9 Best Long Curly Hairstyles

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Do you have long and curly hair? You are blessed if you have natural curls running across the shoulders. If you have the right style, managing these curls become easy. The following top 9 hairstyles would rock the voluminous long, curly locks and you would surely turn many heads on the road.

1. Set The Curls on Fire!

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You would make your loads of curls look like a fiery volume. It looks amazing! You need to spray water on the hair and make it damp. Then apply a volumizing mousse through the hair. While holding the head in upside down position, scrunch the hair. Make sure the scrunching is done at root areas as well. Then flip your head back and with the help of a diffuser, dry your hair. For creating extra volume on the top, you can take large claw clips and start clipping the top hair at the root areas. Make sure that all hair becomes dry. Them remove the scrunch hair and the clips and remove creases, if there is any. You can also add a little bit of shine with hair spray to complete the look.

2. Go up The World!

This style would make you look cool and stylish. You need to apply any curl enhancing creme and damp the hair. Then let it dry completely. Start from the middle back portion of the head and take small to medium sections; and twist the hair from the root twice or thrice. Then secure the hair with overlapping bobby pins. You should continue this pinning and fanning out the curl ends, until all the pins are hidden and a beautiful volume is created. You can also leave out some curls around the face. You can complete the look with a wrap or headband. This style looks good with any face shape.

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3. Braid Your Hair Down!

You should weave the curls into a braid and get a complete new look. You can apply a curl enhancer to damp the hair. Then let it dry completely. Using a medium barrel rounded brush, you can smooth the fringe area and swoop it back. You can also bring some hair loosely over to a side. Then separate equal sections to make a conventional three-strand braid. Then secure the braid hair down to the ends with a band.

4. Soft Curls on The Side!

You can wear this style with any dress. You should apply crème and damp the hair. Make sure that the dampness spread equally to the root areas. Then part the hair on a slight angle from any side and move toward the top of the head. Then dry the hair. Lift the fringe at the front and give it an extra volume. Complete the curly soft locks by applying a shine serum.

5. Scrunching it up!

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This style looks quite sexy and alluring. You need to apply a curl enhancing mousse, gel while the hair is still damp. Then to get desired curls, scrunch the hair in smaller sections. If you want to add some additional volume, you can flip your head and scrunch the hair closer to the roots. Let the hair dry. Once it is completely dry, lift the fringe areas at the front and spray with a hairspray.

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6. Go For an Easy Curl!

You should damp the hair by applying medium hold curl enhancer. If you want more volume, make sure to add volume to the root areas. Then starting from the roots, scrunch the hair and enhance the curls. Dry your hair, lift the curls, and push back the front hairs. Spray to complete the look.

7. Keep it Simple And Sophisticated!

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By applying your favourite hair gel, damp the hair. Start scrunching from the ends and continue till the root areas. Let the hair dry. Once it is dry, straighten out the part and twist your hair back on one side. Secure it with a bobby pin. Repeat the soft twist on the other side of the part as well.

8. Beckon The Curls!

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You should apply curl crème and damp the hair. Then comb through to make sure that it covers the hair evenly from the end to the roots. Divide the hair into three sections. Secure with clips. Drop one section to 2-inch horizontal sections. Twist 1-inch section around the fingers. Twist some hair away from the face and some toward the face. Continue wrapping the hair in twists through all the sections. Once the hair becomes dry, apply a shine serum. Smooth out the curls and shake them a little to loosen. Section out the sides and the crown, pull each section, twist lightly and secure on the back of the head with bobby pins.

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9. Flirt Your Curls!

Damp your hair by applying a volumizing hair gel or mousse. Comb the hair to make sure it covers till the roots. Part the hair down the center and then comb the fringe forward. Begin scrunching in the medium sections and continue through the whole head. Dry the hair and give it a misty look by applying a shine spray.

With these hair styles you will surely be a trend setter amidst your social circle.

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