Long gold chains have been becoming a fashion symbol these days. Celebrities and even common people love spectacular jewellery designs with simple, sober yet dynamic, bold gold chains. Earlier, women used to wear thin designer chains with pendants hanging on the neckline, but today making a fashion statement, men and women choose to wear thick and large chains in length and a large pendant hanging above garments to highlight their fashion.

Choosing the Right Style Based on Personal Preferences, Occasions, and Necklines:

When selecting the perfect long gold chain, considering personal preferences, occasions, and necklines is crucial. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Personal Preferences:

  • Determine the level of boldness: Consider whether you prefer a delicate and understated look or a more eye-catching and elaborate style.
  • Evaluate your style: Are you drawn to classic, minimalist designs or prefer intricate and ornate patterns?
  • Reflect on your lifestyle: If you lead an active lifestyle, you might opt for a sturdier chain that can withstand daily wear and tear.


  • Formal events: For formal occasions like weddings or galas, opt for longer chains with elegant designs, such as a fine cable chain or a sleek rope chain. These styles add sophistication without overpowering your outfit.
  • Casual outings: You have more freedom to experiment with different styles when dressing casually. Consider a thicker curb chain or a trendy Byzantine chain to add a touch of personality and flair to your everyday look.


  • High necklines: Opt for longer chains below the collarbone if you’re wearing a top or dress with a high neckline. A rope chain or a pendant necklace with a longer drop will create a visually appealing balance.
  • V-necklines: V-neck tops or dresses are versatile and can be paired with various chain styles. A medium-length cable or a delicate curb chain will complement the neckline and draw attention to the chest area.
  • Strapless or scoop necklines: These necklines provide an opportunity to showcase a statement piece. Consider a bold and chunky chain, like a thick Cuban link chain, to make a striking impression.

Beautiful & Lightweight Long Gold Chains for Men and Women:

Long gold chains look amazing with any outfit. Here look at our top 25 long gold chains in different styles.

1. Figaro Long Gold Chain for Men:

The Figaro gold long chains are very beautiful in design. The design of the gold chain is popularly known as gold or silver link chains. The design has 2 to 3 small circle links with an elongated oval link. The Figaro chains can be worn by both men and women

2. Gold Box Chain for Daily Use:

A box chain in a long length of 18” looks adorable on both men and women. Men choose the thick box chains while ladies go for the thin and delicate ones. An 18” gold chain looks adorable on women. The shape of this pattern interlocks with four or two gold links that join and make a box shape.

3. Singapore Wave Chain in Gold:

The Singapore pattern of a long gold chain with a dollar design is considered the most popular design among men and women. The design is like the twisted curbs twirling around the same thread, making it amazing. The twirls and twists highlight the neckline. Generally, the chain is made of 18 carats and can be seen in long gold chains and other metals.

4. Snail Chain in Gold:

The long-chain designs in gold are also incredible with the snail chain pattern. The incredible design is interlinked with classic links made early and then interlinked. Each part is designed with a twist that resembles a snail, therefore known as the snail chain design.

5. Spiga Heavy Gold Chain:

The Spiga chains are considered heavy chains that need a lot of gold to make a long chain. The latest gold chain design is highlighted with the double interlocking pattern; hence, it also looks large on the neckline. Men with gold jewellery passion will love such designs, while women can have the same design in short chains.

6. Gold Wheat Chain:

The wheat chains, also called the Spiga chains, come in flat and round shapes. The design of the wheat chain looks similar to the farm-grained wheat. The entire long gold chain pattern resembles a grounded wheat strap. Women look beautiful with such designs as the chain pattern is delicate and sober.

7. Flat Mariner Gold Chain:

A mariner pattern in a long gold designer chain looks amazing. There are flat mariner chains and puffed or round mariner chains too. It is named so because the two holes in the oval shapes link that bisect each other, forming a pattern. The shape resembles the rigging that is used on boats.

8. Anchor Gold Chain:

The latest longest chain designs of the anchor pattern are amazing. The links are so made and attached that the design forms a beautiful and durable shape. Like the mariner chains, the anchor chains have a look-alike adjoining but are thick in size.

9. Simple Snake Gold Chain:

The most popular and worn snake long gold chains are considered the favourite chain design among men and women. Men and women can wear their choice of thick and thin chain shapes. It is called a snake chain as the pattern resembles a snake; the link chain is tightly interlocked in a round square or flat cross-section. It makes a zigzag pattern.

