For those looking for ways to spruce up your living room and make it look cosy and inviting, do not worry as all it requires is a fresh coat of paint. These colours for living room have the power to transform your family room instantly and are budget-friendly. Scroll down to find some of the latest living room painting designs that are sure to bring countless hosts of compliments for your beautiful home!

Latest Paint Colors For Living Room:

Here are our 25 simple and modern living room painting designs with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Best Paint Color For Small Living Room:

Here we see one of small living room colour ideas with walls painted in a spectacular blue hue that gives this the room a relaxed look. The combo of brown chairs and green sofa and white-coloured light fixtures create a beautiful contrast to this room, and the artwork brings out the blue in the walls making this room look effortlessly chic. The white table in the centre with greenery in grey-coloured vases and the white ceiling adds to the pop of colour and a dose of elegance, enhancing this room’s visual appeal.

2. Wall Painting Designs For Living Room:

This is an excellent colour combination for living room to beautify your living room with colours and make it a chic one in a home with children. The quirky arrangement of empty, blank colourful picture frames on the grey wall gives a 3D effect to the whole setup. The multi-coloured cushions arranged tastefully on the grey sofa add life and glamour to the room. The pink, yellow, and grey knitted pouffes are casually set to complete this comfortable look and functional living room.

3. Two Colour Combination For Living Room:

Here we visualize a beautiful two-tone colour combination of grey and pink used in the living room wall. The grey shade adds depth to the room, and the pink being an appealing colour, makes it easier to decorate. This interesting combo of colours for living room livens up the room, and the artwork selected perfectly suits the colour of the back wall and matches well without clashing with each other. The sofa offers the contrast the pink wall needs with pink and grey cushions. The open shelves look aesthetic and are perfect for storing all the knick-knacks, souvenirs, and books.

4. Three Colour Combination For Living Room:

In this room, meant for socializing and relaxation, we see three different types of colour suggestions for the living room. All the colours must match each other in this colour scheme. The colours used here are warm beige and navy blue, and both the walls have a border of white near the floor. The room’s furniture is carefully chosen and carries a comfy and warm, welcoming look to it.

5. Texture Painting For Living Room:

Here we get to see how beautifully textured paint has been used to decorate the back wall in a bright pink colour with a rough-patterned finish. Pink is a very flattering colour that has been paired beautifully with white curtains to make the room look pretty and airy. The dark leather couch with the round centre table perfectly complements the décor and living rooms’ colour patterns. The pink wall resembles a unique painting where the pops of colour give the room an approachable and comfortable look.

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6. Asian Paints Colour Combination For Living Room:

This is a living room where pink has been used in colour schemes for living rooms in different shades. Pink is one colour with soothing tones and is just right for a room where one can relax. The natural light through the windows with tastefully placed cushions make the room look bright and airy. The sofa cushions make an interesting combo of yet another shade of pink and blue to match their wall counterparts and help the entire décor blend seamlessly.

7. Canvas Painting Ideas For Living Room:

This small living room paint ideas is yet another beautiful way of decorating the walls in your living room where a large painting on canvas adorns the grey walls of this living room. This is an innovative way of drawing attention with focus directed at the painting that instils an ambience of peace and tranquillity. Here we can see how the colourful canvas painting enhances the aesthetic appeal of the living room.

8. Nerolac Colour Combination For Living Room:

We see how the cool blue and bright tangerine amazingly match each other in this living room and strike a perfect balance to create a stylish décor. These colours compliment each other beautifully and look dynamic when paired together as living room interior colour combinations. The grey cushions and the artwork bring out the best of both the colours and add to this living room’s aesthetic appeal and beauty.

9. 3D Painting Designs For Living Room:

Here we see an intense and eye-catching mural that helps to brighten up this living room. The 3D wallpaper consists of abstract mural wallpaper with a modern swirl-like design. The 3d wall painting designs for living room are striking and matched with the red sofa and the white table, which brings out the contrasting black and white tone of the design. These self-adhesive 3D wallpapers can be customized, and lighting is crucial because it makes it look very realistic when the right amount of light falls on the picture.

10. Royal Paint Designs For Living Room:

The living room here has textured wallpaper in a deeper shade of yellow that creates a perfect backdrop for this beautiful olive green comfy sofa using classic paint colours for living room. The whole setting looks clean-lined, warm, and inviting with an end table with three drawers in a shade of beige. The blue pot with greenery adds to the look and gives the room a nice balanced finish and lends a lot more visual interest to your space.

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11. Rustic Living Room Paint Colors:

Step into the rustic warmth and comfort of this modern living room that has been styled along simple lines. The colour patterns for living rooms consist of a combination of earthy colours where the cherry red colour on the walls with artwork spices up this quaint room’s overall look. The elegant furniture in this room complements the rustic ambience, which is further emphasized by a fireplace in the stone wall and large windows that allow ample natural light and fresh air completing the overall look of this harmonious and beautiful living room.

12. Nippon Paint Living Room Ideas:

Here we see a gorgeous blue living room with an apparent calming effect by the right tone of blue on the walls with a matching velvet-covered sofa. There are a matching blue and white pattern rug that adds elegance to this effortlessly casual yet chic living room. This monochromatic blue living room keeps the room looking vibrant and relaxed, and the best paint colour for small living room enhances its modern vibe.

13. Southwest Colors For Living Room:

This is a medium-sized living room with a stone fireplace mantel encased with the walls painted in different beige shades from light to dark. The wall behind the fireplace is painted in a lighter shade of beige, where the bright-coloured painting emphasizes the texture of the paint used. The living room interior paint colours and the woodwork used in this room are in darker shades and textures with leather accent chairs and lamps highlighting the cream around it and emphasizes the interior, making it look cosy and inviting!

