Invite your guests home for a cup of coffee and the first thing they notice is your Living room! It is undeniably one of the most important areas of your house, where all the family members and friends gather to have great conversations. To make this space more beautiful and worthy of calling it your own, you must go for the right living room designs!

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That includes planning and visualizing your room in terms of the colours, placement of furniture and overall construction. Whether you are getting a new home built or renovating an existing one, this article serves as a mini-guide to understanding how to design a living room!

What Is a Living Room?

A living room often called the front room is the first area of entrance into the house. It is used for socializing with guests, watching television or relaxing. In Western terms, this space is called the lounge room, sitting room, drawing room or even a parlour.

What Are The Different Types Of Living Room Styles?

A living room reflects your taste, attitude and your overall personality. Depending on your individual choice, you can pick from one of these different styles:

  • Modern – Abstract furniture, Chic and Futuristic designs.
  • Minimalistic – Less is more concept. Clean and refined upholstery.
  • Contemporary – Colorful, bright and up-to-date ideas.
  • Eclectic – Vibrant, Bold and energetic interiors.
  • Traditional – Old school patterns which never fail to impress.
  • Vintage – Bring back the 50’s and 60’s designs with a modern twist.
  • Retro – Free-spirited designs with a hint of pop culture era.
  • Rustic – Raw, wooden interiors that bring you close to nature.

Well, the list doesn’t end here! There are many more such styles to explore before you zero down on design.

How To Choose The Right Living Room Layout?

A living room has to be designed based on the overall theme of the house, the functionality of the area and the available space. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Define the purpose of the room. Is it just to meet and greet? Or do you want to use it for entertainment as well?
  • Once the basic analysis is done, choose the focal point of the room. This is the centre point around which the entire room is modelled. It could be a TV unit, fireplace, bookshelf or even a decorative wall.
  • If you expect a lot of guests frequently, make space for more furniture. Place it in the centre of the room, so people can walk around easily.
  • Depending on the size of the room, you can divide it into multiple areas like a play area, theatre room or a reading spot by arranging the separators accordingly.
  • Choose colours wisely. You can use a healthy balance of neutral and bright colours to add the right touch of drama to the room.
  • Lastly, keep in mind the budget and do let your architect know how much you are willing to spend on this room to avoid financial issues in future.

Vastu Shastra For Living Room Set up:

As per traditional Indian architecture, any room must conform to the rules of Vastu to radiate positive energy. If you want to create a blissful atmosphere in your home, you must pay heed to the following do’s and don’ts:

  • The living room placement must be done based on the direction that your house faces. For example, if your home faces the west, then the living room must be in the northwest. Similarly, in a south-facing home, the room must be in the southeast direction.
  • If you have heavy furniture like cabinets or large store units, place them in the southwest or west direction of the room.
  • Electronics like televisions are ideally placed in the southeast corner of the room and air coolers or A/C’s in the north corner.
  • Place your furniture in the west or southern corners of your living room.

Best Living Room Designs In India:

Now that you have understood the basics of designing a living room, let us look at some of the simple and modern living room design ideas to get inspired:

1. Transitional Living Room Design:

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Transitional living room designs are all about keeping it chic, modern and very contemporary. The concept of this style is to stay neutral and clean. So you must pick the colours wisely and combine darker shades like browns with lighter tones like tan, grey and white to add the right depth to the room. Add more textures to the space and pay attention to the geometry of the furniture. A mix of boxy and curvy furnishings offers the right balance to the area.

2. Eclectic Living Room Design:

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Add a quirky touch to your home by choosing this eclectic living room. It is loaded with vibrant colours and furnishings that can get a little overwhelming at first sight. However, you can avoid tackiness by carefully choosing the right blend of colours and fabrics to create a visually appealing room, minus the clutter. One easy way to achieve this concept is to repeat a few bold colours, surrounded by a neutral backdrop.

3. Beach Style Living Room Design:

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Love the idea of a beach-style living room? Well, if you plan it well in advance, it’s quite easy to achieve the concept. Focus on colours like aqua blue, turquoise, sand beige, white and similar shades. You can choose to use a neutral-coloured Sofa along with a statement chair in a contrasting colour. Give importance to fabrics like Jute, faux leather and velvet to bring in the coastal vibes.

