A liquid diet menu is one in which solid food is withdrawn from and the intake of liquids of all kinds is done as a substitute. Liquid diet plan helps in cleansing the body and helps maintain the body weight after certain medical conditions. Liquids in general also should be taken in adequate quantities to keep the body hydrated and skin and hair in proper and healthy condition. It is always advisable to consult a dietician for a healthy liquid diet plan.

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Why Liquid Diet:

Liquid Diet has a particular target for those who follow it. There can be one or more reasons to follow a full liquid diet for weight loss plan to benefit the body.

And before you choose a liquid diet plan, understand your body needs and then jump into a ‘7 days’ or a ‘2 weeks’ long liquid diet plan for results to show.

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To Treat Obesity:

Obesity is the most common problem that is solved by liquid diet. It keeps the calorie intake of the body in control while providing for the required energy. Obese people have the toughest time getting used to the liquid diet plan because the body takes a lot of time to adjust to the change of food routine.

Post Surgery:

Some medical treatments require the patient to remain under observation for up to 72 hours and in this period solid food cannot be given to the patient; in such a situation a liquid diet is most preferred.

Liquid Diet Plan For Weight Loss:

When it comes to weight loss, a lot of people first think of liquid diet. This is because, liquid diets are exclusively low on carbs and due to the presence of water and fluids, the body tends to release excess water and also burns fat that is required for daily activities.

Liquid diets are considered as the best for choice for quick weight loss. And if you want to lose a lot of weight in no time, then it’s a good idea to switch to liquid diet. It does not starve you to death and also fulfills the needs of the body.

While the idea is good for quick weight loss, it is essential to understand the capacity of one’s body. If a friend of yours is following a liquid diet and has lost a lot of weight within a short span and is still energetic, the diet would have best suited his/her body.

Although, moderate to extreme weight loss can be achieved by practicing liquid diet plans, excessive exposure to only liquids and complete cutting down of solids may suffer the body. The only thing you should know is how much can your body take, plus it should not be carried for a long time, else the side effects may disturb your plan and hope.

Side Effects:

Digestion Problems:

Once the body gets used to liquid diet it faces some problem coming back to solid food. In such a case, liquid diet should first be transformed into a semi liquid diet and gradually be brought to solid food. In addition, it is also important that the body is not subjected to fatty and heavy food too soon. Time should be given for adjustment.

Reduced Nutrition And Energy:

Juices and broths reduce the intake of fibre in the body which are a good source of energy. They also have a high nutritional value which is reduced one you are on liquid diet.

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Organ Damage:

Extreme dieting can lead to damages on stomach and liver and too much of liquid diet can hamper the proper functioning of the kidney.

Effects On Immune System:

Since the body becomes weak and less on energy, it is more susceptible to problems in the immune system. It becomes easy for the body to catch various illnesses.

A liquid diet can have may side effects as well. As a matter of fact, a liquid diet can have some disastrous affects on the body. A lot of people have lost pounds of weight staying on a liquid diet and that has worked successfully for both men and women. One of the best things regarding a liquid diet is its bad effects on the muscles and the body organs. One cannot have nutritionally balanced meals when they are on a liquid diet.

Controlled liquid calories can be really harmful for the body as well. It will allow one to shed inches but at the same time it can ruin the digestive system and have some adverse side effects on the immune system as well, as discussed above. Such crash diets are never good for the body and according to scientific studies people maintaining such a diet generally pay with health points in a later and much weaker stage. For a health living, a liquid diet can never be recommended.

According to the concept of liquid diet, a person will have to consume the daily calorie content in the form of liquid. But there is a lot of difference in the liquid and the solid foods. The solid foods remain in the body for longer periods and serves the muscles more effectively, compared to the liquid ones.

Other Side Effects Of Liquid Diet Plan:

A liquid diet can have many other serious physical side effects which are discussed below.

1. Severe Headaches:

A liquid diet can result in the occurrence of severe headaches which can be really bad for anyone. People have to work and when headaches occur, there is obviously a blockage in the concentration and focus on work. A liquid diet can result in serious forehead aches as well. One should stop maintaining such a diet if such symptoms come up.

2. Weakness:

All over body fatigue is one of the prime side effects of a liquid diet. A person will face some serious amount of weakness issues if they are not eating anything except liquid throughout the day. Many follow a liquid diet plan for weight loss. It can cause weakness.

