:

This Levis double-prong belt is among the bestseller designs right now. If you love the fashionista vibes yet do not want to compromise on comfort, this lovely belt will be perfect for your everyday style. The coffee brown belt is ideal for many occasions and will impress you.

  • Design: Coffee Brown Levis Double Prong Belt for Men
  • Material: Leather
  • Occasion: Casual, Outings
  • Style Tip: Pair with semi-formal trousers or casual denim with t-shirts or shirts.

10. Levis Casual Web Belt:

Do you love everyday belt accessories for your casual and regular wear? This Levis casual web belt will fit all your requirements. The olive-coloured Levis web belt is perfect to compliment your casual styling. You can pair it with casual trousers and tees for amazing, comfortable, chic vibes.

  • Design: Olive Green Colour Men’s Web Belt from Levis
  • Material: Polyester
  • Occasion: Casuals, Outings
  • Style Tip: Pair with denim or casual trousers with T-shirts.

11. Levi’s Plaque Belt:

Levi’s black belt gives a classy look to your favourite figure-hugging jeans. It is made from full-grain leather and comes with an adjustable fit. The artistic bent of the designer is visible in the aesthetic design of the belt. The brand is renowned for its unique styling, high-level comfort, and huge variety. This visually appealing belt is highly desirable. It gives the designer appeal instantly.

12. Levi’s Brown Belt:

Levi’s brings the best style with the best attitude; this Levi’s brown colour belt is an example of the same. This brown belt crafted from the finest leather and silver-toned metallic buckle is known for its durability and quality, widening the fashion horizon. Levi’s knows how to keep it simple for men’s belts.

13. Levi’s Studded Belt:

Levi’s belt is made with utter attention to detail, using only the best quality materials. Their collection is mesmerizing, reflecting charm and sophistication. It has changed the outlook on fashion. Levi’s is a sort of after-brand globally, specifically in India. This black belt crafted from fine leather with a rusty buckle is all required to complete that perfect classy look.

14. Levi’s Tan Belt:

This tan belt features a custom stitched loop on it with full-grained leather. Made to last for years, its quality assures durability. Enlighten your casual look with this finely crafted Levi’s tan belt. The craftsmanship employed in the making differentiates it and is truly unmatched.

15. Levi’s Albert Belt:

Levi’s focuses on elegance and fine materials, so high-end products are the output. This Levi’s Albert Belt is very comfortable and has its personality. It is a perfect accessory to leave everyone in envy. Made from genuine leather and a square buckle, it is durable. Every pair of jeans will need this belt.

Fascinating, striking, and phenomenal designs are the hallmarks of Levi’s. It embodies the most innovative yet quirky designs. This article is about Levi’s belts category, exploring the brand’s collection through various belts. This article explores 10 Belt designs, the best in their range, and the material and buckle details. Levi’s is a must-have accessory for your wardrobe; Every detail is designed to add character to your look. If you found this article fascinating and relevant, please write to us. Please add your comments and feedback and also share them with others.

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