Line rangoli designs are basically the baseline or borderline which has to be drawn on the initial stage to make any form rangoli. Rangoli designs have to been drawn with the help of a base color or chalk to figure which area would be filled up with which color and how to make it look different from all the normal rangoli patterns.

1. Line Rangoli Designs By Drawing Chalk:

In the picture above, we see that a person has first drawn a circle. He has divided the circle in different diameters and radius. Now he takes chalk and draws lines on the inside to make different designs as per his desires to make his art look like. He has drawn flowers and petals and a circular shape in the extreme core.

2. Border Line Rangoli Design:

The picture above shows border line drawn with yellow at the initial stage. Now the filling up of colors becomes easy because the outline is drawn and your colors cannot be haphazardly put. The yellow borders are covered with vermilion, white, green and blue. The core again is made of a yellow hexagon.

3. Line Rangoli Designs Using Black And White Colors:

This is very beautiful looking design made in a clear black base color and then added with white colour for the designs. The lines have been very perfectly drawn and it is easier to use a brush or chalk to make these more than powder you just spread with your hands.

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4. Line Rangoli Design with Light Blue and White:

The lightest shade of blue has been used to make the borderline of the rangoli. It is so light that is almost looks like white. After the outer lines have drawn there are two shades of blue evenly spread over and that too in a contrasting criss and cross manner. The difference in the shades can be made out and that makes the arts look even better.

5. Difficult Line Rangoli Design:

On one hand the design above looks really difficult to draw and on the other hand it looks immensely pretty. An orange base has been used and then it has been added with white designs. The designs have been done with chalk or a very thin rangoli brush which has made the more minute details visible and not make it look clumsy.

6. Different Shapes Of Squares And Ovals:

We can see different shapes of squares and ovals in the design. It has been basically made by joining squares with squares and making it look like cubicles. The outer border has been down with brown and there is a shade of yellow used on the oval shapes to make the design a little bright. Those ovals are further colored brown in the middle.

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7. ‘Swastika’ Symbol:

The ‘swastika’ is a sacred symbol for Hindus. It has been drawn in the middle and is accompanied with various stretches of lines on the exterior. These lines have taken up shapes like a flower and it can be made out that it was drawn in one continuous flow. There are four cones on the corners of the design which makes the design complete.

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8. Subtle And Sober Rangoli Design:

This is a very subtle and sober design made with the help of a chalk. This has been drawn on the pavement and it first started with a square shape and then followed by oval on two sides of the square. The design which is carried forwards hold flowers, petals and leaves and they have been drawn uniformly. There is a marigold placed in the middle to add a little color.

9. Patterns Of Rangoli With White And Pink:

This is a huge rangoli design with the help of liquid chalk material or ‘Alpana’. It has been very professionally blended with different shapes and patterns of rangoli and done with white and pink only.


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