Mangalsutras used by Indian married women come in different styles and patterns. You can have mangalsutras that are quite expensive using gold and diamonds or buy ones made from lightweight gold and keep them simple. These lightweight mangalsutras are perfect for daily wear where you are not worried about losing your precious chain. They are inexpensive and still offer a wide range of designs to choose from.

Latest and Traditional Light Weight Gold Mangalsutra Designs for Women’s:

Here are the best lightweight mangalsutra designs in gold.

1. Simple Light Weight Gold Mangalsutra:

Choose this cute and simple lightweight gold mangalsutra that has a wonderful curved design for the pendant. The mangalsutra chain has traditional black beads that are placed together and mixed with tiny gold beads. The pendant used here has a pearl attached to it that gives it a lovely style.

2. Gold Leaf Style Light Weight Mangalsutra:

This stunning design has a thick gold chain that is still lightweight and is offset with black beads. The pendant here has a leaf pattern dotted with green and red beads and tipped with a bunch of tiny black beads. The carving done on the pendant is very intricate and dazzling.

3. White Stone Light Weight Gold Mangalsutra:

Lightweight gold mangalsutra designs are very stylish, and one of them is this gorgeous piece. The famous pendant style is replicated in many other mangalsutra designs as well. The pendant is kept lightweight, too, by the use of white stones that look brilliant.

4. Designer Pendant Mangalsutra:

This lightweight mangalsutra has a designer pendant and is made with 22K gold. The pattern uses less gold and thus is lightweight. The pendant is quite spectacular and interesting. The tiny beads of the chain make the mangalsutra extraordinary.

5. Gold Pendant Light Weight Mangalsutra:

This is again one of the common designs that are available. The chain has black beads that are mixed with single gold beads in between. This makes the chain lightweight. The lovely gold pendant is perfectly designed and has three beads hanging from it dramatically.

6. Pearl Light Weight Gold Mangalsutra:

Pearls add a lot of glamour to any jewellery item. These pearls used in the gold mangalsutra chain are perfect and round in shape. The six pearls used are wrapped with gold wiring, and the black beads are tiny in size. This makes for a super lightweight chain that is stunning as well.

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7. Delicate Light Weight Gold Mangalsutra:

You can go in for this delicate gold mangalsutra chain that is lightweight. The chain has a single gold bead in the centre as a pendant. The rest of the chain is just a thin chain with groups of black beads at spaced intervals. This delicate mangalsutra chain is perfect for daily use and suitable for all.

8. Short Light Weight Gold Mangalsutra:

This short-chain is perfect for you as it fits well on the neck. The pendant has a symbol on it in gold, and the chain itself is made of black beads joined by gold wiring. The chain is simple and made with lightweight gold, so the price is not too high.

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9. Sparkling Lightweight Gold Mangalsutra:

Here is a wonderful lightweight mangalsutra in gold with a lovely round pendant that is entirely made of gold. The detailing on the pendant is exquisite and makes the mangalsutra look absolutely stunning. Choose this type of lightweight gold mangalsutra in short style or long.

Choose your perfect mangalsutra from this list of lightweight gold mangalsutras. You can get ones that short or long and those with a designer style or are kept traditional. Either way, you are sure to get a chain that is symbolic of your married life.


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