15 Best Comfortable Linen Shirts For Men in Trend

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Linen is a natural and one of the oldest fabrics in the world. It is believed that Greeks and Romans also used Linen. The benefit of linen that very few people will know is that Linen is anti-fungal fabric. It also protect from harmful solar radiation. Linen shirts are considered to be an excellent choice for summer days. Linen fabric is made up of fibers of flax plants. Linen shirts when wove don’t leave its shine. Linen shirts for men are mostly preferable in summer because it absorbs skin perspiration’s. Linen shirts for men are not that much expensive and are treated as the King of Shirts. Linen shirts for men are available in variety of designs and prints. The linen shirts are that much comfortable that everyone wants it every day around.

Latest Mens Linen Shirts for Summer Wear:

So let’s select some beautiful prints of the linen shirts for men in both casual and official purpose you should go for while shopping this summer.

1. Plain Linen Shirt:

Plain Linen Shirt

It is a plain linen shirt for men light pink color shirt. The fabric is looking so smooth and comfy. It never misses to shine out. Half sleeve linen shirt is looking really gorgeous. You will feel softness on touching. Your mind will feel utmost peace in wearing this shirt. Though pink is considered a girly color, it is widely selected by the college bugs for a perfect match on the casual white wash jeans in blue and black.

2. Linen Party Wear Shirt:

Linen Party Wear Shirt

This yellow color linen shirts men is stitched out with beautiful neck pattern. The way the neck button is closed is a new way. Nice piping work has been done with black color on one side of shoulder. This shirt is designed in appreciable manner. The pattern of the shirt is widely accepted for official parties or award ceremonies, suitable for the men with medium or heavy body to hide some of their fattish portion behind the thin material of the shirt.

3. Striped Linen Shirt:

Striped Linen Shirt

This men’s linen shirt is in white basic color and consisting of stripes of different colors. Horizontal stripes have been done with three color shades. It looks like a Khaki fabric. Different color thread work looks best on linen. The shirt is available in various colorful strips to choose from with the similar white background design. The shirt design is also available in vertical linings to give it a unique look in offices.

4. Chinese Collar Linen Shirt:

Chinese Collar Linen Shirt

It is a sea color linen shirt for men with Chinese collar. It is plain and simple. The sleeves are rolled up to give a carefree look. This casual shirt is shining out with its awesome color. It is snatching the hearts of men with its irresistible appearance. Chinese collar refers to small collars or say bordered collars along with folded sleeves design. This official shirt is also widely carried on suits with an attached bow design.

5. Printed Linen Shirt:

Printed Linen Shirt

This linen shirt has been the funky design. On base white color, blue color design is engraved with beautiful flowers with short sleeves which make it great for jeans, trousers and even shorts for a vocational mood on beaches. It is apt for beach wear. Some different design is done over shirt. Somewhere it seems like leaves while somewhere it is trees. It consists of widely found prints these days widely opted by the middle age men for regular wear also.

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6. Embroidered Linen Shirt:

Embroidered Linen Shirt

Looking for a designer wear for a social function like wedding, receptions, religious functions etc. Go with the latest embroidery designed shirts which are available in a wide range of colours to select from. This is a linen shirt for men with hand embroidery. On both front sides, there is a straight pattern done with embroidery work. The work is looking really awesome. And it is useful for any functions or celebrations. Embroidery work looks classy on linen shirt.

7. Pet Print Linen Shirt:

Pet Print Linen Shirt

Love to have pets at home! Are you inspired by their loyalty or any other important feature? Than wearing a linen shirt which includes the printed design of the same is quite impressive to wear to show your feelings. This men’s linen shirt is having design of small puppy. So many cute puppies are printed on shirt. Some are sited, some are seeing, while some are standing. This shirt is unique one and have characteristic of fetching attention of people.

8. Designer Linen Shirt:

Designer Linen Shirt

Looking for a pattern to wear on summers, especially for a vacation at the beach! Here is a printed shirt piece widely accepted for such occasions. This is a designer piece. This linen shirt is having prints of coconut trees. Blue color coconut trees are looking fabulous on white shirt. Even on both sleeves, there is a pattern of coconut tree. This particular design is only one of its kinds. The shirts announce your perfect mood for the trip and also rejoice your love towards the nature.

9. Fancy Linen Shirt:

Fancy Linen Shirt

This linen shirt for men is having ultra-modern approach. The shirt is plain white and sleeves are in contrast printed material. Different shapes are printed on sleeves and the same is applied on pocket too. At the end of sleeve, Tri-color stripes are done. The slim shirt design is the best selected by the body builders of the young generation for giving their body a judgmental approach for a casual look over jeans or skinny trousers.

10. Casual Linen Shirt:

Casual Linen Shirt

This is really awesome linen shirt with horizontal stripes. Very good color combination has been decided for stripes. It is having an informal look with full sleeve. Being linen, the material is quite thick for autumn days. The white stripes give a bifurcated vision to the shirt which divides the shirt into two different sections, the neck and shoulder portion and the chest and front portion for a unified look mostly for the casual parties.

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11. Mandarin Collar Linen Shirt:

Mandarin Collar Linen Shirt

Mandarin is a widely-used shirt design which is carried by most of the youth for a regular wear to roam around on jeans. The shoulders of the shirt are also given an upper lock design to the neck on both the sides. This glamorous linen shirt is having mandarin collar. It seems like collarless. It also two pockets on both sides. Linen shirt is modified with mandarin collars. It is a fine and thin fabric which gives softness and looks delicate.

12. Linen Formal Shirt:

Linen Formal Shirt

Want to have a formal shirt in linen for the sweaty summers! This linen shirt is a formal wear with medium size checks design. Blue color thin lines are meeting each other. Light color tones are looking high-class with an ability to deliver an executive look. This shirt is very effective for offices and also for a regular wear for the middle aged men.

13. Box Check Linen Shirt:

Box Check Linen Shirt

This linen shirt for men is having combination of big and small check boxes. All the colorful lines are made thick on base white color. The color check box is highlighting the elegance of this shirt. This shirt is valid for both formal and informal wear.

14. Latest Linen Shirt:

Latest Linen Shirt

Dots have always remained in trend whether it is on shirts or on t-shirts. It is a latest print in linen shirt. This green color shirt is having dots of black color. It will look best for night party. The shirt is fully filled up with dot design and having quality of looking different from rest. This shirt is glowing with dot design.

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15. Slim Fit Linen Shirt:

Slim Fit Linen Shirt

This plain shirt is having striking features. On side way, there is black color piping done. Nice curve is given to that piping. Dual color linen shirt is going too liked by all. Black color is emphasizing over white shirt. The linen shirt for men will catch attention of public. The main attraction of the shirt is the colour combination which is the most selected one by the men at any age.

The list of linen products is endless. It is now-a-days used all around our homes. But when woven as clothing, it is easy to wear and care. If perfectly stitched, it shows a neat and clean versatility. No other fabric can get compared with linen shirt. Linen shirts for men are must for hot summer weather. When linen gets mixed with silk, it looks stylish. The durability of linen shirt makes it a firm favorite all around the world. It will remain at the top for centuries to come. Linen shirt have properties of easy washable and strong fabric. Linen Shirts for Men looks highly elegant and perfect companion in every season. People are relying more on linen shirts to stay fresh and cool. Linen shirts are flexible so one can wear from day to night without worry.

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