Linen in Indian history has got a significant place in the holy books like Vedas, Upanishads and Purana’s. It has a long historical record that ages back to 5000 B.C, where people started weaving linen from the flax plant. It is essentially a lightweight, thin fabric that suits women of all body types. The name is derived from the Latin word ‘Linum’, which means a flax plant. When it comes to ethnic wardrobe, Linen sarees always have a permanent place. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a linen saree from the plant.

Linen Sarees Importance:

  • Linen sarees are known to showcase a woman’s curve by highlighting the strengths and hiding the flaws.
  • Since they can absorb moisture, they do not cause any skin rashes.
  • It is perfect to wear on hot days, as it provides a cooling effect on the body.
  • The more you wash a linen saree, the softer it gets.

Linen Saris Features:

  • Linen Saree is a perfect mix of style, comfort and convenience. And It is easy to maintain.
  • It provides easy draping. The saree sits as it is, without showing any wrinkles.
  • For women who wish to get that corporate look, linen sarees are the best recommended. They are perfect to wear for an office meeting or conference.
  • It is a versatile fabric. You can drape this saree in different ways to give a fusion look.
  • It comes in a variety of unique colours ranging from tan and ivory to ecru and grey.

Latest Designs of Linen Sarees Collection in India with Images:

Let’s find herewith mentioned compiled list of the top 15 best linen saree designs.

1. Linen Cotton Saree:


Among the types of linen saris, hand-loom linen-cotton sarees stand on top. The comfort and ease to wear are what sets linen cotton sarees the favourite choice. Many online stores offer pure cotton linen saris at the best price. These sarees are the best to wear in summer as it keeps your body chilled.

  • Design: Plain Green and Brown Colour Linen Cotton Saree
  • Fabric: Linen Cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Office Wear and Casual Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Suitable for All Women

2. Linen Silk Saree:

Almost every woman loves wearing silk sarees. Linen silk sarees are such type of sarees that every woman wish to wear for a wedding function or festival. The class and elegance that these sarees give are commendable. These sarees are silky soft to wear and come with golden borders or designs.

  • Design: Grey Colour Linen Silk Saree with Orange Pallu and Blouse.
  • Fabric: Linen Silk
  • Preferred Occasion: Festive wear, occasional wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Peer shaped body type

3. Designer Linen Saree:

Be it party wear or just a simple outing; designer linen saris are always a preferred choice. The embroidery work, handprint, zari work on designer sarees with linen fabric gives grace and style to the user. Upgrade your confidence with designer linen sarees when you are out for a gathering. The crowd will stunningly spot you.

  • Design: Silver Colour Designer Linen Saree with Golden Border
  • Fabric: Linen Silk
  • Preferred Occasion: Occasional Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Slim Body Type

4. Plain Linen Saree:

Any plain saree lovers here? Then this one’s for you. Wearing a plain linen saree with a printed or contrast colour blouse is a classic way to show your elegance to the crowd. The plain sarees help to create a fashion statement when worn with a matching blouse and accessories. It’s ideal for wearing a plain saree for office meetings. It is also easy to wash if the fabric is plain linen.

  • Design: Green Hand-Loom Linen Plain Saree
  • Fabric: Plain Linen
  • Preferred Occasion: Daily Wear, Office Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Suitable for All Women

5. Handloom Linen Saree:

Hand-loom sarees have gone in huge demand these days. Buy Hand-loom linen sarees if you are a working woman. These sarees absorb moistly and avoid itchiness and rashes. These are the traditional sarees that depict style and class. Linen hand-loom sarees are durable and last for long.

  • Design: Blue Colour Double Shaded Hand-Loom Linen Saree
  • Fabric: Hand-loom Linen
  • Preferred Occasion: Daily Wear, Office Wear, Casual Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Suitable for all Women

6. Printed Linen Saree:

Printed sarees have gone viral with trendy designs and prints that are handwoven and handmade. Floral prints, digital prints and mural prints are some of the printed sarees you can see in the store. Printed sarees come in silk fabric, which makes it easy for the user to drape. Printed sarees look good when worn in a single layer, rather than taking flats and pinning.

  • Design: Beige Floral Printed Linen Saree
  • Fabric: Linen
  • Preferred Occasion: Casual Wear, Daily Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Peer Shaped Body

7. Jute Linen Saree:

Of all the natural fibres available, jute linen is one of the strongest sarees that can easily dye in any colour. The texture of jute linen is not as smooth as linen silk. These sarees are a great way to showcase your body strengths. These sarees are the best for festive wear. With a golden print throughout the body of the saree, it gives a fine touch of elegance. Trendy designs are coming in jute linen saree.

