Black hairstyles complement almost all skin tones; therefore, if you have naturally black hair, this is a great opportunity to get a hairstyle that will suit you in the best way possible and change the outlook that you have about yourself. Long layered black hairstyles have a combination of texture, feel looks, and elegance, which sets you apart from the rest. If your hair is not naturally black and you still want to avail this great feature, use hair-friendly hair colour to colour your hair black and then style it according to your choice.

Latest Black Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair Women:

In this article the top 10 long layered hairstyles for black hair are given to help you to increase your search for a good hairstyle, this article will help you narrow down your search thus getting you the hairstyle of your choice.

1. Feminine Long Layered Hairstyles for Wavy Hair:

If you have long and wavy hair texture, this perfect layered hairstyle is an amazing idea. The hairstyle echoes lovely, feminine and gorgeous looks, perfect for girls and women in the younger age cohort. If you have thick hair, in particular, you can flaunt the lovely and stunning waves seamlessly. The hairstyle is perfect for any event and occasion to flaunt an elegant and charming appearance.

2. Off Centre Parted Hair:

Off centre-parted hair has always been a universally approved hairstyle by all women. Therefore, it has climbed its way to the top of popular hairstyles because of its sheer popularity. The hairstyle is a great layered hairstyle suitable for all face types.

3. Bombshell:

This hairstyle is perfect for a potential diva. Not only does it scream self-confidence the hairstyle itself is very sensual and full of volume giving it the density that no other hairstyle can think of living up to. This hairstyle is slowly becoming very popular amongst ladies between the ages of 20-30.

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4. Swirls:

Black swirls are the perfect hairstyle that compliments the waves in your hair plus your inner diva. The hairstyle is very comforting as it covers the inner need to adopt more modern hairstyles. This is one of the most popular black hairstyles and can be customised as per your requirement.

5. Beach waves:

Looking for a more beach texture that would complement your black hair colour, this hairstyle is perfect. Easy to make, you can sit at home and attain a great hairstyle which you would normally get by going to the beach. Beach waves are very famous and look great with black hair colour.

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6. The Date Look:

Looking for a suitable hairstyle to compliment your black hair colour before a date, this long layer hairstyle is perfect for the occasion as it deals with the situation minutely. Trust the hairstyle and you will surely look mesmerising during your date.

7. Side Bun:

This long layered hairstyle for black hair caters to a more sophisticated crowd, looking for a hairstyle that you can adorn for an office event or professional occasion then the hairstyle is what you are looking for. Elegant yet chic it is surely a sight for sore eyes and will turn everybody’s heads in the room.

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8. Retro:

Retro though a thing of the past has always been a part of modern-day popularity making it a very popular hairstyle amongst women of all ages. This doll-like look will surely set you at a pace faster than the rest of the women at any event giving you individuality and self-confidence. This vintage hairstyle is truly something that makes us understand that old is gold.

9. The Prom Look:

This black hairstyle is especially meant for the prom and is a gift to any lady looking to set fire to the event. This long layered hairstyle suits the occasion as it is not too much of style and deals a lot with natural looks.

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10. Ocean Waves:

Not many people know that salt from the ocean gives hair a matte finish look and this hairstyle helps achieve this great effect at home for the world to see.


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