Long hair don’t care is the ruling anthem for this gen but then again a few accessories never hurt anyone. Usually, it would be the bed head look that is ruling these seasons or the asymmetrical one that has taken the haircut world by surprise but the classic looks always surround around a few usages of accessories to spice up the look. The article today is about how long hair would go so well with the use of bows. Bows like the bow tie are a hair accessory that adds a cute outlook to your hair and therefore today’s article is for all those long-haired beauties who want bow as their friend.

Long Hair Bow Styles:

1. The Half Pony:

Bows make any and every hairstyle look good, even the simplest ones. Here is a classic example of it where you can do half up pony and give it a special look just by adding a bow to it. Now here is the catch to it, put half the hair up and tie it into a half pony with the rest down. Add a bow to make it look pretty.

2. The Glitter Look:

Now for the prom you have your dress all set out but the main thing which you would require now is just the right hairdo to go with the look. If you want to opt for a long free haired look why not just classy the hairdo up with a big glittering bow at the back of it. Add some curls to the look too.

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3. The Bowed Pony:

A simple pony can be made much more cuter with a simple little bow added to the back of it. Every time the everyday hairstyles to bore you, have a bow accessory to literally back you up. Just back brush your hair all the way back and then attach a ribbon bow at the tie.

4. The Braided Bow:

For this look first, start by smoothening out your hair and let it settle down. Now start with the front lock and start braiding it. When you are halfway done with the front, pin it and start on the other side. You can even add a second layer of braid and at the back of it simply use a tie to tie them all up. Now for the other part use the bow to cover the tie.

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5. The Under Bow:

For this look all you have to do is to tie your hair up in a messy bun. The hairstyle here uses the bow simply as an accessory. First brush back and gather your hair. To get this exact look, start by separating your hair into two parts. Braid both of them and now roll them up in a bun. Add the bow below.

6. The Hair Bow:

All this time we have been using bows simply as an accessory but here in this article we see the hair itself being transformed to a bow so that you can now sport a bow without having to use it as an additional accessory. For this look you need to know the intricate knots and detailing and you are all set.

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7. The Bow Bun:

The bow bun is the same as the upper hairstyle but here instead of making a bow out of the entire hair, we have used the bun as the primary focus. To get this look, all you need to do is tie a bun properly but remember to leave a lock free. Use the lock now make a braid.

8. The Bow Band:

This is not much of a hairstyle as much as a simple accessory. This is a pre made or a made hair band where the band ends up in a retro bow band.

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9. The Side Bow:

For this look start by braiding the side of it and while you’re at it try to including a hair ribbon bow in the mix. At the end secure the braid with a tie and then tie the ribbon on it.


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