15 Beautiful Long Mangalsutra Designs with Images

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Wedding is one of the important occasions of your life and the mangalsutra, the most important ornament to be worn that day. To choose the best one for your wife needs a lot of hard work from your side and to cut down on your roaming about for the best mangalsutra.

15 Traditional Long Mangalsutra Designs for Womens

Latest and Stylish Long Mangalsutra Designs for Ladies in Trend:

We have brought the top 15 long mangalsutra models to choose the one for your very important wedding day.

1. Simple Long Mangalsutra Designs:

Simple long mangalsutra

The mangalsutra in the picture is the simple and the sober one to be found. The long mangalsutra has black small beads with golden design and the gold locket studded with the necklace. For the simple and sweet wedding you want to have, this mangalsutra is a perfect choice for your bride to be.

2. Thin Long Mangalsutra with Locket:

Thin long mangalsutra with the locket

The mangalsutra has the basic design of a mangalsutra with the golden and black beads in the thin chain but with the round locket beneath. The locket has a unique design with the half flower at the bottom and the black dotted design on the top and the hanging jewels in below. A less heavy and a sober mangalsutra to be used for a wedding, this is a good option for people with similar choices.

3. Dual Locket Long Mangalsutra:

Dual locket longmangalsutra

The mangalsutra with the two lockets are a unique ornament. With the intricate design and carvings on the chain, the mangalsutra is a fashionable one to be bought. In case you are planning to have that lavish grand wedding, the mangalsutra is a perfect choice to be included in your list.

4. Inverted Lotus Designed Long Mangalsutra Designs:

Inverted lotus designed long mangalsutra

The mangalsutra is a bright one with the red long beads tied onto the mangalsutra and the very unique design of the inverted lotus in the red colour. The locket in golden colour bears a heavy design as well with huge carvings and cuts. The necklace has a thin chain with the heavy locket and is a good less weighted mangalsutra to be bought. So, buy this for your wedding!

5. Swirl Long Mangalsutra:

The swirl long mangalsutra

The mangalsutra in the plain golden chain is a sophisticated piece of ornament to be bought for your wedding. The chain bears a black beaded design attached to it straight and the bottom swirled up into an attractive design as well. A good option to buy for your wedding, buy this and make your wedding special!

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6. Heart Shaped Long Mangalsutra:

Heart shaped long mangalsutra

The mangalsutra is an extremely simple one with the black beads all over the golden chain. The locket has a heart shaped golden design with the hollow dots on the surface and a droplet shaped small gold locket. The mangalsutra is a perfect buy for people with simple desires.

7. Trendy Designer Long Mangalsutra:

Trendy Designer Longmangalsutra

The mangalsutra with the sleek woven chain in the golden colour with the red cylindrical assets gold attachments as well. The mangalsutra is a very differently designed one from the usual ones and thus a good buy to surprise your wife on your wedding. It can be so easily used as a necklace too for your occasions and parties and would never let you bear the burden of wearing a mangalsutra always. A perfect classy mangalsutra, this is a must buy for all men with fashionable wives.

8. Black Long Mangalsutra:

Black Longmangalsutra

The mangalsutra is a very elegant one with the heavy black chain and the rounded attachments to the chain. With the extremely bright golden coating on the attachments as well, the mangalsutra is a gorgeous one to be worn. So buy this for your wife and let her look prettier!

9. Pearl Long Mangalsutra:

Pearl long mangalsutra

The mangalsutra bears the same black beaded chain in every chain but with the pearls and the golden accessory as the designed attachment to it. Pearls are obvious to look classy and attractive and when in the mangalsutra, they increase the beauty of their look. This one is one such mangalsutra. A perfect buy for your beautiful wife!

10. Flower Long Mangalsutra:

Flower Long mangalsutra

The mangalsutra with the solid golden chain has a black woven design on it as well. It features a golden flower beneath with very sharp petals and the big black oval in between. A nicely designed necklace to be gifted to your wife in the wedding day, the mangalsutra should be bought by you.

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11. Multiple Chained Long Mangalsutra:

Multiple chained long mangalsutra

The mangalsutra bears several chains with the black beads and the red and green beads above, the mangalsutra looks like a conventional mangalsutra to be used for your wedding. Priced at the most reasonable rate, you can plan to buy this and use it for your wedding.

12. Stone Designed Long Mangalsutra:

Stone designed long mangalsutra

The mangalsutra with the basic golden chain and the black beads with it have a stone studded locket attached to the chain with an intricate design and bright stones giving it an attractive appearance. The mangalsutra is a well-designed and beautiful necklace to be bought for your wedding and thus, buy it!

13. Religious Theme Long Mangalsutra Designs:

Religious theme longmangalsutra

The mangalsutra has the same golden chain with the black beads with the five oval plates of lakshmi goddess attached to it and the straight golden lining above it. The mangalsutra is a traditional one with the look that it bears and is a perfect one for your religious wife.

14. Jhumka Designed Long Mangalsutra:

Jhumka designed longmangalsutra

The mangalsutra in the golden chain with the black beads has the jhumka designed assets in between and the jhumka locket with the black beads beneath. The mangalsutra is a good ethnic buy for your wedding.

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15. Sober Long Mangalsutra:

Sober longmangalsutra

The mangalsutra is a sober one with the golden chain and the red plain locket in the bottom. A sober and a gorgeous one for your wife, buy this for your wedding!

The list ends with the best of the mangalsutras found to make your wedding memorable. The simple ones, the mediocre ones or the heavy ones, you have all choices to make from the list. Choose the best long mangalsutra designs for your wedding day.