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4. Shabby-Chic Living Room Design:

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Worn out, imperfect and scruffy, yet picture perfect! That’s Shabby Chic for you! The idea is to achieve harmony among diverse elements that bear an aged look. You can use upcycled or Vintage items with modern goods to create a chic-looking front area. White is heavily used in the room for serenity, with a dash of pale pink and blue to not miss out on the romantic aspect. Call it old-fashioned, but it is a theme that never fails to create impressions!

5. Farmhouse Living Room Style:

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Farmstyle living rooms are trendy and known for their characteristic features like low ceilings and exposed beams. The colours are usually neutral like beige, tan, dark brown, white etc. with a little colour from the accessories. You can choose to venture beyond the usual rustic theme and keep it stylish with a little help from the architect. The best part is that you can combine two different styles transitional with traditional, industrial with contemporary etc. to create your personal space!

6. Rustic Living Room Design:

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Rustic living rooms are filled with wood and dark brown elements. You can notice nothing fancy or expensive in this area. The colour schemes and the coarse interiors fill your room with warmth and comfort. Choose leather and fabric for your sofas and chairs and keep your tables in a wood grain finish. Don’t forget to add a crude stone wall as the focal point of the room.

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7. Contemporary Living Room Design:

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This living room design idea is filled with the right mix of colours and textures to bring out the best in the area. The white sofa is placed in between with one white designer chair filled up with colourful cushions. Adding different types of lights in the corners brightens the room and elevates its beauty at the same time. You can go for carpeted flooring in a colour that coordinates with the walls of the room.

8. Funky Living Room Idea:

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This living room interior design is for those, who love to go that extra mile to look unique. The combination of colourful prints with solid colours like white and green adds an edgy look to the room. It showcases quirkiness on every corner of the area, be it in terms of the selection of furniture or the choice of decoratives in the room. The picturesque sitout is given equal attention to make it your favourite hangout spot!

9. Scandinavian Living Room Style:

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Scandinavian décor is all about keeping the elements simple and sober. Colours like white, brown and grey are used generously to make the atmosphere lively, but not over the top at the same time. The furniture arrangement is done in such a manner that the room looks airy and neat, instead of cluttered. You can add some pop of colour like blue or yellow to avoid the room from looking too plain.

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10. Modern Living Room Design:

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Modern Living rooms are designed to make them look more inviting and warm. The idea is to keep everything comfortable, yet stylish not to lose out on the “modern” theme. The flooring is usually done in fabric with colours like brown or grey for an edgy feel. The upholstery and the furniture come in contrasting palettes for a better visual appeal.

11. Traditional Living Room Design:

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Warmth and elegance- the words that come to our mind upon seeing this picture of a traditional living room. The tastefully done interiors reflect the old-world charm. You can notice the symmetrical arrangement of the furniture, which is very typical of this style. The focal point is the fireplace, which doubles up as a TV unit and even a decorative stone wall. Colours like brown and beige add richness to the interiors.

12. Cottage Style Living Room Design:

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Another version of the Rustic style is this cottage living room. It typically features compact-sized rooms with all the required elements in the décor. From comforting sofas to conventional upholstery, every aspect is taken care of to bring out the country-style look. Adding a few floral decorations and corner lamps adds a character to the room.

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13. Victorian Living Room Design:

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To achieve a Victorian-style living room, you must pay attention to the colour schemes and ornate interiors. Go for a good mix of vintage and baroque elements like drapes, ceiling designs and the overall architecture of the room. You can go generous with the word “grandeur” to elevate the brilliance of your living space. Invest in rich furniture to take your guests on a visual trip to the Victorian era!

14. Gothic Living Room Design:

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Gothic living rooms are slowly getting into the mainstream interior designs. However, the colour schemes are dramatically different from the regular with blacks and reds dominating the scene. If you are willing to go that extra mile, then it’s Gothic for you! Seen here is one such idea in which the deep red walls serve as the perfect backdrop for the metallic grey furniture.

15. Classy Living Room Design:

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Define classy and we say it’s white! You cannot separate this hue from a sophisticated living room design, as it brings a bright and beautiful environment like no other. Instead of glaring pure white, try combinations of off-white, raw silk, beige and grey to balance the lighting. Keep your furniture neat and refined and avoid using dark colours.

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16. Mid-Century Living Room Design:

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The mid-century modern design is inspired by the architectural movement of the 1940s. The guidelines are simple – keep it sleek, organized and functional. Some of the prominent features seen here in this room are the accent chair, a coffee table, a minimalistic sofa and a floor rug. Once you understand this, it’s easy to create a whole new space, without straying too far from the concept.

