Litchi Fruit Benefits During Pregnancy

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During pregnancy expectant mothers are worried about giving the right nutrition to their growing baby. Enriching your pregnancy diet with fruits is one of the best ways to meet the dietary requirements for vitamins and minerals. Even though fruits are good there are some fruits that are avoided during pregnancy. There is a common question that is litchi good during pregnancy? Well, eating litchi fruit during pregnancy is absolutely safe. Besides leaving a sinful taste in your mouth that lingers for long, litchi is also packed with immense health benefits.

Litchi is an oval shaped fruit that is pinkish on the outside. The inside of the fruit it is a transparent flesh that has an inedible seed. The fruit is also known as lychee and is grown in the tropical and sub-tropical regions and belongs to the soap berry family. Litchi is a juicy fruit that is soft on the teeth, with a very short-shelf life. Litchi is usually dried and sometimes canned for a longer shelf life.

Litchi During PregnancyLitchi fruit is good during pregnancy. It is also safe. However, be a little cautious. High consumption of litchi in your pregnant days will have negative effects on the body. Watch out for high sugar level in the blood. It is also known to lead to hemorrhage. Excessive consumption of litchis can also result in still birth. Studies have shown how eating too many litchis have lead to contraction of infection, which is dangerous, especially when pregnant. While litchi may have side effects, it is only bad when you take it in excess. It is impossible to get away with the multiple benefits it has to offer for a pregnant mother.

Nutritional Benefits of Litchi During Pregnancy:

A tropical fruit, litchi is the favorite of many. The distinctive flavor, fleshy pulp and sweet fragrance are what make it desirable for all, especially during pregnancy. Some expectant mothers questions can I eat litchi during pregnancy and refrain from eating, to avoid any harm to their baby. Eating litchi during pregnancy is absolutely safe provided you must eat in moderation. Read on to learn more about the benefits of litchi during pregnancy.

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1. Improves The Immune System of Body:

Litchi is the warehouse of Vitamin C that helps to boost immunity. Healthy functioning of the immune system is largely dependent on this nutrient. Besides, Vitamin C also helps the body to fight infections like cough, cold and flu. So, next time when you catch common cold, try eating litchis to fight infection instead of taking other medications.

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2. Aids Blood Circulation:

Vitamin C present in abundance in litchi also aids absorption of iron in the body. Iron is very important constituent to maintain optimum blood haemoglobin levels, which in turn is essential for blood circulation. Hence it is rightly stated that eating litchi during pregnancy regulates blood circulation. Eating litchi in pregnancy, is not a bad idea after all!

3. Maintains Fluid Balance:

Litchi is also an excellent source of potassium that helps to maintain the electrolyte balance in body, that is, normal fluids and sodium levels. Moreover eating litchi also keeps a check on the blood pressure that in turn reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

4. Prevents Constipation:

Irregular bowel movement and constipation is a very common problem in most of the pregnancy cases. Relieving constipation is one of the superb benefits of litchi fruit during pregnancy. litchi has extremely high content of water and fibers that help to ease bowel movements and also aids digestion.

5. Good For Skin:

Yes, eating litchi is also good for your skin during pregnancy. The antioxidants in litchi help to fight the free radicals, thereby providing a smooth and youthful feel to the skin.

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Risks Associated:

The actual answer to the question is litchi good during pregnancy, is yes. No direct harm is caused to your baby by eating litchi; however there can be some side-effects when eaten in excessive amounts.

  • Litchi has high sugar content so eating beyond limits can increase the blood sugar level and may lead to gestational diabetes.
  • Consuming litchi excessively during pregnancy can result in haemorrhage and there is also an increased risk of contracting infections.
  • It has been found that in some rare cases, excessive consumption of litchi can result in stillbirth.

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Litchi also generates internal heat and can therefore lead to severe complications during pregnancy, if you eat in excess quantity.

Litchi is a healthy fruit for both mother and baby during pregnancy. The delicate flavor of the fruit finds usage in plenty of salads and desserts. Litchi is a very common ingredient used in most of the Asian preparations.

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So, while eating litchi in moderation is beneficial, over-eating can even cause dangerous side-effects and nasty complications. The multitude of nutrients it contains, makes it an irresistible fruit and is hard to ignore. Not just during pregnancy, it can also be consumed on any normal day. Start including them in your desserts and fruit bowl for some extra supplement of nutrients.