Royal Indulgence Lodhradi is an ayurvedic herbal remedy which detoxifies the skin and repairs the skin. It helps to heal skin issues like pigmentation, acne, pimples etc. The formula uses unique blend of herbs and helps to protect the skin. Lodhradi is uniquely blended with three ingredients Lodhra, dhanyaka and vacha. These herbs help to reduce wrinkles, blemishes and acne. It prevents premature aging.

Best Lodhardi Face Pack Products For Damaged Skin Repair:

Here are few Lodhradi Face packs which are available in India, choose from below top Face packs,

1. Lodhradi Skin Repair Face Pack:

It is a combination of herbs which are rich in antioxidants and vitamins which helps to have flawless skin. It contains dhanyaka and vacha which is rich in vitamin C. A secret composition of three ingredients such as lodhra, dhanyaka and vacha. These are handpicked from Himalayan forest and This product is cruelty free and 100% doesn’t irritate the skin. Dhanyaka is an astringent which hasantiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. Vacha improves the blood circulation. It heals irritation due to pollution. Antioxidants are also present which removes the toxins in the skin. It helps to clear the blemishes and protects the skin from various infections. Vacha stimulates the blood flow and helps to have a healthy skin. It is the best Lodhradi face pack.

This Lodhradi Skin repair face mask is 100% organic and Ayurveda beauty solution for flawless skin. It helps in tightening and firming the skin. It works with both oily and dry skin types.

Use: Mix a good quantity of Lodhradi face pack with milk and get a thick consistent paste. On a freshly washed face apply the paste in even stroke on the face and allow it to dry.

Price: It costs Rs.1499 for 50g.

2. Royal Indulgence Lodhradi Detoxifying Face Mask:

It contains various herbs, herbal remedy which is rich in dhanyaka and vacha. Ayurveda face mask which cleans and repairs the skin. Herbs are rich in vitamins which improves the health of skin. Prevents premature aging. Gives flawless skin. Detoxifies the skin. Removes dirt from the pores. It is an ideal Lodhradi face mask. The Lodhradi face pack price in India is nominal when compared to other ayurvedic face packs.

This Lodhradi detoxifying face mask suits every skin type. It helps to control collagen loss. It helps to de-tan the skin and protects you from harmful sun rays. Lodhra boosts collagen and lifts the skin. It is rich in anti-aging property. It detoxifies the skin. Kills the bacteria and fungi from the deep pores of the skin and it gives instant radiance through gentle surface exfoliation. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Use: Mix a small amount of face mask with milk and apply it uniformly on the face. Allow it to dry and clean it with water. Medicinal stem with lodhradi is beneficial. Use carrier oil and massage it for one to two minutes. It makes the skin feel light and soft. There is one more type of using this face pack. For skin with acne and pimples, try a medical herbal steam. Add a little quantity of the lodhra face pack to hot water and steam your face. Allow it to dry and wash with water.

Price: It costs RS.1499for 50g.

This ayurvedic treatment for skin is very popular. They do not have any side effects. These Lodhardi face packs are rich in dhanyaka, vacha and lodhra which help to maintain flawless skin. It improves skin health by protects you from pigmentation, acne etc. These are picked from the Himalayan Mountains. It has secret composition which is passed on from the Kerala Vaidya lineage.

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