While most guys prefer minimalistic lockets, the young guns prefer cool accessories. Before, observed that only girls or women used to wear jewellery, but of late, guys have even started wearing earrings, bracelets, and even stylish lockets. Men like and want stylish lockets, making them look cool and even match their personalities. Numerous style lockets are available, and you can own them as per your choice and fashion.

Latest Collection of Mens Locket Designs in Gold and Silver:

Lockets are the perfect accessories that can change your personality and look and give a touch of confidence in your attire. Now give an updated appearance to fashion and look fashionable.

1. 9 Carat Rectangle Shape Gold Locket for Men:

As gold has always been in fashion and never goes outdated, this 9-carat rectangle-shaped gold locket is a great example. The yellow locket is made in 9-carat gold, is shaped in a rectangle and is divided equally into two parts wherein the first half is designed, and the other half is kept plain. The locket looks simple but gives an elegant look to the wearer’s neck.

2. Diamond Locket for Men:

Diamonds, who can say no to it? The locket is designed in a cool shape, and diamonds are studded all over the locket in a net pattern. Diamonds give a classy and royal cool and can be a masterpiece in men’s trousseau. They are expensive but cannot match their shine and sparkle with any other jewel.

3. Vintage Lockets for Men:

Vintage lockets are very different in their appearance. They have an old type of design and worn-out polish but look awesome when worn. These lockets are passed from generation to generation and are almost very old but look trendy and stylish. The design of the locket is beautiful and artistically crafted, enhancing the look in many folds.

4. Lion Locket Designs for Men:

The king of the jungle is a “lion”. They are symbols of pride, power, and ferocity, similar characteristics of a man as they want to be strong individuals. The strong face of the lion depicted on the locket gives a strong meaning to men’s personalities with great depth. So these lockets are very popular with men.

5. Alphabets Silver Lockets for Men:

Men don’t prefer very jazzy and heavy types of lockets. This simple and unique alphabet locket is apt for men’s jewel boxes, as it has only one alphabet. You can design the alphabet you desire or the first letter of your name, and in between, you can emboss precious diamonds to give a classy and cool look.

6. Skull-Shaped Lockets for Men:

This skull pendant is impressive, and the coloured stones studded make it look awesome and a sharp addition to any look. Every man will surely recognize this type of locket as it’s scary but friendly and inviting and has a lucrative look.

7. Cross-Shaped Lockets for Boys:

The cross-shaped lockets are very popular with young guys as they look simple but attractive. You can wear them on this simple chain or even in black thread, as it makes you look cool and funky. These lockets are available in different metals and even depict your devotional attitude.

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8. Dragon-Shaped Lockets for Men:

It is well known that the dragon is the emperor’s symbol and is the master of all the elements of nature. The dragon can be victorious in any circumstance, proving men’s similar features. Even men want to rule and win every situation that may come. Thus dragon is the apt locket for men.

9. Stylish Key Shaped Locket for Men:

This locket is made in sterling silver inform a key and can be hung with a black thread, making it look unique and have a cool, funky vision. As said, keys can unlock any locks in the world; the men desire the same wishing they could get one. This locket type can gel with jeans and funky t-shirts, making you look stylish.

10. Tribal Wolf Lockets for Men:

Since ancient ages, the wolf has been considered courageous, loyal and strong. It depicts the character of men who wants to display the world by wearing tribal wolf lockets. They are stylish and fashionable and enhance your attire and persona.

11. Om Ganesha Gold Locket Designs for Men:

Om is derived from a Sanskrit word that symbolizes expansion; when pronounced as Lord Ganesha is well known for giving fame and strength. This locket has the powers of these magical words, attracting men and young guys to wear this locket and get empowered.

12. Axe-Shaped Gold Lockets for Men:

This locket is made of gold in the shape of an axe. The shape of the locket is designed very artistically and can be hooked on any chain you wish. The craftsmanship of the chain is very cool and is perfect for guys. It can be good daily wear at parties as gold never goes out of fashion.

13. Spade Card Silver Lockets for Men:

The spade represents life and is a leaf of a cosmic tree. It is the power of darkness. This locket type is very fashionable, and the word “A” engraved is the emperor in the card game. So all the men want to spend the life of the emperor and want to win all life’s challenges. Thus this locket perfectly matches a men’s desires.

14. Horse-Shaped Mens Locket:

The horse is a mythical creature because of the horns on its forehead. It symbolizes purity and goodness. The horse-shaped locket is made of gold metal, and because of its good features, men prefer this locket shape. This locket type can be worn in any outfit, making you look stylish and handsome.

15. Angel Wings Lockets for Women and Men:

These lockets are unique, and the designed wings display good craftsmanship. This locket is made of silver metal and has a heavenly look. The locket comforts the wearer and makes you look different in the crowd.

Men wear limited accessories but are fashion-conscious and update their wardrobes with the latest accessories. Lockets are found in various designs, patterns and shapes, giving a new definition and look. It’s available in different price ranges; you can have one according to your pocket. So, it’s time to grab a locket and look cool!


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