Whether it’s summer or winter, the trend of a long scarf will never go out of fashion. Women of any age like to add scarves as a fashion style. Long scarves are very cosy to wrap up in different styles. You can find the different types of scarves in the market. Sleek and thin to woollen one, there are a lot of scarves with different styles to tie, making you look classy and trendy. Here, you can find the top 9 long scarves to tie in a fashionable manner.

How to Tie A Long Scarf:

Check out this trendy style of tying the scarf on your neck. This is loop scarf style to enhance the fabulous looks of yours.

  • Step 1: Dangle the scarf over the shoulder. One end should be longer than another one.
  • Step 2: Take the long end and make a loop around the neck.
  • Step 3: Lastly, balance both the ends and enjoy the new look.

Check out this other one as well. This is a must-try to look.

  • Step 1: Take the scarf and hang it towards the front of your neck.
  • Step 2: Take one end and fold it twice on another one.
  • Step 3: Then, bring the ends upward the loop.
  • Step 4: Lastly, cover the knots with the layers of the scarf.

Try these two beautiful ways to tie the scarf and get a classy look as you desire.

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Best Long Scarf Collection For Ladies:

Check out the top 9 ladies long scarves as below.

1. Cotton Long Scarf:

These 100% cotton scarves are very cosy to wear. They enhance the style and looks of yours. They are easily available at market and online marketing websites as well. Choose any colour and print of your choice and always get a classy look. You can wear them with any attire like kurtis, jeans & tops, formals etc.

2. Pompoms Triangle Scarf:

These are bold and stylish scarves with pompoms on their edges look amazing. They are available in any fabric: silk, cotton, georgette, etc. You can wear any of the dresses you like. These scarves enhance your fashion with a modern touch.

3. Long Silk Scarf:

These are 100% silk scarves look very stunning. The eye-catching prints give you an elegant and smart look. So why wait? Go and get the collection of these beautiful silk scarves and gleam your wardrobe. You can wrap them around your neck and even try the French style of wearing it.

4. Winter Knitted Long Grey Scarf:

Time to beat the winter with style Yes, this winter knitted long scarf is handmade and stylish. This long winter scarf would protect you in winters from the cold breeze. This is in different designs and styles. Try any of them according to your choice. You will love this style. Wear them with a loop style knot and feel your striking beauty yours.

5. Pashmina Extra Long Scarf:

Everyone is fond of Kashmir and its clothing. Pashmina is well known soft fabric, especially used to curve winters. This 100% pashmina super long scarf look very classy and fashionable. You can wear them with any of the party wear dresses or formals. This pashmina comes from Kashmiri goats. These luxurious scarves cost INR 8000 to INR 10000 per scarf or shawl. Wrap the scarves around the neck or the arms; both ways are fabulous and attractive.

6. Italian Micro Modal Long Scarf:

These printed long scarves for women look very astonishing and splendid. They are 100% micro modal scarves are very long scarf designs and make your wardrobe beautiful and fashionable. They are available in different colours and prints. This is a floral print in navy blue colour and many more. They suit any of the outfits you wear. Try to wear this loose with a knot around your neck to give you a perfectly stunning look.

7. Checks Long Thick Scarf:

Check scarves not even simple and classy to wear but also very trendy. Checks will never go out of fashion. Women and men both love to wear them. Just simple checks on any fabric look marvellous. The long thick scarf is the best way to tie a check scarf to fold it triangular, cover the back part towards the front neck, and tie a knot with the edges. The simply beautiful check scarves are the favourite of many women and men.

8. Lace Scarf:

Wow! Ladies do try this fabulous and speechless fashion wear scarves. They are perfect: modern scarves boost the beauty inherent in you. You will love to add this to your scarves collection. The beautiful lace is attached to the edges of these scarves. These scarves are very light in weight, with mind-blowing lace attached to them. Open the scarf and fold it in a triangle way. Then put the triangular side on the front part of the body and tie the end of the scarf on the back of the neck. This is muffler tying of scarf.

9. Skinny Long Black Scarf:

This one is a classier long women’s scarf that will draw the attention of people or folk around you. These are skinny scarves. They are very light weighted and comfortable to wear. They are available in varieties of colours and prints. They look stunning in any fabric, if it’s silk, cotton, georgette, etc., tie them in loop shape all around the neck and leave the long front ends on both sides to give an amazing look.

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Try any of these best searched women’s long scarf designs and enhance the beauty of your cupboard. They are simply amazing and stunning. Whether go for silky one or skinny one, their all collection will leave everyone speechless. Not even women but also men can wear them with a different style to knot them. These are very stylish, trendy scarves. So ladies, go for them. These are available in any of the markets. In online shopping, go to Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, Limeroad, Zara, etc. You may get some discount as well.

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