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Top 21 Trendy and Fashionable Long Skirt Designs With Images

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Skirts are very trendy clothes. They are more like signature wears. You can pair them as complete casual or it can be formal and chic. Long skirts can be comfortable at times too. And another bonus with maxi skirts is that you can wear them all round the year. Be it in fresh summer season which is of course my favorite or in chilly winters. Long skirts are a huge hit. Also, this are perfect for different occasions too – office wear, high profile meetings, casual outings, date nights and likewise.

But what occurs most commonly is that people tend to be confused with these long skirts. It is because there are different types of maxi skirts available in market. So, you might get confused which type of long skirt should be paired which type of dress and what more.

Latest and Attractive Designs of Long Skirt in 2018:

1. Blue Satin Flowy Plus Sized Long Skirt:

If you have a curvy figure, this Plus sized skirt is just for you. The Navy blue flowy skirt can make you look like a million bucks, when paired with a simple white t shirt. These skirts come in a number of colors and patterns to choose from.

2. Red Cotton High Waisted Long Skirt:

This skirt is apt for Petite figures, who love to show off their slim waist. A band secures the skirt on the upper waist, giving a chic look. High waisted skirts are perfect for those with flat abs and is best paired with a cute and simple crop top.

3. Black Netted Long Evening Skirt:

Choose this skirt for your date night and make your Prince charming fall in love you all over again. This ball gown inspired skirt can transform even the most ordinary woman into Her Highness. Pair it with a deep V necked top and a pair of stilettoes to rock the show.

4. Rainbow Netted Long Colorful Skirt:

This Unicorn inspired skirt is oh-so-gorgeous and is specially made for the Millennials. The rainbow colors can brighten up even the most dull and dragging day. This skirt can be paired with top of any color, but black and white are the best match. Get ready to twirl in this beautiful skirt!

5. Blue Elastic Printed Long Stretchy Skirt:

This long stretchy bodycon skirt can bring out the gypsy in you. The chevron patterns on the skirt can make you look tall and slim. This skirt bears a very casual look and is best suited for day shopping tours.

6. Black and White Elastic Long Striped Skirt:

This zebra striped long skirt can add the illusion of a few extra inches to your height. Whether it is a casual shopping trip or a date night, this skirt can make you look your best. The fish cut pattern in this skirt can make you look like a walking mermaid.

7. Blue Denim Tube Style Long Skirt:


Denim Long Skirt

Long denim fitted skirt is an absolute favourite. It makes you look chic and is a pefect alternative to wearing a pair of denim trousers. Not only is it light and comfortable, but also versatile. It can matched with almost any top to suit a dress up or a dress down loss. Pair it with a breezy t-shirt and a pair of sneakers for that perfect ‘girl-next-door’ look.

8. Beige Flowy Linen Long Skirt:


Flowy Long Skirt

Flowy long skirt comes in a number of prints. It also has quite wide color choices. So, you can easily choose your favourite color and print out of this. It can be paired with plain tank tops. This linen skirt is a great choice for a balmy summer evening. It gives you a cool Boho look and also keeps you comfortable.

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9. Bright Colored Georgette Flowing Long Skirt With Slit:


Side Silt Long Skirt

This is a sexy long skirt. It is long in length and covers legs fully. But side silt is perfect. It will play a peek a boo game which looks quite charming.It comes in a variety of bright colors like Tomato Red, blue, black etc. The best way to wear this skirt is to pair it with a cute top and high heels.

10. Teal Georgette Flouncy Long Skirt For Girl:


Flouncy Maxi Skirt

This flouncy maxi skirt is perfect for those red carpet or extra chic kind of parties look. Pair it with a plain crop top and statement necklace and you are all ready to go and rock the world. This teal colored skirt is a must buy for all skirt lovers. Choose this outfit for a beach party and get ready to steal the show.

11. Black Cotton Wrap on Extra Long Skirts:


This is the simple wrap on skirts. These have a very casual and laid back finish. It is all in a single cloth with tied ups at both ends of the skirt. You need to wrap the skirt around your body and tie those ends. This is perfect for a beach look.