17. Mediterranean Living Room Style:

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Mediterranean rooms feature a lot of oversized elements like this bulky sofa, huge lounge chairs and statement decoratives. One important aspect that cannot be overlooked in this concept is the abundance of light and air, which come from the arch-type windows. The idea is to connect your living room with the rest of the world. Also, make use of natural elements like stones, wood and metal to keep your guests hooked!

18. Cabin Living Room Design:

If you are fond of cosy and comfortable interiors, then this cabin-style living room suits your taste. The compact-sized room is aesthetically designed with wooden accents throughout the area. The furniture is quite basic and matches the theme of the room. There are no fancy elements and high-end decoratives here, except the plush fabrics on the sofa and the flooring.

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19. Chalet Living Room Design:

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If you stay in places with colder weather, then chalet living rooms are a great option to trap the warmth. Seen here is one example of a traditional Chalet, entirely done with wood. It does look rough but brings a countryside charm to it. Even the flooring matches the exposed ceiling and the side walls. Keep the fireplace as the central element and arrange your furniture around it for a picture-perfect room!

20. Asian Living Room Design Idea:

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Asian interiors have many variations depending on the country and the region. But, the common element in them is simplicity, combined with elegance. The emphasis is more on the functionality of the room than on visual appeal. So, many elements including storage units are placed in the front room itself for better accessibility. A sofa, centre table and a lounge chair are mandatory!

21. Craftsman Living Room Styles:

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Craftsman Living room designs are a mix of rustic and minimal styles. They feature natural colours, simple interiors and basic country-style furniture. On hard flooring, elaborately done rugs are added to bring intimacy to the room and of course, a dash of colour! You can also notice the plain ceiling which is smoothened out to maintain a clean look. Different pieces of furniture are brought together to create a unified atmosphere!

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22. Industrial Living Room Design:

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Industrial living rooms are perhaps the only no-nonsense designs that involve nothing but your creativity. You can notice exposed ceilings, bare flooring, grey and white colour schemes, along with a spacious room. Fancy furnishings make way for shabby rugs and coarsely done iron décors. Light fixtures are vital in these spaces to bring in the right visibility and lightened up environment.

23. Country Living Room Style:

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Country-style homes are filled with antiques and other elements that help people trace themselves back to their roots. You can notice old-style staircases, cabinets with drawers, mirrors, chinaware and everything that can be expected in a regular home. The colour schemes are mostly in white or neutrals to make your room look bigger and brighter. In short, it is a style that can make you want to curl up comfortably!

24. Southwest Living Room Design:

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The Southwestern living room style screams of desert vibes from every corner. The interiors are warm, comfortable and inviting. Colours like maroon, grey and beige are noticeable in this style, along with generous use of wood. The huge rooms are partitioned into different utility spaces like the sitting zone, dining area and entrance point. To complete the look, you must invest in a geometrical patterned southwest rug in a neutral colour.

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25. Spanish Style Living Room Design:

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A typical Spanish living room is loaded with elements that represent the rich culture and heritage of this region. Right from the wooden ceiling to the ornate multi-coloured rug, every item is associated with the local traditions. The decoratives used in this room bring in a true Spanish flair and the arrangement of the furniture is allows for better space utilization,

26. Compact Size Living Room Design:

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In apartments and tiny homes, space is a rarity! So, you must keep in mind the aspect of space optimization by cutting down on bulky furniture and gaudy accessories. Keep your room airy with neutral or pale colours and choose sleek furnishings. Most often, these rooms are multi-functional and must accommodate the entertainment and socialising section in the same area!

27. Casual Style Living Room Design:

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A Casual style interior design revolves around personalization and matching your unique tastes. It mostly features natural elements like wooden furniture and fabric-based sofas. A combination of neutral and bright colours adds a distinct look to the room, without being too ostentatious. Geometry has a lot of emphasis here, which includes the L-shape Sofa, the square and rectangular pillows and other wall decors.

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28. Stylish Living Room Design:

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A stylish design involves no hard and fast rules! It is a “style” that defines your attitude and individual personality. You can showcase your creativity by experimenting with the furniture layouts, the colour schemes and the patterns inside the room. The rooms usually have a clever mix of rustic and modern elements to create a sense of balance. Colour pop with shades like yellow is a common sight in these designs!

29. Sophisticated Living Room Styles:

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As the name suggests, this room is all about keeping it sleek and edgy. The norm “less is more” is strictly followed here and the spotlight is on being organised. There is no stuffing of things as every spot is reserved already for a particular element. The walls and the flooring are usually in neutral shades, but the furniture is deliberately done in bold shades like orange, yellow or neon to make a statement!

