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20 Stunning Lily Tattoo Designs With Images

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Lily Tattoos are the latest sensation in the tattoo world. Lily flowers are known for pure and chastity. These scented flowers are known for their beauty and have always been admired by floral lovers. Especially the large lily flowers have become a muse to the artists who started etching these designs on human body. They come in  a variety of colors like pink, orange, coral and even black and white. Lily tattoos are increasingly gaining popularity over the regular roses, as lily flowers have no thorns. They represent love, without having to talk of the problems (thorns). In this article, we have complied some of the best lily tattoo ideas.

Best Placements For Lily Tattoo Designs For Men:

There is no specific place of choice for Lily tattoos. Most people experiment with different parts of the body to position these tattoos. However, some of the most popular Lily tatoo placement positions for men are Chest, Neck and Back. Some men also prefer to place them on thighs and calf muscles.

Best Placements For Lily Tattoo Designs For Women:

Unlike men, women prefer wearing a lily tattoo on specific body parts like shoulders, bust-line, back, neck and ankles. Getting a tattoo done on parts like chest may indicate love for someone, but can be extremely painful to women. Neck and shoulder is the most popular spot for showing off your newly done lily tattoo. Some other places are arms, sleeves, belly and even on foot.

amazing-lily-tattoo-designs-with-picturesBest Lily Tattoo Designs:

Here in this article a wide list of lily tattoo designs  along with meaning and pictures will be displayed for your all types of functions.

1. Lily Sleeve Tattoo:

Sleeve is another popular place for showing off a Lily tattoo. Especially for women and men with great arms, sleeves are the perfect areas for getting a tattoo done. You can get the length of the tattoo customized to make it suitable for either full sleeve, half or three fourth. This intricate Lily tattoo can make us go Wow! A hint of color in between the black and white tattoos looks quite appealing.

2. Lily Tattoos on Arm:

This small lily tattoo on arms looks quite stunning. It is a minimalistic design that conveys simplicity, elegance and beauty. It has been deliberately kept simple with no colors and looks quite beautiful. Arms tattoos are quite popular as they are always kept open and is also comfortable place to get a tattoo done.

3. Lily Tattoos on Thigh:

Thigh region is not very popular among tattoo lovers. The skin around this area is extremely sensitive and can hurt a lot. However, some adventurous people who like to design their body may like this idea of pair of lily flowers on the thigh. They are perfect for those who wear shorts and bikinis.

4. Lily Leg Tattoo:

Check out this cool Lily tattoo on leg. This simple, yet elegant tattoo uses the design of Pink lily which symbolize beauty, purity and innocence. Keeping this theme in mind, the tattoo is made to look simple and is deliberately kept minimalistic. The design also has some fine details on the petals.

5. Lily Tattoos on Wrist:

Wrists are another popular placement areas for Lily tattoo. Especially when the tattoo is as beautiful and colourful as this one, why not flaunt it? You need to be careful with getting tattoos done on the wrist line as it can interfere with some of the main nerves. The floral pattern has been done with attention to details.

6. Lily Hand Tattoos:

If you have a big hand area, this can be another place to get a tattoo done. Check out this lily tattoo which displays freshness, with early morning dew drops wetting the flower. The design has been done beautifully and all the details have been put into it. This area can be painful due to the nerves on the hands. This is one of the popular mens Lily Tattoo.

7. Butterfly Lily Tattoo On Back:

Amazing Lily Tattoo Designs with Pictures13

Tattoos can be done tattooed in different places as per the desire of the person. But, there is a sort of a lily tattoo design for women which do not allow for a detailed rendition due to the area in which it is being tattooed. Lily tattoo pictures were popular since the introduction of colored inking and evolved detailing. These tattoos are very versatile and can be a standalone tattoo or part of another design. This style is still regarded as the emblem of the Florence. Here the butterfly along with cute lily tattoo is so alluring.

8. Simple And Stylish Lily Flower Tattoo:

Amazing Lily Tattoo Designs with Pictures11

Mostly, people will like to have pictures of lily tattoo designs on their shoulders at their back. Though there are many exceptions, people prefer to choose the one that is simply but stylish. One such example tattoo is shown above which can be drawn simply with a black color that attracts others easily. Having this lily flower tattoo designs will be traditional too. As the lily flowers are traditionally white in color and elegant looking as they are associated with the idea of purity and innocence.