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12. Maroon Cotton Ethnic Long Skirts:


Deep Pink Sequined Long Boho Skirt longskirt - thelittlebazaar.c

This is the perfect Indian long skirts. They have quite wide periphery and has glass and other detailing on the skirt. This is perfect for those garba nights. I am sure many Indian girls have flaunted this skirts some time or the other in their life.

13. Black Lace Skin Fit Long Skirt:

Lace Long Skirt

lace is always feminine clothing. And imagine what a lace skirt can do to your integrity. This looks very classy and sexy. A long lace maxi skirt is perfect for date nights. You can rock lighter or mint lace skirts even in day times while outing with friends.

14. Satin maroon Asymmetric Long Skirt:


Up and Down Irregular Long Skirt

The Asymmetric model skirts have become a latest trend. They are short on the front and long on the back. This Maroon colored, satin skirt is one of the best models to make you look straight out of a fairy tale. Pair it with a simple T shirt and a pair of pumps to make the world fall in love with you.

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15. Black Netted Semi Transparent Long Skirt:


Full Transparent Long Skirt

This is another bold long skirt. Everyone cannot carry this one. It is a fully transparent long skirt. So, you need to wear an inner inside. Make sure that the inner is either in same complementary colour or in completely contrast colour. So, before buying full transparent long skirt make sure if you can carry it off.

16. White Chiffon Semi Transparent Long Skirt:


Semi Transparent Long Skirt

This is my favourite pair of maxi skirt. You can rock this one quite easily. It has blocked or opaque pattern in the top section. And in the lower section it is transparent. So, you are able to see only the lower legs. This is perfect for day outings. And it is quite good for summers as it ensures that breeze flows in inside.

17. Red Satin Peplum Long Skirt:


Peplum Long Skirt

Pencil long skirts have gained momentum these days. Many clothing items have been coming up in peplum designs. Peplum tops, sweaters and dresses are easily available in online as well as local markets. Peplum long skirts give a good dimension and finish to your legs. But also at times it looks cute and girlish because of the peplum finish at the bottom.

18. Red and Black Elastic Pencil Long Skirt:

Pencil Long Skirt

This long skirts are in the shade of a pencil. They appear fitted throughout. Thus, this long skirts give a beautiful sexy finish to your legs and entire figure. Also, pencil long skirts can make you look slim and tall. Pencil long skirts can be worn in different occasions like – date night, causal day outings, formal meetings, daily office wear and likewise.

19. Black Rayon Ballroom Long Skirt:

Ballroom Long Skirt

This is the long skirts which are in shape of a balloon. These are perfect for ball occasions. These are a yesteryear’s trend. Earlier ladies use to wear this on ball nights and looked quite appealing. This skirts are preferred for those girls who have a heavy bottom so that their heaviness can be hidden behind this ballroom skirts construction and composition.

20. Gold Sequined Long Skirts:

Sequined Long Skirts

This is the party long skirts. They are made of sequins which looks very chic and attractive. This are mostly worn in night time because they can appear quite heavy for day outings. But today long sequined skirts are losing trend because short sequin skirts looks much more appealing as compared to this.

21. Grey Cotton Crochet Long Skirts:

Crochet Long Skirts

These is quite trendy skirts. They come in wide variety of colours and prints. Lighter ones with light prints is perfect for day wears. And darker colour and heavier prints can be worn and rocked in nights. But these long crochet skirts are losing touch. Short crochet skirts are much more in fashion than this ones.

With long skirt, you don’t have to always play safe. Choosing the right cut, fit and pattern can transform your look, without having to compromise on the length. Long skirts are comfortable, they make you look chic and also help you dress up or dress down, based on the accessories and top. Whether you like it flowy like a princess, or a tight fitted skirt for that shopping trip, long skirts are the best outfits.With a number of designs to pick from, you might just give your wardrobe its much needed change.