10. Heavy Rope Gold Chain:

A heavy long gold rope chain in a designer looks dynamic is a piece of jewellery everyone wishes to have. The rope resembling a linked chain is made all in one thread of gold and twisted with another. The thread can be kept thick or thin according to one’s own choice. A long chain of rope pattern is most common among people.

11. Foxtail Long Gold Chain Designs:

The foxtail pattern chains are one of the latest models in long gold chains. The design is made with a pattern that resembles a sharp foxtail. The circular links are attached in four or three links with the help of a V-shaped shape link. The chain pattern is so decent and spectacular that it is loved to be worn by both men and women.

12. Yellow Gold Link and Bar Chain:

The long gold chain collection for men with the link and bar pattern is also magnificent to be worn for a long period on regular days. The flexibility of this design is famous and also as is its durability. It is made with two links followed by a rectangular gold bar interlocked. The beautiful design of this chain makes it to be worn all alone.

13. Dapped Bar Gold Chain:

The dapped bar gold long chain designs are the latest patterns in jewellery fashion. Also used for bracelets, females widely wear this pattern. The pattern is made with semi-circular links interlocked with dapped-designed hearts or circular rings. The semi-circled links are long and pressed in the centre to make a unique design. Such long chains can be worn alone without any pendant in them.

14. Herringbone Gold Chain:

The herringbone gold long chain design is a unique pattern widely chosen to wear with bold designs by people with love. The chain usually comes in thickness and length. The gold links are tightly interwoven, making a minor difference in the space between the two links. The shape of interlocked links forms a very small V shape.

15. Vintage Byzantine Chain:

A byzantine long gold chain design is more favourite among old people. Yet the youngsters have slowly chosen the design for a short style. A beautiful large pendant would look dynamic with an elegant design of a long gold chain. The chain is made with circular rings of gold interwoven with an excellent method.

16. Twisted Link Chain:

The twisted links gold extra-long chains are simple and sober-styled gold chains. Both men and women can wear chains. The links are single and can be seen with the naked eye.

17. Trace Chains:

The trace gold long chain design is one of all gold chains’ soberest looking exclusive and distinct designs. Simple in making the chain more suitable for women. The trace chains have links in circles and are attached in opposite directions.

18. Rolo Chains:

The small rolo latest gold long chain designs are similar to the trace chains but have circular rings with edges. These links are interlocked in the same way as the trace chains. The beautiful pattern formed by the rolo chains looks incredible on both men and women.

19. The Prince of Wales chains:

The Prince of Wales is one of the finest collections in jewellery, especially the chains. The latest design in long gold chains can be one of the Prince of Wales chains. The singular threads of gold twisted with each other and framed by a beautiful chain is incredible.

20. Belcher Chains:

The belcher chains in long gold designs are the finest and heaviest patterns in the gold chains. The circular rings are thick in size and are patterned differently, like the prints of flowers or any other design. These circular links are interlocked and make a glamorous rich chain.

21. Briolette Chain for Pendant:

The briolette chains are a necklace with a pendant given with the chain. The balls joined each other, making the entire long gold chain. Worn mainly by women, these chains are rarely chosen because of their durability.

22. Beads Chains:

The bead chains are made with decorated hollow beads like pearls woven in gold threads and made a chain. The bead gold long chains are very much famous among Indian women. The chain looks attractive and large.

23. Cable Chains:

The cable link chains are generally made long in size and are mostly worn regularly by women. The chain is hard in make and quality and hence is also durable. The rectangular links are interlocked in a cable link design chain.

24. Mesh Chains:

The mesh chains are one of the rich-looking designs in long gold chains. The chains are made with a very tight and fine design that looks like a mesh of golden threads bided with each other. Both men and women wear mesh long chains in gold.

25. Curb Chains:

The curb link chains are a very much-loved design among men. The design looks like a bold pattern and carries a male feeling. The links have a particular shape that makes a flat impact. The long gold chain designs in the curb link pattern are also used to make other designs.

The long gold chains for males and females with thin and large links highlight themselves uniquely. The thick byzantine thread chains look incredible when worn with an open-neck gown or a traditional plain saree. The snake and rope chains also look fantastic, with long gold chains worn in traditional ceremonies. While the thin box chains and the flat Figaro or the mariner chains are the ones that can regularly wear in routine life.


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