Curtains for the home are a special thing that makes a dull house into a beautiful home. Curtains can be of various sizes. Some homes can be done with long curtains and some with short ones. Long curtains are great for big rooms as they make the room look bigger. You can have the curtains in sizes ranging from 6 feet onwards. Try them in cotton, silk, linen or lace. The colours that you choose can be according to the upholstery in your room. So make an informed judgment and then purchase your special set of long curtains.

Attractive and Elegant Long Curtains for Your House:

Get these top 9 long curtains.

1. Long Curtain Panels:

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These long curtains are great for large rooms. The curtain panels are in grey with a nice print on them. You can have a lining attached to these curtains as well. The eyelet rings of the curtains make it easy to move the curtains.

2. Sheer Long Curtains:

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The curtains 9 feet long are also a good option for large homes. These sheer curtains make your home feel brighter and larger. White colour is always a great option to choose for your home. The sheer material is easy to maintain as well. So make your choice for the best long curtains.

3. Floor Length Curtains:

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Try these extra-long curtains that reach the floor of your home. The drapes of these curtains are normally smooth and free-flowing. It is best to have these curtains if you also have carpets so that the base of the curtains does not get spoiled easily.

4. Bohemian Long Curtains:

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These bohemian-style curtains are done with the Moroccan theme in grey and orange colours. These long-length curtains can look good for a door to a room. You will find the prints to be very chic and this gives your home a lovely feel. If you are a lover of the arts then this style of curtains is just what you need.

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5. Short Window Curtains:

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Make a short window frame look elegant with these long window curtains. The curtains are made from sheer material and extend to the floor of the room. The long curtains make the room look perfect as a short curtain would cut the room in half.

6. Room Divider Curtains:

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A great way to divide a room is to have these long drop curtains hanging from a rod. The long curtains make the room into two sections and this gives your privacy as well. You can maintain the style of the room as well as keep things away from all to see.

7. Blackout Curtains:

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If you have a room that gets too much sunlight and would like some darkness, then choose these extra-long blackout curtains. These curtains are in thick material and darker shades that keep the sunlight out. The drapes are perfect for big rooms as well.

8. Extra-Long Sheer Curtains:

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These are extra-long sheer curtains that you can use in broad rooms. The sheer material makes you feel you are in a wide room. The extra-long length of the curtains is a nice way to feel open and cool. Try these curtains for their beauty and style.

9. Open Weave Long Curtains:

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For long-length rooms with very high ceilings, these extra-long curtain panels are the best bet. These long white curtains make the room brighter. You can have the open weave curtains that have a lacy effect.

Long curtains make the room you are in feel larger and trendy. They are perfect in all types of materials like linen, silk, sheer, etc. You can choose between floor length, long and extra-long curtains.


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