Lipstick is a women’s must-have in her makeup collection. This not only enhances the overall look but, for different occasions and times, the colour can make a person look more natural and glamorous. You can buy various sorts of colours and also different types of tints. It, again, is a budget-dependent thing to have. This can depend on your budget in the following ways. If you are willing to have a colour that lasts quite a few hours, then you will have to spend quite a handful of cash to get such a good and high-quality colour and pigmentation. Some companies are indigenous, but these are not very popular regarding a longer hue. Various types of colours also depend on budget.

Some specific colours in the same range are more costly these days than the previous shade. This is because there is more popularity of that hue in that range, or it can also be that other similar companies are not offering that colour. Hence, a particular range’s colour offers more buying than the other hues. There is also some choice regarding the Moisturization. Now, there are colours which can moisturise and matte at the same time. Some high-price range companies are offering these types of qualities these days. Previously, women used to be scared to use matte colours, thinking that they may further make them feel dry and, therefore, they would have to use a balm before applying the colour.

However, you can get intensive Moisturization and an almost matte colour these days. There are various other types of quality variations. Some special colours give a tremendous glossy finish and smoothness, which will not require you to wear a gloss as an extra, which most of us do. Some other quality variations can be where you can get a lot of shimmer particles, which gives a smoother and more natural shine without much sticky glossiness. Other colours will tend to have more of a beige or natural skin tone colour, and these are very good for daytime wear and nightwear with a heavy Smokey look.

You can also get berry hues that give a plum-like or slightly reddish finish. There are various types of colours, pigmentations, and qualities that you can buy depending on what you want and your budget. Good colour with more or less Moisturization can cost 300 INR to 2000 INR. Some ranges can go up from 3000 INR and can go up to 4000 INR. However, that may be out of budget for most people, so selecting the proper ranges and colours becomes important. A guide for that can be helpful.

Famous and Best Branded Lipsticks Name List:

Therefore if you want to select the types of colors, you can check the top 20 Lipstick brands below. Depending on your budget and requirements, these will give you an idea of what price to buy.

1. Revlon:

This is a price range, and you can find various variants. You can buy their Colorburst colours, which are very famous, such as Hazel, Lilac 1, Rose Nude 65, Fuchsia 30, etc. These are priced at 600 INR to 650 INR approximately. There are other variants priced at 700 INR and the Moon drops range, which has some beautiful colours like shades like Amethyst Smoke, Rose 560, etc., which are very high priced at approximately 1500 INR.

2. Maybelline:

This name needs no mention because this is a favourite of several women. Not only from the price point but also from the colours to the lasting effects or the shine or even the Moisturization, this is a much-liked range of colours and hues. You can wear these for regular ears as these do not give any form of irritation. Therefore, you can wear these without the use of balms. You will only have to carry these in your purse for slight touch-ups, lasting 4 to 5 hours without re-application. Again, it has the extreme moisture variant for those who feel irritation.

You can buy this variant, which is filled with moisturizing agents which help keep you moisturized. Even then, these do not come off on your food easily, making these good for wearing at functional events or parties where you have to eat or drink something. So this is good for regular wear and special day outs with friends or functions. These are a must-have; you must buy at least a few of their liked colours. The Moisture Extreme range has famous colours like Matte 2 6L080, Warm Me Up and Crazy for Coffee, priced at approximately 400 INR. The Color Sensational is priced at 500 INR to 600 INR around.

3. Lakme:

This is a name that has been a household popular for generations. You must have tried at least some colours and liked them. These are very affordable, especially the Satins range. These are good for daily wear. You can wear these for regular usage and also as party wear. These stay on for 3 to 5 hours without bleeding, and the moisturizing effect is good. However, you may need to blot the excess off the dark colours because these may come off on your food or glasses when eating or drinking something. These have some of the most glamorous hues that you can come across. The New Absolute range has colours like Royal Rouge, Runaway Red, Plum Forever, etc. These are priced at 582 INR to 600 INR approximately. The satin range has famous colours like Mauves and Nudes with different hues. These are priced at approximately 300 INR.

4. L’Oreal Paris:

This is a very popular name and also a very high-priced range. This particular variant is high priced, but the shiny bottle can make you buy it, and the tint is said to be good and lasting. This variant has colours like Faye, Pretty Woman, Bella, etc. This is priced at 500 INR to 1000 INR approximately. The other variant is the Color Riche Range. The famous colours are Crazy Fuchsia, Bold Bordeaux, Red Passion, Burning Rose, Intense Fuchsia, etc. These are priced at 900 INR to 950 INR approximately.

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5. Colorbar:

This is a very professional range; you can buy their beautiful colours. These have variants like the Velvet Matte range with colours like Hearts and Tarts, Rose Chair, Peach Crush, etc. These are priced at 250 INR to 400 INR approximately. Another variant is in the form of sharpening pencils, and is easy to use. These have colors like Orchid Orange, Seductive Tan and Tango Pink. These are priced at 900 INR to 950 INR approximately.

6. NYX:

This is a well-known name and offers variants like the Diamond Sparkles range and the Silver Case range. These are priced at 500 INR to 600 INR approximately and can be a good thing for everyday usage.

7. MAC:

This offers various moisturizing colours, and the matte range from 1000 INR to 3000 INR approximately.

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8. Max Factor:

It is a well-known name, and the colours offered are much liked for regular and party wear. These have good enriched tints and do not bleed when you eat or drink something. These are priced from 800 INR to 2000 INR for the costliest variants, Color Effect and Elixir.

9. Lotus Herbals:

This is a much-known household name, and you can buy their affordable Pure Color range for only 250 INR to 300 INR. These are good for everyday usage.

10. Coloressence:

This is a very affordable range, approximately 170 INR to 200 INR. The bad points are that the colours are not long-lasting, and the effect can be dry. However, this is good for everyday usage if you are okay with regular hourly touch-ups.

11. Deborah Milano:

The Shine and Volume have some very good colours that you can buy. These are good for everyday wear and also. These are approximately 670 INR to 700 INR for 4.2-gram tubes.

12. Bobbi Brown:

This is a very high-priced range, and their colours come from 2000 INR to 3000 INR, depending on the range you want to buy.

13. Avon:

This is a household range and is mostly sold from hand to hand by door-to-door sellers. These days you can buy these from special stores which are only to market these. Their ranges differ in weight and price. Their prices vary from approximately 200 INR to 500 INR, depending on the range.

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This has lustrous colours from Go Chic, Ultra Moist, etc. These are variedly priced from 200 INR to 600 INR approximately. These are good for everyday wear.

15. Christian Dior:

This is a high-priced range, and the colours come from about 700 INR to 800 INR. The colours Addict and Ionic Vibrant are popular.

16. Lancome:

This brand ranges from 1500 INR to 2000 INR, a popular professional colour range.

17. MUA:

These are priced at 660 INR to 700 INR, approximately 3.8 grams, and are popular among women.

18. Amway:

A household name for its nutrition goods, it also offers cosmetics. Their Attitude Range is approximately 400 INR to 500 INR, approximately for 4.5-gram tubes.

19. Teen Teen Color life:

These are mostly for beginners who are experimenting with different colours; therefore, you will get these in combo packs. These are affordable at approximately 150 INR for packs of 5 or 6.

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20. SoulTree:

This offers Ayurvedic colours priced at approximately 500 INR to 600 INR. The colours are good for regular usage and easily fit in your purse. The lasting effect is not very good, but these are irritation-free and skin-friendly, so you might want to buy them. The Gorgeous pink colours like Royal and Glistening Loam are a must-buy.


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