Tattoo art is a primitive form of body art which, even though permanent, has stirred quite a desire in the present years. Tattoos have been a raging hype ever since man invented needles to decorate their body, willingly accepting themselves as a free canvas. Now in the cutting-edge world, uniqueness is the new goal, and to achieve so, the age-old tattoo ideas are looked over, giving way to newer concepts. One such is the lock and key tattoo art. We have included some pictures of the lock and key tattoos for you to get inspired!

People lookout for a number of ways to express their love. One such newest trend is expressing through the art form, precisely the lock and key tattoo style. The significance of the lock and key tattoo lies in how one partner possesses the key to the other’s heart or life. It is not merely restricted to partners alone. Mother-daughter, siblings etc, have also made their way, which signifies how one completes another. The meaning is essentially symbolic.

Best Lock And Key Tattoo Designs:

Here are our best lock and key tattoo ideas that will inspire you to try them.

1. Ornate Beauty  Lock And Key Tattoo:

The tattoo art here shows a lock, ornate design, beautifully constructed through intricate detailing comprising of flowers, amongst others, led by an equally astonishing key with a wonderful floral artwork rim at the top. The beads around the lock, which the key overlaps, show a connection where the key is nothing without the lock behind it.

2. The Rusted Love Lock And Key Tattoos for Couples:

Carved in the shape of a beating love heart, the lock and key, even though not together, is a good prospect idea for lovers. The dark shading blending in within the lock and the key speaks of an age-old rusted pair who is still dependent of each other out of unfathomable love. It is one of the perfect lock-and-key tattoo designs for couples.

3. Feminine Touch  Lock And Key Tattoo:

Once again, we see a beautiful lock and key tattoo art where the lock is leading the key, and amongst the soft designs that define and bind them together, a pink satin bow can be seen wrapped around the lock, which can be a possible meaning of a newly formed love with the words respect ‘etched’ on the down-low. This is one of the best lock and key tattoo designs for women.

4. To Keeping It Simple Lock And Key Tattoo:

If extravagance is not your cup of tea and you want to opt for something more lowly but meaningful to portray your love for each other, this is the perfect tattoo art for you it shows a lock and a key solidly bold with soft designs giving off a very mysterious feel to the look. Try out this classy key lock tattoo.

5. The Rose Interference Lock And Key Tattoo:

Tattoos have no definite way of interpreting them into a specific meaning, but we can only try and guess the deeper layers of a tattoo. Here we see a gold glazed lock and key with soft yet intricate details on it being accompanied by a sturdy red rose, a possible sign of love and trust.

6. Caged In Lock And Key Tattoo:

This is a lock, and key tattoo idea backed by a deep inner meaning where the chains binding the lock and the key together are strong and sturdy, often a grand sign portraying protection of secrecy. Often this can be interpreted as a heart locked by the love of a single being who only has the key to access the lock. You can also try some names on this tattoo.

7. High School Love Lock And Key Tattoos For Women:

This one is for the high school sweethearts who are keen on getting their relationship to the next level, a tattoo of a lock and key defining their love for each other. The tattoo has a little red lock with a shiny golden key with the words ‘one heart, one love’ written on either side, an apt choice for the two sweethearts. You can also replace them with your names.

8. The Folk Tale Lock And Key Tattoos For Men:

Nothing beats innovation than a lock and a key driven by the forces of tribal art etched in mad black with intricately detailed design. The tattoo here is a good concept for portraying mystery through love, trust or friendship, which though not common, can give off a very secular message. It is one of the best lock and key tattoo designs for men.

9. The Love Birds  Lock And Key Tattoos For Girls:

Another great concept, the love birds, literally show here two birds waist down coming at each other, with each carrying a piece without which the other would be inseparable. This is one of the popular lock and key tattoo designs for girls, and looks stunning.

10. For the Soul Sisters:

Lock n key tattoo ideas are not just for love birds and couples. For those soul sisters, here is a tattoo idea that reinforces your bond and makes you stronger than ever. Whether the wrist or the ankle, it will not fail to impress.

11. Daughter Love:

Here is another beautiful tattoo idea that will cement your mother-daughter bond. The beautiful tattoo will show how much each of you is complete with each other. It represents a sense of understanding and binding that is beyond the simple act of caring.

12. Skeleton Key and Lock Tattoo:

For those crazy best friends, here is a good choice. It aptly defines the number of crazy ideas you both share and strengthens the bond. It represents the depth of your relationship and how much you both know each other.

13. His and her Tattoo Idea:

Here is a romantic love heart lock and a key tattoo that will nicely sit on your hands. Ways of showing your love seem to have increased day by day, and this tattoo idea is a solid way to cement the relationship and tell each other how much you mean to one another.

14. Vintage Lock and Key Tattoo:

Here is a funky yet creative lock and key tattoo design. The design is spooky and classy, with vibrant colours radiating. This lock and key matching tattoo are inspired to keep it simple. Try this on your hands.

15. Butterfly Lock and Key Tattoo Finger:

This is yet another creative lock and a-key tattoo that is meant for teens and the younger generation. The tattoo is colourful and pleasing to the eyes. It is also indicative of liberation, signified by the butterfly’s wings.

16. Padlock and Key Tattoo:

This is a simple and classy tattoo idea that is downright easy to understand. One gets the lock design, and the other has the key. It signifies their relationship and places it at a level apart from others. With no complications, this is an all-time favourite design opted for by many.

17. Skull lock and Key Tattoo:

This is another spooky lock and a key tattoo that is creative yet induces a sense of fear. It conveys no special meaning and is rather meant to bring out the creative side of the professional. Try out this tattoo if you are the kind who looks some eeriness.

18. Lock and Key Tattoo With Names:

Another personalized way of sending out your love is to try it with a lock and key tattoo with names. Get both your names imprinted, be it your love, mother, daughter or even your best friend. Try out this new way of making the other feel special.

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19. Classic with a Twist:

This is the classic lock and key tattoo design that is classic. It has a twist in the sense that it is shaded dark and lets you have words printed on it. Try this on your hands and finish with a matt look.

20. The Trendy One:

The trendy lock and key design is a tattoo that has a lock and key with the same person. The idea gives a sense of loneliness and shows how the person is confined. However, the design is pitch dark with thick shadings.

21. The Vibrant One:

Here is a vibrant tattoo that is predominantly red. The colours are attractive, making the design look impressive. The lock-in on the one hand and the key on the other indicate the kind of relationship that exists. Try out this attractive one!

22. Art Work:

Like some artwork on your hands? Here is a lock n key designed in the form of art. The lock and key are in the same hands and are meant to showcase the professional’s talent. The design does not have colours but merely a beautiful outline.

23. The Connected One:

This one is unique. Both the lock and key are drawn in a way to give a sense of connectedness. The chains are left loose hanging and are complete on the other hand. It is a truly creative one you may want to try.


Whether you have the lock or key, the design idea is effectively conveyed. At the end of the day, it boils down to the mere act of how each other is connected in each other’s lives and how well they are meant to be. Express your love more with many such ideas. Get inked today!

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