  • Design: Brick Red and Yellow Jute Linen Saree
  • Fabric: Jute Linen
  • Preferred Occasion: Casual Wear, Festive Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Slim and Tall Body Type

8. Banarasi Linen Saree:

It is weaved in Varanasi or Banaras. These sarees take so much time in completing the weaving process. These are the must-have saree collection in your bridal saree list.

  • Design: Banarasi Cream Linen Saree with Maroon Border
  • Fabric: Banarasi Linen
  • Preferred Occasion: Bridal Wear, Function Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Suitable for All Body Type

9. Khadi Linen Saree:

These sarees come in exquisite colours to capture the market. These are available at affordable rates and can be worn by women of all age groups, irrespective of the occasion. It needs to be ironed well after each wash as they get stiffer.

  • Design: Ocean Blue Khadi Linen Saree with Black Border and Pallu
  • Fabric: Khadi Linen
  • Preferred Occasion: Casual Wear, Daily Wear, Office Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Suitable for All Women

10. Linen Tussar Saree:

These sarees come under the elegant category of linen sarees. These sarees are easy to drape and manage. Among the linen sarees, tussar linen sarees are high-priced. The quality of the fabric is what sets linen tussar sarees apart. You can buy online or visit the nearest store to check the price range and varieties.

  • Design: Cream Colour Printed Linen Tussar Saree with Zari Border
  • Fabric: Tussar Linen
  • Preferred Occasion: Occasional Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Slim body type especially tall women

11. Linen Check Saree:

These are one of the most trending and comfortable sarees to style. Be it any occasion – office or daily wear, the timeless beauty of linen will leave you impressed. With the cooling effect that it provides, linen check sarees are loved by many beauties.

  • Design: Pure Hand-Loom Linen Saree in Black Colour with Silver Border
  • Fabric: Handloom Linen
  • Preferred Occasion: Casual Wear, Office Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Peer Shaped Body Type

12. Hand Woven Art Linen Saree:

Another trending sarees are the handwoven art linen sarees. These are elegant sarees that have some paintings or art depicted in the saree. These art forms may represent our ancient mythological themes or stories.

  • Design: White Handwoven Art Linen Saree
  • Fabric: Hand-Woven Linen
  • Preferred Occasion: Daily Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Suitable for All Women

13. Linen by Linen Jamdani Saree:

If you love to flaunt in a plain saree that comes with unique designs in the pallu and body of the saree, then this one’s for you. Wearing a Linen Jamdani saree gives a stunning look. It comes with simple designs on the border, which is called the Jamdani work.

  • Design: White Colour Linen Jamdani Saree
  • Fabric: Linen Silk
  • Preferred Occasion: Casual Wear, Office Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Suitable for all Women

14. Bhagalpur Linen Saree:

These come in handwoven cotton fabric. It is easy to wear in summer as it provides a cooling effect to the user. Being a cotton saree, It needs to be dry washed.

  • Design: White Colour Bhagalpur Linen Saree with Green Printed Border
  • Fabric: Linen Cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Daily wear, casual wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Peer shaped body type

15. Roopkatha Linen Zari Saree:

Roopkatha is one of the top manufacturers and wholesalers of linen sarees. Their signature styled linen saree with zari border is well known among saree lovers. Linen zari bordered sarees are classy sarees that are high priced. These are ideal for wearing for functions or occasions.

  • Design: Brown Linen Saree with Silver Zari
  • Fabric: Linen
  • Preferred Occasion: Occasional Wear, Party Wear
  • Suitable Body Type: Suitable for All Women

How to Style Linen Sarees?

  • It looks perfect when matched with a three fourth sleeve blouse. Add a pinch of fusion by wearing a contrast blouse so that the saree looks more graceful when worn.
  • A sober linen saree is perfect for a corporate look. A classic linen sari can be ideal for corporate meetings or office wear.
  • Team up a uni-coloured linen saree with a full sleeve or three fourth sleeve blouse. You can wear an ikkat blouse with a plain linen saree. This is one of the most widely used combinations while wearing a linen saree.
  • Pairing your linen saree with a jacket blouse is a trend these days and gives a unique fusion look.
  • Printed sarees with checks or patterns can be chosen for casual outings or gatherings. Wear a sleeveless blouse or full sleeve to complete the look.
  • For those who love to experiment with colours, try wearing pastel-coloured linen sarees. Pastel linen sarees are vibrant to see and can be used for daily purposes. It is also ideal for wearing on small occasions as well.

Style is all about personality. Linen sarees are a fantastic way to showcase your confidence and inner personality. To get a corporate look, go for linen sarees. When wearing white, black, yellow and red linen, the colours work very well in accessories. Although there are many colours in which linen sarees come, the most common colours seen in linen sarees are white, black, red, yellow and blue. It doesn’t matter whether you are going for a team dinner or office meeting – a linen saree can be your go-for choice for every occasion.

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