15 Best Levis Jeans For Men and Women For 2018 India

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Jeans is manufactured by much company but an amazing pair of jeans designed by Levis cannot be compared by any other bottoms as its every jean has amazing fit and a style is involved in it. This American company has been named after his inventor name Levi Strauss and he has been doing inventions about the cut and designs of the jeans since his first pair of jean hit the market.

Initially this bottom was restricted to working people like cowboys, ranchers and with the passage of time in a decade its sturdy and comfy feel started spreading all over and people became aware of this outfit. Slowly and steadily the company started inventing jeans which has a casual look and others styles which can make both men and women appear stunning in the crowd.

Best Levis Jeans For Men And Women India:

Let’s have a look at top 15 different types of Levis jeans designs for both men and women:

1. Levis 515 Jean for Men:

Levis 515 Jean for Men

The people who wear Levis jeans are aware that the company has bifurcated it products through numbers so that it’s easy for its buyers and each number of bottom has unique style and cut. This type of bottoms is perfect for modern looks and the t look torn looks at the knees add more enhances look and when teamed up with sneakers lends you more classy looks.

2. Comfy Levis Jeans for Men:

Comfy Levis Jeans for Men

Jeans is an outfit which is preferred by men as they are made of cotton fabric which suits best to all weather types and if it is a loose fit they are more relaxing at times. Here the jeans is designed with boot cuts and has a medium high rise and has zip fly and these kinds of levis mens jeans can be paired with normal shirts and shoes to lend happening look to every men.

3. Unique Levis Jeans for Men:

Unique Levis Jeans for Men

Blue shaded jeans is all time favourite and a must in every wardrobe as these type of jeans can be dressed up on nay occasion without a hitch. The light faded jeans have a low rise and sticks to body and lends slimmer and leaner look to young boys. This type of jeans is perfect for collages and nigh parties to appear more charming.

4. Cool 511 Levis Jeans for Men:

Cool 511 Levis Jeans for Men

This creation of Levis lends a modern and trendy look to male folk and lends them cool dude look if teamed up with right tees, blazer and to add more looks wear fashionable sneakers with it. The jeans have a slim fit with tapered leg and the jeans are available in many other shades also and you can pick the one which makes you more happening.

5. Trendy Levis Jeans for Men:

Trendy Levis Jeans for Men

Here comes a unique and gorgeous looking jean perfect for males to make you appear more modern with a hip hop appearance which ensures every head turns on to you. On both sides of the bottom zig zag lines are printed in white lending a wavy appearance at first sight and lends an mind blowing looks.

6. Amazing Levi’s Black Jeans for Men:

Amazing Levi's Black Jeans for Men

This levi’s black jeans is designed having skinny leg and has slight slim fit lending great appearance to your persona and when teamed with boot, you are surely to get admirable looks for every corner. To add more comfort this bottoms has five pockets with zip fly adding more comfort to one’s attire. This type of bottoms lends rocking and bashing appearance this invention of Levis is the right choice for people who love these types of looks.

7. Sensational Levis Jeans for Men:

Sensational Levis Jeans for Men

This is a classic and marvellous piece of jeans Levis creation, having simple looks but appears great and lends versatile look to all males. The jeans has classic fit with straight legs and rests well on the waistline and can be teamed with casual t-shirts and sneakers to make you look and feel good. This type of levis jeans mens can be worn on daily or regular basis as they are easy to wear and at the same time it easy to maintain as well. The jeans are available in many colours and you can own some more colours to give lively look to your wardrobe.

8. Levis 505 Jeans for Women:

Levis 505 Jeans for Women

As of now jeans can be worn to offices, this is an ideal relaxed fit jean for females who are working as it lends immense comfort in any working conditions. The jeans has high rise fit and straight legs lending comfort while you are on the move and when paired with high heels, it makes you appear more taller and lends flattering appearance. These levis womens jeans look descent and are worn to office and meeting with shirt and a scarf can lend a dazzling look to the attire.

9. Spectacular Levis Jeans for Girls:

Spectacular Levis Jeans for Girls

In the same lines of fashion Levis invented skinny slim fit jeans which hug the body tightly and lend the girls sensational and sensual look at every point of time. These types of levies jeans are available in many other shades of blue and colours and you can pick the one which helps to mark an impression on others

10. Marvellous Levis Jeans for Women:

Marvellous Levis Jeans for Women

Females always keep on looking for option which makes them appear more stylish and fashionable; this is a perfect jean for them lending a trendy appearance at a glance. The jeans cover the three fourth legs and has flared end at the ends giving you and your legs leaner appearance. If they are paired with heels and funky shirts it adds sizzle to your persona.

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11. Levis Bold Jeans for Women:

Levis Bold Jeans for Women

Levis has a collection of jeans which can add more charm to a lady appeal and can add spark to its looks. This type of levi jeans womens has a pretty tight fit at the waist and thigh, such that easy to show off your slim waistline, and the jeans start loosening below the ankle, lending a longish appearance to our figure. It can paired with cool tops and high heels setting you ready to rock the party and making you look remarkable in the crowd.

12. Outstanding Levis Jeans for Women:

Outstanding Levis Jeans for Women

There is apperception in people mind that jeans can be worn by slim people and it also looks good on them only. To wipe off this notion Levis invented jeans which looks fabulous on broad figures and at the same time is comfortable and relaxing as well. It’s a stretchable jeans lending immense comfort to women when they are on move.

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13. Vintage Levis Jeans for Women:

Vintage Levis Jeans for Women

This is an traditional type of jeans that was in demand decades ago, but now it has starting gaining demand because of its unusual look and immense relaxing fit. The jeans lend a traditional look and has mid rise with tapered legs lending a charming look to females. When the jeans is paired with eye catchy tops and with boots it can add more sparkling look to one’s attire and lending those urban outfitter look.

14. Irresistible Levis Jeans for Women:

Irresistible Levis Jeans for Women

Never going out of fashion and a must in very female wardrobe as it can be worn at any occasion or it can be worn as a casual wear lending you comfort at every point. This type of high rise jeans for ideal for women’s who possess thick waistline and the jeans helps them to lend a lean waistline and would lend you fabulous appearance when worn with tucked shirts or blouses. A cool skinny belt would act as icing on a cake and would complete your looks.

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15. Sizzling Levis Black Jeans for Women:

Sizzling Levis Black Jeans for Women

It’s being said that right outfit can add more spark to the beauty of women and make her appear like a bombshell and alluring at times. These super skinny jeans in black hug the waist and entire legs as such giving an oblivious look to the structure and when teamed with short tops and stilettos, you are ready to hit the floor and rock the party. This type of jeans are available in others colours and cuts and you can pick the one which appeals you the most.

Though the company had many competitors but the Levis jeans stood unique and different from other renowned brands. Once people wore Levis jeans refused to wear other bottoms because of it classic fit and style and its durability as well. Apart from jeans company has other products such as trousers, shorts, skirts, t-shirts and other accessories like shoes belts and many others in their basket. Levis has own outlets worldwide and they even channelize their products through many big stores.

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