30. Standard Living Room Idea:

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The word “standard” means regular or commonly seen! This living room exemplifies that idea, as you would notice in a typical two-storied house. The lower part is reserved for seating and meeting people which is partitioned into a dining area with the use of furniture, instead of physical walls. Colour schemes like grey and white are heavily used in these designs to let the accessories do the talking!

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Living Room Decoration Tips:

If you want to achieve the living room décor of your dreams, then scroll down to read these expert tips:

  • The first aspect to consider for decorating a living room is Sofa selection. You must make sure that the Sofa is neither too big nor too small and at the same time, doesn’t compromise on the comfort factor.
  • Decide on the style of your room and choose your accessories accordingly. Avoid overdoing your décor and keep it elegant. You can mix vintage and new-age elements to bring in the right balance.
  • If you have a centre table, choose a nice rug that complements the overall look of your room. If you have brightly coloured walls and Sofa, keep it in a neutral colour and vice versa.
  • Plan your light fixtures strategically to allow for sufficient lighting across the room. You can choose a combination of standing lamps, ceiling lights, chandeliers, etc. to illuminate the space according to your mood.
  • Say no to over cluttering of rooms and give importance to spaciousness. Doing this can create the illusion of larger room space compared to the actual size.
  • Pay attention to the fabrics and textures in the room. Go for a mix-and-match instead of a boring, uniform look.
  • Do invest some time and effort in deciding the right wall décor. Again, pick a combination of smaller and bigger frames to balance the aesthetics of the room. If you are an art lover, reserve a wall exclusively for that piece.

Living Room Remodelling Tips:

Giving your living room, a much-deserved update? Let us give you some remodel ideas to get you started:

  • Start with a floor plan and include plenty of space to make your room look larger than before.
  • Envision how you want the room to be and choose a suitable style accordingly.
  • Keep in mind the number of people who will frequently use the room. If you expect guests now and then, plan for a large seating area.
  • Include the needs of Kids and elderly persons in your home. Based on their needs, you can choose the right furniture and mix them cleverly without making it look too clumsy.
  • Try a different colour scheme this time. Choose to venture from the norm and break the stereotypes by adding bright-coloured interiors.

We hope this article has provided all the information you ever wanted to know about Living Room designs. If you are confused about your ideas, then do not hesitate to speak to an expert to sort them out. Jot down your requirements and put them into ‘Must-have’, ‘Good-to-have’ and ‘Don’t Want to Have’ buckets to clear the ambiguity and make the right start to creating a perfect living room!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Q1. What Is The Best Colour For My Living Room?

Ans: The answer to this depends on your taste, lifestyle and the overall theme of your interiors. However, if you require a straight answer, there are many colours which are trending this season. Grey, Beige, Power Blue, Faded Pink, Burnt Orange, Mint Green, Aqua Blue and Lemon Yellow are some of the most sought-after shades in modern homes. These hues are often combined with metallics like gold and silver for a dramatically different look.

Q2. How Can I Make My Living Room More Beautiful?

Ans: Beauty lies in details! Yes! Paying attention to simple things can transform your ordinary room into an aesthetic space. You don’t have to spend a fortune on getting it done. Just focus on the seating arrangement, the choice of furniture, the colour schemes and the accessories in the room.

Discard unnecessary stuff and if possible use vintage cabinets to hide your clutter. Add colourful pillows, bright flower vases, photo frames and wall art. Add different light fixtures in the same room and place them in strategic locations for better visual appeal.

Q3. What Type Of Flooring Can I Use In My Living Room?

Ans: The most common type of floorings used in Indian homes are natural-looking tiles, marble and granite. However, they are old-school ideas and may not work with modern concepts. If you are planning for fancy living room flooring you can try options such as hardwood, coloured tiles, mosaic tiles, carpet floors, concrete etc. Use them in combination with your regular flooring materials to create a high-end look.

Q4. How Can I Decorate My Living Room For Cheap?

Ans: Spend small and achieve big when it comes to decorating your living room. If you have a tight budget, then just re-arrange the furniture, and upcycle sarees and bedsheets to create new pillow covers and curtains for the room. Next, add plenty of indoor plants in painted pots and place them in all corners of the room. Cover up your ugly walls with wallpaper and hand in some mood lighting for an exotic look!


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