18 Best and Easy Hairstyles for Your Little Girls (Below 12 Years)

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There are various types of hairstyles one can adopt according to their needs and people of all age go for it. During childhood, the hair is just growing and attaining its texture, one should ponder before going for any hairstyle. Losing on a style statement at any age is not the solution but it enhances the beauty.

Little girl hairstyles Main

Length of the hair should be adhered to before a haircut and in today’s generation some go for short hair while others go for long hair. Since for kids short hair is definitely very convenient to handle and easy to style to attain a smart look. Extensive scope for purview and loads of exploring of skills with the scissors can be done. There are various types of hairstyles a little girls can adopt and they are:

1. Bob Pinned Look:

littile girls hairstyles 1

A girl tends to attain a very sweet and a cute look through this haircut. The hair is an inch longer at the front and the hair just falls adjacent to the ears. The hair from back is a little shorter and its cut a bit asymmetrically. The bangs falling over the forehead can be clipped with pins or a clutch in order to add color to the hair. This type of a style suits people of all age.

2. Braided Look:

Little girls with long hair look very cute with such a hairstyle. The hair from the top is braided into small ponytails with colorful rubber bands and one single pony tail is braided till the end. Hair towards one side is left open and on the other side the braided pony tails are left to fall. This hairstyle is apt for a party.

3. Crimped Look:

littile girls hairstyles 3

Girls with short bob cuts look very cute and sweet in such hairstyles. This hairstyle is apt for a fun and frolic party. The hair falls adjacent to the ear and it is an inch lower at the back. The entire hair is crimped very accurately and nicely. When the hair is crimped it tends to give a pumped look.

4. Ribbon Look:

This hairstyle suits girls with long hair and this tends to give a very neat and a tidy look to the kid. The hair is divided equally from the middle and the hair is pulled up and tied into a tight pony tail. The hair is tied very tight with a very small amount of hair coming out and then the hair is tied with a cute ribbon or a fancy rubber band.

5. Curly Ribbon Look:

Hair above the forehead is cut into big bangs and the hair from the shaft is given a pump in this hairstyle. The hair from the back falls till the waist and it is curled from the middle till the end. Hal of the hair is picked up and clipped with a huge clip as shown in the picture to give a smart look.

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6. Autumn Look:

This hairstyle is apt for theme or autumn parties where it enhances the beauty of the child. Blonde hair in this picture is left over and the hair from every section is picked up and tied into a braid in a diagonal direction. At the end of the braid a small clip can be put.

7. Cute Wavy Look:

littile girls hairstyles 7

These hairstyles suit girls with long wavy hair. The hair from the front is finely combed and left open. The curly below enhance the beauty of the hairstyle and a cute hair band looks simple yet smart.

8. Floral Braided Look:

This hairstyle helps to exhibit a cute bridesmaid look. The hair from the front and the back are left open. Few strands of hair from every section is picked up and tightened with a broad floral clip. The complete head from the back gets covered.

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9. Pony Style:

The bangs are made to fall over the forehead and the hair is equally divided into two sections. The hair is finely tied into high ponytails with cute rubber bands.

Beautiful Hairstyles for Toddler Girls:

10. Pigtails:

Little Girl Hairstyles 10

Pigtails always look cute on little girls. This pigtail is a little different though as it comes with a side parting. Like the usual one, this one has also hairs tied at the back facing opposite sides. Along with that here the front part of the hair is side swept which is the main feature of this look. This hairstyle will give your daughter an angelic image and is suitable for kindergarten’s.

11. Looping Pigtails:

Little Girl Hairstyles 11

You can style your little girl’s hair in this way only. Grown-ups don’t do their hair in this way. So utilize the opportunity and give her this beautiful look which will turn heads.

12. Ponytail Rolled to The Side:

Little Girl Hairstyles 12

For giving your littler girl this look, you need to brush the hair properly and do two ponytails on each side. Then roll the ponytails to the back and secure them with a hair band. The look is suitable for almost all faces and can be maintained easily. You toddler will feel very comfortable with this look as the hair will not fall on the nape and kill the itchy effect at the back of the head.

13. Long Braided Hairstyle For Toddlers:

Little Girl Hairstyles 13

In this look, the front part of the hair is braided to stay over the forehead level whereas the rest of the hair stays open. It is one of trendiest hairstyles for toddler girls. It will look even more adorable with a cute dress.

14. Elastic Braided Pigtails:

Little Girl Hairstyles 14

The hairstyle requires a lot of elastic bands to tie the pigtails. The hair has a number of pigtails which are tied from the front to the back. The hair looks like a pigtail wave which is a little hard to style. It looks very attractive with hair accessories.

15. Bow Bun Hairstyle:

Little Girl Hairstyles 15

This creative look is a masterpiece. Here the hair is tied to take the shape of a bow tie. The hair is first tied to form a bun. The bun later on transforms into a bow tie. A lot of mothers would want their daughter to have this look.

16. Curly Hair For Toddlers:

Little Girl Hairstyles 16

This curly hairstyle is a carefree hairstyle which can be styled very easily. Natural curls are the best solution for having this look where the curls which can be secured to a side with a hair clip. There is really nothing much in this hairstyle and you can style it without even if you’re not into hairstyles.

17. Minnie Mouse Hairstyle:

Little Girl Hairstyles 17

Girls always like to do it the Disney way. The Minnie Mouse hairstyle is a popular one and toddlers crave for styling their hair in this way. The hair is tied like a bun and attached with a clip which secures the hair and restrains it from falling.

18. Wavy Hair For Toddlers:

Little Girl Hairstyles 18

Kids with medium length hair can attain this look. The hair should be washed, dried and set loose to form natural waves. You can enhance the beauty of this look by adding a suitable hair clip that will match the look.