The Kollywood movie and film industry is among the top regional cinema in India. Especially, the movies are known for their diverse range of plots and storylines. The craze associated with heroes in Tamil films is unexplainable. Tamil Actors and heroes make up a huge part of the movie, and they carry a huge fan following.

Are you interested in Tamil cinema? If so, we have something for you! We have compiled the best of all-time Tamil heroes and actors list in different themes. So, let’s check them out and see if your favourite is included in the list!

 40 Best Kollywood Male Actors Names 2023:

Several actors come and go in every industry. However, few of the actors always remain in our hearts and have made meaning to the film industry. We have a few of those names with us now. Let us check out the Tamil popular hero and actors name list here.

Best Highest-Paid Famous Tamil Male Actors:

We have the highest of all paid top Tamil male heroes and actor list. These actors are famous for their image, acting and sense of handsome looks. They have a legendary image and a huge fan following. The masses admire them for the movies and can’t wait to watch them on-screen. With the most popular demand, these Tamil actor lists are also the industry’s highest-paid. They are all among the Tamil superstar lists.

1. Vijay:

2. Rajinikanth:

3. Ajith:

4. Kamal Haasan:

5. Suriya:

6. Dhanush:

7. Vikram:

8. Karthi:

Biggest Old Tamil Film Male Actors:

We can’t forget the old and forever classic Tamil heroes, can we?! All the movie industries have some classic actors list who is forever known for the roles and characters they have taken up. Come any number of generations; we can’t forget a few faces. This top classic Tamil actors list for us includes:

9. Shivaji Ganesan:

10. MG Ramachandran:

11. Gemini Ganeshan:

12. Siva Kumar:

13. Nagesh:

Tamil Comedy Famous Actors:

We can’t have a movie without comedians. We all agree on this fact. They lit up the entire plot and deliver a fun element to every film. Like every other regional cinema, Kollywood has some famous comedy actors. We absolutely love the Tamil actor acting and how they bring a whole new meaning to the film. Want to know who this list includes? Here we go!

14. Vadivelu:

15. Senthil:

16. Goudamani:

17. Santhanam:

18. Yogi Babu:

Tamil Serial Famous Actors List:

There is a lot of soft corner for Tamil Serials in the state. A lot of households watch the television more often than times and appreciate the serials running. We have the most famous Tamil male actors in serials today. They are among the ones in demand and have a huge fan following.

19. Krishna:

20. Prakash Ranjan:

21. Afsar:

22. Vignesh Kumar:

23. Sai Kiran:

Tamil Famous Side Actors Names:

What is a movie without side actors? Do you agree with us? The support actors have a lot of roles to play in the movies and are often under-appreciated. However, we have the most popular supporting and side Tamil actors male names with us.

24. Nassar:

25. Delhi Ganesh:

26. Manivannan:

27. Prakash Raj:

Famous Tamil Villain Actors:

The Kollywood movie industry even has a good following for villain characters and roles. These Tamil Villain actors have the same kind of receiving from the fans just like the heroes and are well-appreciated for the demanding responsibilities of taking up negative roles and characters. We have some of our all-time favourites on this list of Kollywood villain actors too.

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28. Suman:

29. Arun Vijay:

30. Ashish Vidyarthi:

31. SJ Suryah:

Tamil Best Short Film Actors:

We absolutely love a few of the short films more than the mainstream movies. They make a lot of sense, are meaningful and try to deliver a good message. In addition, good budding talented actors are often observed in these movies. So, we have some of the bright stars in the short film Tamil actors.

32. Sai Santhosh Radhakrishnan:

33. Ashwin Kumar Lakshmi Kanthan:

34. Hello Kandasamy:

35. Gowri Shankar:

36. Ashwin Ram:

Most Handsome New Tamil Actors:

The Kollywood industry has also been witnessing some new entries in the cinema. There are handsome and talented new Tamil male actors who have been shining and still have a long way to go. They are yet to come into the mainstream limelight. Some of these Tamil young actors include:

37. Siva Karthikeyan:

38. Jayam Ravi:

39. Mahat Raghavendra:

40. Dhruv Vikram:

41. Arjun Das:

So, how do you like this list of the most popular Tamil actors and heroes? Hope you enjoyed exploring the talents in the Kollywood movie industry. Let us know your thoughts; we love to hear from you!


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