The living room is the perfect place for a family to entertain and be a part of the daily activities. You party hard in the front or living room. This is the one room which every one of your visitors sees, this is the space where you spent your greater part of your time. This room needs to be decorated with furniture that is comfortable as well as stylish. Here we enlisted 15 simple and modern living room furniture designs with images.

As per your choice you can select good functional furniture with a wide collection of decorative materials. In your budget, you will get sofas, storage, and coffee table or TV unit too.

Best Living Room Furniture Designs In India:

These living room furniture designs will give you an idea on how you can style your living room best.

1. Contemporary Living Room Furniture Design:

Contemporary living room furniture Save

The contemporary living room furniture makes the room look modern and stylish. The furniture has articles that can be reused and revamped in an elegant way and are usually multipurpose. This furniture design will suit every style in your budget too.

2. Industrial Style Living Room Furniture:

Industrial style furniture Save

The living room furniture sets can have an industrial feel and still look cosy. This industrial style furniture includes hardware hacks and a big clock in the centre. The storage articles are also open style and simple. Its looks like industrial old type material, but in these days such types of furniture are classic in demand.

3. French Style Living Room Furniture Design:

French style furniture Save

You can go all out stylish with this French style furniture that is a perfect furniture for the living room. The French style has curved and carved wooden furniture with luxurious upholstery in silk or satin. It has a professional French-style look for every visitor. It gives you real different feeling better than another type of furniture materials.

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4. Classic Furniture For Living Room:

Classic furniture for living room Save

The black living room furniture from across the ages is the classic style. Here we have pure tufted leather sofa sets that are buttoned. The set brings a regal and royal look. Such type of sets you will get with more discounts if you planned to buy from a single retailer. Try this style as per the paint of your living room.

5. Cottage Style Living Room Furniture:

Cottage style furniture Save

Choose a wonderful cottage style furniture for your living room with floral and gingham upholstery. The small living room furniture can be pretty and colorful and also appealing. It helps to relax your body after a hectic schedule. Furniture with comfortable sofa sets with comfy pillows.

6. Mission Style Living Room Furniture:

Mission style living room furniture Save

This is a very authentic mission style furniture that has simple wooden furniture that is not overbearing. The style has wooden strips that make up the armrest and sides. The simple lines make it very cosy and warm. Because of wooden material, it helps to comfort for your back on the sofa.

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7. Art Deco Living Room Furniture:

Art deco living room furniture Save

If you have a big space in a living room, then you can try this style of furniture too. The art deco living room furniture is the best if you like modern and artful stuff. The furniture does not have straight lines, but curved and abstract designs. It keeps the comfort level in check and makes very stylish designs. Finishing of material used good pattern.

8. Shabby Chic Living Room Furniture Design:

Shabby chic designs Save

White living room furniture comes alive in shabby chic designs. These designs include a mix of chic designs with a rugged look. The designs are not straight and perfect.

9. Rustic Living Room Furniture Design:

Rustic living room designs Save

Take a cue from these rustic designs for the living room furniture ideas. The rustic designs have brown as their main colour and can be made with wood that is cut rough or the upholstery can have rustic designs on them.

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10. Retro Living Room Furniture Designs:

Retro living room designs Save

The retro look is very colourful and clean cut. The furniture set will include several colours that match together well. These designs are perfect for the young and hip crowd. Women like this type of furniture for her living room. You can make changes as per your choice of colours too.

11. Rattan Furniture For Living Room:

Rattan furniture for living room Save

This cool and long-lasting rattan furniture is the perfect tropical sofa set. This makes very good summer furniture but is great for all seasons. The furniture is light and comfortable. If you faced some health issues from back muscle then this type of furniture is beneficial for relaxation always. It looks different, but comfortable too.

12. Funky Living Room Furniture:

Funky living room furniture Save

This cool red and white funky furniture is for the modern couple who love a style statement. The egg-shaped chair is a centrepiece of this living room furniture set. The white sofa also makes a comfortable setting.

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13. Modular Living Room Furniture Design:

Modular living room furniture Save

Here is a cool and modern take on the living room furniture designs. The modular furniture makes storage important. The clean and sleek designs incorporate every inch of the room and make simple designs.

14. Open Style Living Room Furniture Design:

Open style furniture Save

This clean-cut open style of furniture is perfect for small living rooms that can’t have big and bulky furniture. The wall cabinets keep the entertainment system. The sofa set and the centre table are simple and elegant.

15. Sectional Living Room Furniture Sets:

Sectional living room sets Save

Here you have a good choice of furniture that can be set and reset according to your needs. The sectional living room sets can be separated and joined in any way possible. These are best to accommodate many people in a small space.

Choosing a good type of furniture is needs proper material as per your living room. From heavy to lightweight furniture is available in the market with a wide collection of varieties. Try some unique style of designer furniture for your living room. Go with a few suggestions from your interior decorator consultant. Living room furniture gives you the choice to go modern, rustic, classic or French style. You can choose between shabby chic, leather, funky or modular furniture for your living room.


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