Curtains for your home provide not only shade from the sunlight but also make your home look homely. Your choice of material for the curtains is a personal choice with options including cotton, linen, silk or satin. The linen material is a good option due to its lightweight and fresh feeling in the summer. The material is made from flax plant fibres, and this is what gives it its coolness. You can choose the linen material in various colours and also prints. Look at these various options we have noted down for linen curtains.

Latest and Beautiful Linen Curtains for Your House:

Here are the top 9 linen curtain designs.

1. Linen Sheer Curtains:

These sheer linen curtains are all the rage because of their lightweight and coolness. The sheer curtains can be see-through and make your room look large and airy. The natural material is perfect for your home and the color white is also something that makes the room brighter.

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2. Brown Linen Panel Curtain:

These linen curtains are made from natural products, and the colour brown is also something you can get naturally. The linen panel is great for a big room. You can have these readymade and then place them wherever you like. The colour goes perfectly well with most upholstery colours.

3. Striped Linen Curtains:

The white linen curtains are great for your room as they are additionally striped with another colour. Here, the choice is natural brown, which adds some character to the curtains. The stripes are a great addition to plain curtains and can be used in any room of the home.

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4. Textured Linen Curtains:

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Here, you have a wonderful choice of textured linen curtains. These grey linen curtains are a nice and stunning accessory for your home. The texture in these curtains can be embossed or done with any kind of work. The texture makes the curtain look chic.

5. Stone Washed Linen Curtain:

It’s great to go all natural and buy items that are sustainable. These natural linen curtains are a good way to go organic. The stone-washed look makes your home look rustic. The colours can be grey, brown, or white.

6. Dark Copper Linen Curtain:

Choose these wonderful dark copper linen curtains to make a bold statement in your home. These luxurious curtains are a good colour to use in big rooms. The length of the curtains makes the room look larger.

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7. Linen Tie-Up Drapes:

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These are cool blue linen curtains that are draped well on rods. The curtains have sashes at the top instead of rod holes. These have to be tied at the top and look very rustic and bohemian. Try out these unusual-style curtains for your room to make it look trendy.

8. Embossed Linen Curtains:

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Try out these lovely embossed cream linen curtains that are spectacular. The floral prints on the curtains make it very girly and look chic. Check out the embossed style of these curtains. You can see the floral embossing done on the curtains and this makes it very cool.

9. Valance Linen Curtains:

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Choose a nice set of linen blackout curtains for your window or door with a valance. These are extra pretty with ribbons in the front. The linen material is gorgeous and makes the room look cool and breezy.

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Linen is a good choice to have in curtains, especially for the summer. They make your home cooler and give it a breezy feel. These curtains in lovely colours are a nice addition to your home. Linen curtains are made from flax plants, and this makes them breathable. You can choose the curtains in brown, cream, white or even grey. Try out the panels, valance or even tie-back styles.


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