Top 9 Lip Plumpers For Fuller Lips

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To get fuller lips, collagen injections are not the only solution. If you do not want to spend too much money on plumping your lips and also want to avoid the potentially very painful cosmetic procedures then you can always opt for inexpensive methods by which you can obtain fuller lips. Yes, that’s right. Now you can get fuller lips with just a swipe by the usage of lip plumper. In the article, we have covered the benefits of a lip plumper for your lips and some of the best available products.

What Are Lip Plumpers?

Plumper is a lip gunk which is also a cosmetic product that people apply just like the lip gloss, lip stick and lip balm. The difference between a lip plumper and the other lip products is that it actually makes your lips fuller and not just make them look fuller.

The purpose of some specific lip plumper is to create mild irritation on the lips in order to increase the blood flow on that spot thus resulting in plumping up the lips. Most of the lip plumper use pepper extracts to create the irritation which is required to plump up the lips. There are some plumper which has moisturizers in them as well. The benefit of lip plumper is that it helps to obtain fuller lips even when you are aging and your lips are shrinking. It helps you to stay beautiful even at a higher age.

9 Best Lip Plumpers in India:

Here’s a list of few of the best lip plumpers are available in the market.

1. Faces Ultra Lip Plump Sexy 006:

Lip Plumper1

This sexy lip plump from Faces will not help you plump your lips but also give it a beautiful shade of pink. Besides, it will also keep your lips moisturized and nourished while making your lips fuller.


  • Can be worn as a lipstick or a lip gloss
  • Makes your lips shine and look fuller
  • Good brush for neat application


  • Mild tingling sensation
  • Plumping effect doesn’t last long

Rating: 3.9

2. NYX Plump It Up Lip Plumper Lisa:

Lip Plumper2

This amazing lip plumper from NYX is a long lasting product that comes in various vibrant colours. It also adds a dazzling shine to the lips and makes you look gorgeous.


  • Nice glossy effect on lips
  • Subtle color for everyday usage
  • Can be used over lipsticks


  • Plumping effect is not effective
  • Tingling sensation
  • Very light color for darker lips

Rating: 2.5

3. NYX Plump It Up Lip Plumper – Angelina:

Lip Plumper3

This lip plumper from NYX is a light pink shaded lip plumper which is not only long lasting but also adds a dazzling to the lips. It is not sticky nor does it smell weird thus making it a great product.


  • Heavy duty lip color for long lasting results
  • Makes lips fuller and plumpier
  • Good results in single swipe


  • Sticky formula
  • Iridescent color
  • Expensive

Rating: 3.3

4. Faces Lip Plump, Ultra 003:

Lip Plumper4

This amazing lip plumper from Faces stimulates elastin and collagen production while keeping your soft and supple. The ingredients include ginger roots and natural moisturizers that help in nourishing and as well moisturizing your lips.


  • Paraben free
  • Natural moisturizers
  • Antioxidant protection
  • Instant Hydration


  • No dramatic plumping effect
  • Color lasts only for 2-3 hours

Rating: 4

5. Faces Ultra Plump Hot Date 007:

Lip Plumper5

This amazing lip plumper from Faces comes in a beautiful shade of pink. It not only plumps your lips but also adds shine and moisture to your lips.


  • Paraben Free product
  • Good pigmentation of color
  • Can be used on its own or as a gloss


  • Plumping effect lasts only for a few minutes
  • May need to be reapplied

Rating: 3.5

6. Faces Ultra Lip Plump Magnolia 009:

Lip Plumper6

This is an amazing lip plumper from Faces which is available in a beautiful shade of pink. It helps in moisturizing and nourishing your lips while also plumping it. The ingredients used in the making of this lip plumper are natural thus it is safe to use.


  • Smooth formula
  • Easy to Glide
  • Good plumping effect


  • Plumpness doesn’t last too long
  • May require reapplication

Rating: 3.5

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7. Lakme Absolute Plump and Shine 3D Gloss:

Lip Plumper7

Equipped with high shine pigments, this lip plumper from Lakme absolute plump and shine 3D gloss comes in a great shade of pink. It not only works in making the lips plump but also keeps it well hydrated all through the day. This lip plumper is non sticky and gives sheer to medium coverage. This is one of the top lip plumper available in India.


  • Light weight formula
  • Easy to apply
  • Moisturizes lips
  • Gives a 3-D plump effect


  • Offers only medium coverage

Rating: 4

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8. Clinique Full Potential Lip Plump and Shine Gloss Palette:

Lip Plumper8

The non sticky lip plumper from Clinique that also provides to sheer to the lips and keeps it well hydrated all through the day is an excellent product from Clinique. It is equipped with high shine pigments and works on making the lips plump.


  • Good range of shades
  • Can be used as lip gloss and lip stick
  • Sweet scent
  • Product lasts long
  • Gives a nice shimmery effect


  • Expensive
  • Plump effect doesn’t last too long

Rating: 3.5

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9. Faces Ultra Lip Plump Oh La 005:

Lip Plumper9

The lip plumper from Faces ultra is a blend of pink and orange colour. It not only plumps your lips but also helps in keeping them well moisturized and hydrated.


  • High performance formula for lasting results
  • Unique color
  • Good coverage on lips
  • Works as a lipstick


  • Plump effect lasts for a couple of hours only
  • For extra shine, you may have to follow it with a lip balm

These lip plumpers create a temporary effect on your lips. They can define and accentuate your lips for a fuller look. Lip plumpers are best and affordable ways to make your lips like plump and nice. However, their effect lasts only for a couple of hours and you may have to reapply the product. Most of these plumpers moisturize your lips and prevent them from dryness. So, you get two products for the price of one. Now you know the secret behind Angelina Jolie’s sexy lips!