With the change in the fashion industry, a change has also taken place in the jewellery market regarding the necklaces. The heavy gold necklaces have now been replaced with light long necklace to adorn the designer dresses. The material from which they are made is either gold or silver or charms such as beads, chains, alloys, pearls etc.

Highly inspired by the Maharajas royal necklaces the long necklace has their own charm to carry on. They adorn the neck of the women giving them a feminine and delicate appearance.

Long Necklace Jewellery Designs:

Let’s have a look at some beautiful and latest long necklaces designs with chains for girls and women.

1. Arrow Design Long Necklace Chain:

A long necklace with an arrow design looks stunning to give a fighter look at your enemies. The chain is made out of simple alloy and the arrow pendant is made of metal in silver colour. The design of the arrow symbolises protection and fight against evil or negative. It also represents direction. Gives a stunning look over casuals for night outs.

2. Long Necklace with Charms:

A long necklace design with several charms give a unique look on casuals. The chain is made with bronze and the alloy circles and ovals add to nuts beauty. The big beads also give a static look. The brown colour of the long necklace gives a good look on long skirts also. Such design of the necklace symbolises peace, wealth and fidelity.

3. Gold and Pearl Long Necklace:

A pearl long necklace design with a flower made with golden net looks fab and in trend for ethnic wear or designer dress. The necklace is made with five strands of sea pearls attached with a golden shiny flower. The design represents generosity, purity, loyalty and integrity. It is widely carried on functions, festive and religious functions.

4. Long Silver Necklace with Bow:

A designer but sensual long necklace made with silver is quite trendy these days. Several silver chains are attached with each other with spring and chain design. The inner most chain is also studded with silver pearls. To add to its cuteness a small silver bow is fixed to the chains. The necklace givers your personality a different and fashionable look in parties or even discos and night outs.

5. Simple Heart Long Necklace Silver:

A long pendant necklace makes you look amazing and bold in casuals such as jeans, capri etc. The steeling silver necklace is made with silver beads and lastly attached with a big round bead. At last a silver heart pendant with a crystal white stone fixed in the chain to make it more attractive. The design symbolises deep love, purity and truth.

6. Designer Snake Design Long Necklace in Gold:

Want to wear something light in gold! A gold long necklace with a different design looks sophisticated on designer dresses specially the plazo. The gold chain is made with spring design and connected with a pendant made with a snake design. It gives a look of a snake climbing a branch of tree. The design means rebirth, fertility, immorality, transformation and healing power.

7. Peacock Chain Long Necklace for Teens:

A long chain necklace is made colourful and charming with the help of a peacock Pendant. The long chain is made with sterling silver and a peacock Pendant studded with colourful emeralds is attached to it. To add to the beauty of the pendant feathers are attached to it. The design symbolises royalty, vision, protection and guidance.

8. Gold and Silver Wings Long Necklace for Women:

Looking for something meaningful to wear for regular use! A long chain necklace with a wings pendant gives a divine look. The simple sterling silver chain is attached to two wings. One is composed of gold while the other with silver. The pendant gives a look of angel wings. One describing good and the other evil. The design shows the two sides of a human being. The good and the bad. Such design is for regular wear or also for specific day outs and offices.

9. Pearl and Long Crystal Beaded Necklace:

Looking for something to wear in pubs, discos, offices or night out! Take a look at the long beaded necklace in white for a pleasant look. The necklace string is filled with sea pearls and crystal beads of white in colour. To add to its amazing design, oval shaped white charms are added. The design looks amazing on casuals and formals. The design symbolises purity, truth, peace and tranquillity.

10. Beads Long Necklace Design for Girls:

A simple but fashionable personality can be found easily when the long beaded necklace is worn. The necklace is made with sky blue beads of medium size in dual strands. The design looks amazing on casuals such as jeans, capri and long skirts. It is a perfect match for the beach parties or vacation on beaches. It represents peace, happiness, femininity etc.

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11. Silver Long Chain Necklace:

Want a funky look on casuals for parties or themed picnics! The design is composed with three chains in silver and finally combined with three big lock chains. It gives a look of the sailor as it is a long chained necklace. The design represents freedom, expression and liberation.

12. Long Gold Necklace Set for Wedding:

Want to get a traditional look for festivals and marriage functions! Try a gold long necklace set with a mango charm design added to the chain. The necklace has five gold strands which are further attached to a mango design studded with emeralds. It has two matching earrings to make a set. It looks attractive on designer sarees and designer lehengas.

13. Lock and Key Silver Long Necklace:

Want a classy look for parties or regular wear! A clumsy lock and Key long necklace is the beat you can wear. The design is made with a long sterling silver chain and key with a heart lock with a big black diamond. It represents love, sensuality, care and protection. It can be the best gift to your beloved for special days to express your deep love.

14. Coral Long Necklace Design:

Want to wear something unique for summers. Try a long beaded necklace made with coral beads and given a tassel in the end to give a charming look. The use of sea blue coral beads makes it adorable to wear on beaches and also for regular wear. The design is amazing on casuals. The Design is a symbol of power and prestige.

15. Antique Long Butterfly Necklace:

A funky but fashionable rhinestones design with a butterfly pendant looks heart snatching on ethnic wear and designer wears. The long pendant necklace is given a colourful texture with a butterfly pendant studded with colourful stones. The necklace gives a ethnic look to the wearer representing his feelings such as freedom, change, joy, rebirth etc.

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16. Lettering Long Necklace Rose Gold:

Want to gift something personal or expressing to your love! Try a gold long necklace with a name or lettering pendant. The necklace is made with gold and a pendant is designed with curves forming a name or a feeling to be expressed. The design can be a sensual gift for some one special for regular wear or for parties and offices.

17. Wave Pendant Long Necklace in Gold:

A new and trendy design getting popular is the triple wave pendant design. The gold long pendant necklace is designed with a sea green stone in the centre surrounded by a strand of diamonds and than finally a gold strand. It gives an amazing look over jeans and long skirts for trips at sea shores, beaches and parties. The design represents strength, power, playfulness, purity and fidelity.

18. Disney Themed Long Necklace:

Want to give your daughter a gift relates to the Disney characters! Get her a long pendant necklace with a Disney character say a barbie, mermaid, cinderella, etc. The chain is made up with sterling silver and a locket pendant is attached to it with the characters. It gives a clumsy look over barbie dresses for themed parties, kids birthday party or other functions. The designs are also carried by the teens in colleges.

19. South India Temple Long Necklace Design:

An antique look is observed when a gold long necklace design is worn inspired by the jewellery designs of the South India. The long necklace is made with gold beads, gold coin design and a pendant with the image embossed of Goddess Lakshmi and red and green emeralds. It best suits in marriages or traditional religious functions. It looks classy when carried on heavy Kanjivaram sarees.

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20. Small and Simple Triangle Long Necklace:

A simple but sophisticated class look can be adopted once you wear a long necklace with a simple triangular pendant. The design is made with either gold, silver or metallic chain and a triangular shaped black pendant is attached to it. It is highly carried on casuals for daily wear or for offices, parties etc. The design signifies the Trinity of the son, father and the holy spirit. It symbolises purity, truth and positivity.

The long necklaces have often given a unique icon if fashion to the wearer. The designs are now commonly seen not only in America and England but also in the Asian countries. Not only it’s trendy among the girls and ladies but also the boys who want to have a unique and bold appearance gets it worn.


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