25 Best Long Hairstyles for Men with Pictures

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Have you always taken a back step at the thought of growing your hair? Well, we can understand your concerns. Most of the times long hairstyles for men are seen as a not suitable or bold step. But times have changed. Hairstyles for men with long hair has become the talk of the town and is in trend. In case you are wondering what you want to do, read this article to know what kind of long hairstyle for men and long hairstyle for boys will suit you the best. Keep reading!

Long hairstyles for men Main

Best Long Hairstyles for Men with Images:

This article will give you list of best hairstyles for long hair for men which are suitable for all types of functions and events.

1. Classic Fringes for Long Hair:

Classic Fringes

Fringes are always a classic when combined with long hair, and for men, it works wonders. Side swept fringes go extremely well with slightly curly or wavy, textured hair. Streaks give it an added contrast. Fringes work extremely well with short facial hair and they are best suited for people with square-shaped faces.

2. The Suave Con Artist Look:

The Suave Con Artist Look

Suited for any occasion, this hairstyle is bound to attract some serious attention. Use a hair brush to brush back all your hair. Keep running styling gel through while brushing to get more root control. For the rest of it, let the wind work its magic and you’ll be sporting your new Neal Caffrey look at your afternoon appointment.

3. Cascading Curls:

Long hairstyles for men - Cascading Curls

If you thought this look wouldn’t go well with your evening suit, you would be very, very wrong. Have your hair cut into layers and curled in strands separately. Brush back the middle part of your hair with gel and then brush out the curls to smooth them out. This look suits people with square-shaped faces best.

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4. The Book Keeper Long Hairstyle for Men:

The Bookkeeper

This is the perfect look to sport while wearing a trench coat. Long straight hair was never a bad option for men and now it’s become one of the most popular ones. The length of your hair often defines your store of knowledge and with this hairstyle, the library inside your head will be more apparent out in the open. So sport those long tresses and show off your mental bookkeeping skills!

5. The Double Ponytail Hairstyles for Men:

The Double Ponytail

Get rid of any inhibitions for this hairstyle because it’s time to experiment! You know what’s better than one ponytail? Two ponytails! This hairstyle is easy to pull off with any kind of face shape. You just need to shift around your ponytails accordingly for it to suit you.

6. Medusus Rex Long Hairstyles for Men:

Medusus Rex

If Medusa had a race of creatures like her, you’d look like their king with this hairstyle. Seriously, these curls are so gorgeous; anyone looking at them would want to get lost in their wavy embrace. For this hairstyle it’s best to curl your hair from root to tip, as it really adds to the voluminous feel of it.

7. Wavy Shag Long Hairstyles:

Wavy Shag

Even though more casual hairstyle, it suits formal occasions only too well. Have your hair cut into layers, add some texture to it and tease the ends with a comb. Sport some semi-side-swept bangs to go with the look. Hairspray is optional for constancy in the look if you prefer.

8. Au Bun Long Hair Style for Men:

Au Bun Long Hair Style For Men

What did you think? Men can’t sport buns? Nonsense! A bit of straightening, gelling, tying and pinning with a knack for long hair will help you pull this off in no time! Pull all your hair back and gel it through and through, combing it to smooth it out and flatten it. Tie your hair into a ponytail and then twist it into a bun-type of your choice. You’d be surprised how well this hairstyle works with neatly trimmed facial hair.

9. Edgy Mohawk Long Hair Cuts:

Edgy Mohawk

Why do you think this Mohawk is edgy? It’s mainly because the look itself gives the illusion of a Mohawk without you having to cut any of your long tresses! The trick is to have the hair on the side twisted into tight braids and then form your Mohawk. The tight braids make the hair on the sides look flatter and hence give the illusion of a Mohawk.

10. Neat Wavy Long Hairstyles for Men:

Neat Waves

This neat look with smooth waves is a great look, especially for winter as you can keep your hair even of medium length in order to pull it off with ease. This hairstyle basically aims to accentuate your jaw by increasing the volume of hair flowing backwards. It works excellently with people who have strong, well-defined jaw-lines. Facial hair works great as it highlights your jaw even more.

11. Dreadlocks Long Hairstyles for Men:

Long hairstyles for men - Dreadlocks

You must’ve been wondering when we’d come around to mentioning these. Take out slender strands of hair and twist them from root to tip, back combing as you go to keep the twists in place. Holding the twist, run your straightener through the lock of hair and then apply some texture cream along the twist. Spray each dreadlock separately with hairspray. This hairstyle works best with hair that hasn’t been washed for one or two days.

12. Messy Curls Long Hairstyles:


Curls are cute, but messy curls are even cuter. With these shiny, slightly textured curls, you can show off that boyish charm while still maintaining a gentlemanly attitude. It’s a fact that ladies love curls, and boy, oh boy will they come running when they see you like this.

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13. Asgardian Tresses Hairstyles for Long Hair Men:

Asgardian Tresses

The picture explains it all. Straight hair in a neat shag parted in the middle with low contrast highlights that’s all you really need to pull this look off. Remember this when you’re attending the next comic con as the legendary God of Thunder turned superhero. It is one of the best long hairstyles for men with casuals one who have with beard is an awesome look.

14. Extreme Braids for Long Hair:

Extreme Braids

Not many dare to sport this hairstyle as not everyone can pull it off. Well, it’s a challenge to make braids look masculine and it’s a challenge that a lot of hairdressers accept. So, have your hair braided right to the roots. Sport these extreme braids for that added street credit.