3. Bad Breath:

Nobody likes a bad breath. If you are on a liquid diet, then bad breath in inevitable. A bad breath cannot be tolerated at all and it is one of the prime side effects of the so called “healthy liquid diet”.

4. Constipation Issues:

A person who is consuming liquid calories for quite some amount of time will be facing some serious stomach and digestion issues. The effect of such diet on immune system has already been discussed. This is pretty similar to that point. A liquid diet can result in constipation and other stomach issues such a diarrhea.

5. Calorie Deficit:

A certain amount of calorie is required by our body. A person should be consuming solid calorie quite frequently or on a daily basis to meet the calorie requirement. That is why a liquid diet is said to result in a calorie deficit and this is one of the prime reasons why a person cannot make up for their calorie deficit due to consumption of low calorie drinks that doesn’t serve the body at all.

Sample Healthy Liquid Diet Plan:

Breakfast Options:

  • A Cupful of Strained Fruit Cereal
  • A glass of Water or Coffee
  • A Cup of Fruit Juice

Morning Snack:

  • One Cup Pureed Fruit
  • A Cup of Tea


  • A Cup Of Pureed Vegetables
  • A Glass of Soy Milk or Plain Milk
  • A Cup of Broth

Afternoon Snack:

  • A Cup of Ice Cream
  • A Glass of Plain Water


  • A Cup of Pureed Fruit
  • A Cup of Creamed Soup
  • 1 Glass of Fruit Juice
  • A Glass of Water
  • A Glass of Soy Milk or Plain Milk

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Night Time Snack:

  • A Cup of Yogurt
  • 1 Cup of Fruit Juice
  • A Glass of Water

Thus we see how a liquid diet plan can be followed to benefit the body in several ways. It is essential to formulate your own diet plan depending on how the body reacts to various changes it is subjected to.

Here are top 5 liquid food recipes for your quick reference:

1. Vegetable Soup:

If you are fond of vegetables just grab this recipe

  1. One carrot, one tomato, quarter bottle gourd, one onion, one green chilli
  2. Cut carrot, tomato, bottle gourd, onion and green chilli and pressure cook them with water added to a level where all the veggies get immersed.
  3. Now mash the veggie mixture and some water.
  4. Stain the water and add a pinch of freshly grounded pepper powder and a pinch of rock salt and serve hot!

2. Tomato Soup:

Tomato is the most used vegetable in many recipes as it enriches taste. And tomato soup is one of the bestselling soups in any eatery that sells appetizers!

  1. Take 3 tomatoes, boil and puree them or take 2 tablespoons of tomato puree.
  2. Add some slim cheese to it if you desire.
  3. Add some water if it thickens.
  4. Garnish it with some pepper powder, freshly chopped cilantro and serve hot!

This is the easiest of all!

3. Maple Syrup:

  1. 2 tablespoons of maple syrup, preferably organic
  2. 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  3. A dash of pepper powder

Mix all the three ingredients with 300ml of water. Stir well and sip it up!

4. The Celebrity Diet Plan:

  1. 5 drops of wheat germ oil
  2. 5 drops of flaxseed oil
  3. plain yogurt one cup
  4. skimmed soy milk one cup
  5. orange juice and cranberry juice one cup

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and give them a good mix. This is the most looked for celebrity weight loss diet plan.

5. Vegetable Froth Soup:

  1. One tomato
  2. One carrot
  3. half a cup of chopped cabbage
  4. half a cup of broccoli
  5. a few drops of lemon juice and some spices.

Cut all the vegetables and let them boil. While boiling, add the spices of your choice like bay leaf, cloves, pepper etc and stain the water. Now serve hot by garnishing with a dash of lemon and some cilantro sprinkled.

This is delicious yet nutritious!

Now you know the benefits of liquid diet plan and also the possible side effects it may have when practiced with several combinations of liquids. It is essential to formulate your own diet plan depending on how the body reacts to various changes it is subjected to.

In this article, you are provided with a liquid diet chart and some of the features about a healthy liquid diet. Liquid diet for weight loss is one of the most common set of words these days in the mouth of physique-concerned people. One cannot simply make up for the calorie deficit which might have been caused due to such diets, which proves that this diet is not that healthy for us also.


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