A shirt is defined as a garment with a collar and sleeves covering the upper part of the body. Both men and women are dressing it. There is much different type of shirts like sleeveless shirts, short sleeves and many more. A day’s long shirts are gaining popularity, which is unusually long in length than normal shirts. Sometimes these shirts length up to the knees also and lend fashionable looks to the wearer.

Latest and Stylish Long Shirt Designs Gents in Trend:

Now let’s have a quick look at a different type of long shirt designs.

1. Full Sleeve Long Check Shirt:


The men’s longline shirts offer a much casual look than the more smartly and handsomely we all wish. This white and blue colour checked casual shirt for men is one such. It looks basic, simple yet very classy, and elegant even for regular wear with a spread collar and simple curved hem.

  • Shirt Pattern and Sleeve Design: White and Blue Checked Long Shirt with Curved Hem and Full Sleeves
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Casual
  • Preferred Body Type: Athletic and Muscular
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Jeans
  • Style Tip: Add casuals shoes with a watch and sunglasses to look perfect.

2. Long Button-Down Striped Shirt:


This maroon coloured fancy button-down shirt in stripes design is one of our favourites. We love how this striped shirt can look stylish and cheerful with a vibrant look and contemporary design from casual to semiformal occasions. Men who prefer lovely and sleek outfits can prefer this one.

  • Shirt Pattern and Sleeve Design: Maroon Button Down Long Striped Shirt
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Casual and Semi-Formal
  • Preferred Body Type: Lean and Athletic
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Denim
  • Style Tip: Add casual shoes to basic styling for ideal and edgy style.

3. Designer Men’s Long Shirts with Tail:

Sizzling and hot looking long shirts designs are these. The fabric of the shirt is extended from the back and is termed as tail shirts. The shirt has a zipper closure instead of buttons and has long sleeves. If paired with any colour of jeans lends a marvellous look to the wearer.

4. Cotton Zipper Long Shirts for Boys:


As cotton is the most comfortable garment for summer and even an all-time favourite, here comes checked pattern sides zipper long shirts for men. The zipper at the sides of the shirts adds a fashionable element to the shirt. The shirt is available in many pastes and rocking colours, and you can pick one of them and have a cool dude looks.

5. Denim Casual L0ng shirt with Swag:

These are the classic washed denim long shirts in swag pattern for men. A denim shirt is an all-time favourite and is timeless. The shirt is designed in a loose pattern, and it washed looks at the pockets, and the sleeves look amazing and look cool when dressed.

6. Casual Long Shirt for Men:

These simple and elegant looking shirts are a must in men’s wardrobe. The long shirt is a bit longer than normal and has long sleeves with a very well-fitted collar and makes the man appear handsome and stylish. The shirts are perfect for casual wear.

7. Retro Dark Blue Long Shirt for Men:

These types of shirts are not the usual shirts but look magnificent when worn. The dark blue long shirts with twin pockets at the opposite sides and white motifs above the pockets make it appear very attractive and lends a retro look for all age groups.

Latest and Beautiful Long Shirts for Women in Fashion:

Let us have to look at the top models of longline shirts for ladies with images.

1. High Low Long Line Shirt:


The high low long line shirt for women is one of the trending looks right now. This rust pink and a peach-coloured casual shirt can be good to go if you are looking for something basic. With long sleeves and the spread collar, this outfit is quite lovely and versatile – try it out, and you will love it too.

  • Shirt Pattern and Sleeve Design: Rust Pink and Peach Coloured High Low Shirt with Long Sleeves
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Casual
  • Preferred Body Type: Thin and Petite
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: jeans
  • Style Tip: Add on sunglasses, sneakers, and watch; you are good to go.

2. Polka Dot Long Partywear Shirt:


If you love the vintage and classic women’s fashion world looks, you would already love the polka dot print. This design longline shirt for ladies in mustard yellow is one of the all-time trending pieces. With comfy fabric and a dignified look, this shirt can be used both for outings and parties, and we bet you will look gorgeous in this beautiful one.

  • Shirt Pattern and Sleeve Design: Yellow Colored Longline Polka Dot Shirt
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Parties
  • Preferred Body Type: Hourglass and Apple
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: Denim
  • Style Tip: Add wedges, big hoops, and a bracelet to add to the beauty.

3. Floral Print Long Denim Shirt:


The floral trend can never go wrong for women. They give vibrant and bright looks instantly and effortlessly – no matter when, where and who! This blue denim floral print shirt looks super classy yet casual, here to make your boring days look bright and lovely.

  • Shirt Pattern and Sleeve Design: Blue Denim Floral Shirt with Long Sleeves
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Occasion to Wear: Casual
  • Preferred Body Type: Hourglass, Petite, Pear
  • Suitable Bottom Wear: White Trousers
  • Style Tip: Add pumps, bling accessories, and a sling bag to rock the look.

4. High Street White Long Shirt:

Here come perfect long shirts for summers. These spectacular looking white long shirts look great on every female irrespective of age factor. The white sizzling shirts have a neat look and lend a heavenly and calm look to the wearer.

5. Lounge Fashion Long Shirt for Woman:

Here comes a smart and smashing looking fashionable long shirt for women. The red and black colour combination gives a striking and amazing look and are perfect for any lounge or hip hop parties.

6. Blue Georgette Loose Long Shirt:

This type of loose-fitting long shirt looks gorgeous for girls. As the shirt is designed in georgette fabric, it gives a nice fall and looks when worn—the pleated design at the neckline and the silver buttons on the shirt highlight the shirt’s look. Perfect shirts as office wear and cool for collages as well for shopping also.

7. Geometric Patterned Silk Crepe Ethnic Long Shirt:

The crepe long shirts look very traditional and lend a classy look. On the shirts, unique geometrical shapes have been printed, and the shirt is designed with a high collar enclosed neck, giving a magnificent appearance when dressed to any walks of life.

8. Casual Checked Long Shirt:

A unique looking long shirt for every woman’s, the shirt has attractive two pockets designed below the waist and has long sleeves. This type of shirts can be worn for official purpose as well to any chilling parties. When paired with jeans, it gives a smart and hot look.

Long shirts are very much in trend as it lends a different yet charming look. The long shirts can be dressed as cool collage wear, comfortable daily wear, and looks stylish at hangouts or evening parties. These shirts are available in many patterns like tail, swags and many different designs, so you can pick the one according to your occasion and style, fetch those iconic looks.

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