9 Fabulous Long Blazers for Men and Women

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The western wear has always given wonderful surprises to the fashion conscious men and women. Among them, an amazing trend getting widely popular among youngsters is the long blazer designs. Made from silk, cotton, velvet, leather, polyester etc. they have always given wonderful designs to give a justified look to your outfit. They have a length below the waist and sometimes the thighs which are widely worn for winters.

Latest Designs of Blazers in Long Size:

Let’s have a glance of few viral models of long blazers for your wardrobe.

1. Long Size Grey Sleeveless Blazer:

Grey Sleeveless Blazer

Long blazers for women design quite acceptable on summers is the sleeveless design. The Grey colored cotton long blazer is given two broad pockets. The blazer looks quite charming on shorts and miniskirts for a proper summer look on picnics.

2. Simple Full Length Black Blazer for Girls:

Simple Black Blazer

A simple women’s long blazer which gives you an attractive professional appearance is the plain black blazer with medium sized buttons on the waist. It gives a corporate look to the women for events. The blazer also has a deep collar look which makes it suitable for any jeans or pants.

3. Woolen Long Blazers for Women:

Woolen Long Blazer

Looking for something cozy for winters! A ladies long blazer design made from wool is the best you can go with. The blazer has broad collar which gives a cross closing at the waist for proper fitting. The pockets of the blazer are also given a new pattern which is crossed. They are available in a variety of bright colors to select from.

4. Womens Knee length Designer Long Blazer:

Designer Long Blazer

A long blazer jacket for women with a designer touch gives a lavishing look. The long blazer has a neck fitting while the whole blazer is quite loose from the body. It gives the effect of a double layer. Made from velvet, it is widely carried on fashion shows by the models.

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5. Fashionable Long Coat Blazer for Men:

Long Coat Blazer

A long blazer mens design made with cotton and silk combination, gives a dashing look to the official men. The blazer suits both on formal wear as well as casual wear. It gives the well maintained figure a great exposure for a professional look.

6. Long Blazer Mens in Red:

Red Blazer

A long blazer for men in red is quite famous for the business men these days. The official suit is given a long blazer which gives a hunk look to the wearer. The loose fitting also makes it advisable for the heavy or medium body men.

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7. Wool and Cotton Blazer Long:

Wool and Cotton Blazer

A long blazer men’s design made especially for the winters is the blazer composed with cotton and woolen material. The long blazer is given a collar made with woolen to protect your neck from the chilled winter. It is broadly available in various other colors for a proper winter look.

8. Funky Long Blazers in Mens Fashion:

Funky Blazer

Looking for something stylish yet funky to wear this spring season! A long blazer for men design made from cotton with a unique collar portion is the best to select. It has a full front opening with a cut from behind too. Apart from it, the collar is a wide spread flaw which looks quite classy.

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9. Designer Long Blazer Gown for Women:

Designer Long Blazer Gown

A lovely designer long blazer which is inspired by both long gowns and an amazing flowing frock is quite delicate to wear for special occasions. The long black blazer is given broad collar which gives a neck design. It is made from silk and also available in various colors to select from.

Just as other garments are decorated with new trends, similarly the long blazers are also given miracle touched designs to look delicate and catchy.

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