15. Korean Long Haircuts for Men:

It Ended With Wisps

Straight, long hair looks amazing on men. Add a few strategic wisps here and there, and the impact you have on onlookers is bound to increase manifold. Your straight hair speaks for your dedication and your wisps show off the side of you that likes to accept challenges. This is one of the perfect work hairstyles and extremely simple to pull off. Just part your hair as you always do, but this time, tease your hair here and there with a comb but not too much. Leave the rest to the wind and you’ll be sporting those gorgeous wisps in no time.

16. The Long Ponytail Hairstyle:

Long Hairstyles For Men16

Looking for long hairstyles for men? The long ponytail hairstyle is considered as one of the best hairstyles for thin-faced men who want to sport the long hair. A beard along with a thick ponytail can make a guy look extremely divine. The ponytail hairstyles have always been one of the most favorite hairstyles for men with long hair. It also ranks among the best alluring hairstyles for long hair or the men long hairstyles. In this picture below, we can see that the guy sports a beautifully established ponytail along with back shifted side hairs which frame the face and it seems as if the hairstyles adds some density to the thin face. The man bun is one of the best hairstyles for men according to a lot of girls.

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17. The Long Blonde Hairstyle for Gents:

The Long Blonde Hairstyle for Gents

The long blonde hairstyles are some of the best hairstyles for men with long hair. These kind of hairstyles sports beautiful golden blonde textures and make the wearer look very attractive. Any guy can color his hair yellow and make transform himself into a rocking male with a great personality since the hair color blonde depicts class. Men with tattoos, beard, and blonde hair can steal the looks almost wherever they go. Women also seem to prefer men with blonde hair as everyone is fond of Australian men. This particular long blonde look is considered as one of the best hairstyles for long hair men.

18. The Curly Long Hairstyle for Men:

Long Hairstyles For Men18

The long hair on men looks extra alluring when it sports some good amount of curls. In the picture below, we can see that the model is displaying a beautiful hairstyle where some fantastic curls are being sported. The hairstyle will work great for men with long face shapes and those who have a strong and stubborn jawline. A beard will go hand and hand in this hairstyle. This curly long hairstyle can be said to be one of the best men long hairstyles.

19. The Indian Long Hair Styles for Men:

Long Hairstyles For Men19

Asian men display a similar hairstyle, especially the Indians. In Indian, a lot of men with long hair are seen sporting such beautiful hairstyles where the whole hair is very well-established and sports a beautiful color. Here, the hair flaunts a semi-brown color which makes the hair look really attractive. The hairstyle is so good that it is the best Indian long hairstyle for men, according to some people. Along with good texture, the pattern that the style follows is also worth mentionable. The hair is asymmetrically parted and one part of the hair looks more voluminous than the other.

20. The Cool Frazer Long Hairstyle for Men:

Long Hairstyles For Men20

This is one of the best hairstyles for long hair men. Many celebrities (Hollywood) have been spotted wearing this look. Men with long faces look comfortable with this hairstyle and that is one of the reasons why they like this hairstyle so much. In this look, the hair looks comparatively wet and this makes this hairstyle look so cool. Anyone will fall in love with the allure of this look. It is simple but needs some time and patience to be styled. The effort that needs to be provided in order maintaining this look is also not less.

21. The Gangster Long Hairstyle for Men:

Long Hairstyles For Men21

“Bad is the new good”, and based on this very concept this particular hairstyle sported by Colin Farrell can be said to be one of the best hairstyles for men with long hair. It sports a beautiful pattern and is kind of divided in the middle. Men will love sporting this look and this is actually one of the best looks for men with thin and long faces. The texture of the hair is also pretty impressive. A French cut beard will be the perfect companion for this look as it will complement the beauty of the hairstyle and make it look even more attractive. Apart from this Hollywood actor, a lot of other celebrities have also sported this hairstyle over the years.

22. The Blond Fringe Cut Long Hairstyle:

Long Hairstyles For Men22

The one who came up with an idea of this hairstyle is a genius. Here, the front part of the blonde hair sports some beautiful bangs which conceal the forehead and adjust the angles of the face. This hairstyle can easily make any man look alluring. With long hairstyles come beards. And in this case, the model has kept a French bead which makes his look really alluring. It is one of the best ways to make the long hairstyle look alluring. One cannot simply deny the beauty of this look. The sides of the hair are also somehow shifted to one side and the back of the hair sport some cute backdrops on the neck. All over this look can be said to be one of the best long hairstyles for men.

23. The Middle-Parted Long Hairstyle:

Long Hairstyles For Men23

Here, we have another beautiful long hairstyle, where the hair is symmetrically parted in the middle. This hairstyle many be claimed as one of the most popular long hairstyles for men with long hair. At the front, some hair strands decorate the forehead and the rest of the hair remains as it is. The look can be made alluring by wearing a pair of shades and some vintage jewelry.

24. The Wavy Hairstyle for Men with Long Hair:

Long Hairstyles For Men24

This might be one of the most popular long hairstyles ever. Here, the hair is divided in the middle and shifted to either side which further falls free. This is a beautiful way of decorating the hair and make it look attractive. The hair sports a shiny texture as well. A big bead will make this look suitable for almost everyone who are fond of long hairstyles.

25. The Classic Long Hairstyles for Men:

Long Hairstyles For Men25

This classic hairstyle is accompanied by waves in the picture. This is an old hairstyle but is still in vogue. Any man would like to sport this look. The hairstyle will be suitable for wedding purposes.

Above were some of the best hairstyles for men with long hair. There might be some other hairstyles which will be different from the 25 discussed here but one thing can be said with confidence that the one’s discussed in this article are the best ones and anyone who goes through the looks can figure this out.