14. Contemporary Living Room Colors:

These living room painting designs and colours help to perk up this contemporary living room. The walls are tastefully decorated with artwork and light fittings that help give your living room a sophisticated look. The right choice of furniture that looks modern and comfortable adds to the look, and the usage of the different shades of chocolate brown and beige gives the room a rich look and look classy.

15. Classic Paint Colors For Living Room:

Here we see how a small living room looks spacious with the appropriate choice of colours, and we see two colour combination for living room that complement each other well. The white sofa with cushions makes the décor look friendly and inviting. The transparent table in the centre creates the illusion of more space, and the navy blue lampshade suits the décor against the blue backdrop. The windows are large and clean and allow streaming in ample natural light making the room appear large, bright, and airy.

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16. Grey Color Scheme Living Room:

In this living room, we can see how grey shades are on one of the latest colours for the living room and make an excellent choice for a chic family room. This living room in grey is sure to make a statement while at the same time retaining the modern vibe that is just perfect for your living room with accents and furniture. It gives the room depth as well as reveals a mixture of warm and cool tones. The subtle colour of this living room looks sophisticated and classy and strikes a perfect balance.

17. Red Colour Combination For Living Room:

Red is an intense dominant colour and one of the trendy living room colours that adds a lot of drama to your decor. The sultry color installs style and depth and can bring a lot of passion into your gorgeous living room. This vivid color spreads a lot of energy and can impact a minimalist room with its vibrancy. The light-coloured walls and carpet offer a subtle contrast that compliments this red-dressed room and gives you a blendable and sophisticated finish.

18. Green Color Living Room:

We see a vibrant natural brilliance in the room’s ambience and the living room interior paint colours in this living room. The bright green on the walls of this living room captures the light and brings in a refreshing breath of fresh air and gives us the impression of relaxing amidst greenery. The patterned-green wall matches the sofa set in green and black and is just the shade for your family room. The furniture and large paned glass windows allow ample natural light to stream in and express an eye-catching radiance!

19. Beige Color For Living Room:

This is a living room based on clean lines where the accents create an ultra-chic vibe. The subtle décor matches the wooden coffee table as it blends in with the different shades of beige and offers ideal colour suggestions for living room. The patterned fabrics and the comfy sofas add to the look and give you a beige inspired living room where the interior creates an excellent combo of a calm and soothing decor. The whole place looks cosy and inviting, with the daylight adding to the ambience of the room.

20. Yellow Colour Combination For Living Room:

Step into this living room in yellow that looks like a burst of sunshine and is one colour that you can fall in love with. Yellow is one cheery colour, one of the best color combinations for a living room that can make even a dull room look ultra-fresh. Several colours suit yellow, which you can incorporate into your color scheme. The grey cushions and the potted plant add to the pop of colour and compliment the walls’ happy colour. This sunny hue is super versatile and bold, and the choice of the right combination of cushions and art pieces can help pull together the look of your living room.

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21. Light Colour Combination For Living Room:

This is a charming family-friendly room with an interior with colour suggestions for timeless living room and a calming and stabilizing look. The blue striped cushions and the rug add to the room’s cool tones make it seem airier and lighter. The wooden furniture matches the stylish décor of this room. The subtle color scheme gives it an inviting modern appeal and, at the same time, looks serene, sophisticated, and elegant.

22. Blue Colour Living Room:

Step into this spectacular living room in a gorgeous blue with living room interior paint colors that beautifully frame the window with pitch-perfect beauty in curtains’ choice and the furniture used. These give this room an apparent calming effect and help this monochromatic blue living room feel effortlessly chic and casual. The matching blue and white ceramic vase and cushions add to the room’s visual interest and overall look light and airy.

23. Pink Colour Combination For Living Room:

Contrary to the misconception that pink refers to a feminine or a girly color, this beautiful living room in pink shows that it can be used to enliven the look of a wall and be one of the top colors for living room. Pink can be referred to as a sophisticated colour that can create the most significant visual impact. Decorating the room with a few lovely cushions and artwork can be soothing to vivid. When accentuated with appropriate wall art pieces, it can harmoniously blend the whole décor and give us an eye-catching and intense living room.

24. Purple Colour Combination For Living Room:

Purple is one color that is always related to royalty and is powerful enough to be gorgeously invigorating to bring glamour to any space with its richness. The living room interior color combinations of purple range from a subdued colour to bold. The white furniture and stylish floor lamps in red offer the contrasting pop of color needed in this decor. The purple colour’s vibrancy on the walls makes the place look bright, airy, full of positive energy that seems perfect in this minimalist living room.

25. Orange Colour Combination For Living Room:

In this minimalist living room painted in orange, we see how well the artwork has been arranged to bring out the tangerine walls’ beauty and make it the best paint color for small living room. The modern grey sofas with deep orange cushions tastefully arranged are just perfect matching the white cylindrical lamp. In this décor, we see seamless blending where every piece in this room fits the other harmoniously.

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Living Room Colour Tips:

  • Choosing a colour is very important as it may look different in your home lighting. Do not finalize the color with what you see on the tile.
  • Some colors can make the living room look spacious and always begin with the ceiling.
  • Before commencing the painting ensure that all the cracks and holes are taken care of.
  • Empty the room of all the things.
  • Do not forget the drop cloth as accidents can occur even with the best people.
  • Keep all the painting equipment in one place.
  • Do not skip the priming the wall, as this will give you a smooth finish.

The living room is one versatile place in your home that must look inviting and, at the same time, be comfortable for you and your guests. The ambience should be such that it leaves a lasting impression and a place that initiates strong relationship bonding. This makes the choice of wall colour very important, and one must choose colour schemes for living rooms that match the furniture and the décor of your home. We hope this detailed article helps you find the one that suits your home the best.

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