The shag haircut has been there since a long time now and slowly and steadily this look now rules the fashion haircut pages. When we speak of the shag look, it usually encompasses around a multilayered look that can be recognized with a feather or a step cut, but in a much crispier way. Modern times have called for a much wider palette, a much wider array of looks and the shag haircut is simply another hairstyle following the trend. Often these hairstyles come with curls or bangs or even without ones. Either way here is a range of some of the long shag haircuts that you can implement on yourself.

1. The Soft Side Parting:

If you want professionalism and fun at the same time, in the same style, look no further. This soft side parted shag haircut is just the thing you want. These kind of hairstyles usually add volume and personality to your hair and at the same time gives you a fun look. Often you can add some fancy clips or bands to accentuate this look.

2. The Princess Shag Cut:

For those long haired beauties, we have the perfect fix for your hair. Shag usually forms multiple layers on your hair giving it a soft bubbly look. Top that with some long tresses at the very end and some soft feather locks at the front. A braid or two can fix the look up more, making it look all the more alluring.

3. The Inward Feathers:

The inward feathered layers have a much sublime and calm look compared to others. This is a perfect look for the office or any such formal events and can often be changed with just an addition of a hair accessory. to keep the rough manes in tame, use a straigtner to sleek down the hair.

4. For The Men:

The shag haircuts are not only catering to the female population and here is a classic example of how you as a guy can always sport some side locks using this hairstyle. For the boys, the locks are deliberately kept careless and uneven giving off a bed head look. Often you can groom it down or tone down the look by some hair spray and back brush.

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5. The Olden Times:

The olden times are the golden times and style these days have resorted to bring back those golden days. Here is a classic look from the olden day look book that is though out of date can still be a thing or two with some minor modifications. This look has a slight middle parting and the shag comes in when the sides are smoothened out in the form of short and crisp locks.

6. The soft curls:

By now you must be wondering whether you and your curly mane can ever get to try one of these cool shag haircuts and the answer is right here within this picture. The look starts with a soft side parting and instead of sporting crisp outward locks, the hair is curled beautifully to give you a soft look.

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7. The Hardcore Front Bangs:

with the bangs on your front falling short and crisp above your eyebrows, this look is termed hardcore because of the sharpness in the layers that are rolled outward and yet gives off a very demeaning look.

8. The Beach Wave Cut:

Much like the curls, beach waves too carry a hint of soft feminism and therefore can be incorporated into your many shag haircuts. Usually the hair is kept thick by making sure the locks are soft and pruned.

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9. For The Fine Hair:

Shag is always the best for the fine consistency haircuts and therefore here is a classic example of how you can deal with thin hair problems simply by cutting your hair into a multiple lock layer.


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