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9. Lily Tattoo On Foot:

Amazing Lily Tattoo Designs with Pictures14

Though there are lily flower tattoo designs available, having a tattoo on the foot will be prettier. Some people will like to have a tattoo that cannot be exposed outside and if you are a kind of person like that, then to get a tattoo in your foot which will be pleasing and beautiful. Often, this will be more on the tribal line of style that adds beauty to your style.

10. Lily Flower Tattoo For Women:

Amazing Lily Tattoo Designs with Pictures12

Lily flower is generally considered to be a tiger lily as it is large and attractive in size. You can get an awesome design by placing the pictures of lily tattoo designs on the center with additional flowers added to their side will be really unique and a new innovative finding that matches with the current fashionable trend. However, you may add other flowers; try to keep the focus in the middle of the lily flower.

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11. Suave In Mauve Lily Tattoo Designs:

Suave in mauve

Lily tattoos are feminine and majestic and this tattoo brings to you both in one power packed package where through the gleams of a loud purple and mauve, the flower is brought to life. the flower is the key component of the art work and to make it look pompous and filled, a greater number of characters have been drawn to accentuate the beauty. Stars and letters of significance showcase the background.

12. Ear Lily Tattoos:

No extravagance

If you are going for a soft small floral design without much complication, take a cue from this woman and get a cute little lily tattoo behind your ears. As said before flowers are feminine and to bring that out, a color is must. This is why this tattoo comes in a shade of fiery red topped with yellow highlights and a black borderline.

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13. Shoulder Lily Tattoo Designs:

realist in black

This is yet another lily tattoo that the artist has so tactfully done that it looks almost similar to a real life lily with an yet to bloom lily on the background. This is one of the classiest and feminine tattoos that portrays majestic beauty.

14. 3D Lily Tattoo Designs:

3D lilies

Make your tattoo come alive with this 3D lily tattoo design that pierces out of the skin and adorns your back. The matte three dimensional effect is breath taking and speechless with intricate minute details that makes it look royal and lifelike.

15. Paper Lilies Tattoos:

paper lilies

Almost similar to paper lilies, this tattoo is yet another form of lily tattoo that even though has an artificial feel through the talented hands of the artist has conquered a whole new level realistic view.

16. Romance Or Rust Lily Tattoos:

Romance or rust

This is yet another lily tattoo where the comparison between an old and a new lily has been made. Through a ying yang base, the two lilies, the rustic one and the romantic one has been brought together. The rustic has a fade Moorish color that signifies nostalgia or threshold of end while the other in a warm monochrome glow signifies romance. The colors play a heavy part in this tattoo art where through colors the tattoo has been brought to life.

17. The Triplets Lily Tattoos:

The triplets

This is a lily tattoo design for the women tattoo lovers. If someone wants to go for a bigger inch of their skin, this is an apt tattoo for them. Basically covering your forearm is the three triplets, the three lilies with a vibrant butterfly amidst it in a horizontal manner filled with background detail to bring out the liveliness of the element. This tattoo is not too girly and at the same time portrays femininity.

18. Uniqueness Lily Tattoo Designs:


Uniqueness is one thing being searched by all tattoo lovers in the world. Even when it comes to flowers, as simple as a lily, rareness is a common desire. while all the others look alike maybe different in ideas, this is a completely fresh different lily that is made realistic through the guns of a skilled tattoo artist. The definite lines, the soft edges, the grand shading at the back- all makes this tattoo quite a grand experience.

19. Beautiful Red Lily Tattoo Designs:

red lust

A lily is feminine. It has the vivaciousness of a young woman, the romance of a mature woman and the care of an older woman and to incorporate all, nothing says pretty more than a vermilion red lily with its blackened branches sprawled across your body. Even though this is a simple enough tattoo, the thin lines of black ink makes the red prominent and attractive. The black in the background against the red shines bright.

20.  Stars And Lily Tattoo:

Amazing Lily Tattoo Designs with Pictures15

There is another popular style of a custom tattoo that is hard to explain but, it will be really cool and exciting to look and that is the lily tattoo designs for women drawn from lower arm. This tattoo will be seen as a single flower or a combination of several lily flowers. Each color of the flower is having an individual meaning and the lily does the same.

Tattoos are a visual expression of one’s ideology, attitude and personality. They define who a person is. While it is often stereotyped that floral patterns are only for women, Lily patterns are fast growing popularity with many men. Lily tattoos, unlike the rose tattoos are not associated with feminity, breakups or pain. These beautiful flowers are known for pure innocence and plain heart. There are many lily designs to choose from depending on the size and the placement area. We hope this article helped you narrow down your ideal Lily tattoo, the color, the patterns and where you should get it done.

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