10 Stylish Long Sleeve Shirts Designs in Trend

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A shirt is a very common and a smart outfit for both men and women as it make them appear smarter. There are many types of shirts like sleeveless, short sleeve, slim fit but among it the most popular ones are these long sleeve shirts. A long sleeve shirts are the ones in which the sleeves reaches to the wrist and your hands is fully covered with the fabric. The full sleeves shirts are worn in offices and formal parties as its ads more grace to a one’s personality.

Latest and Comfortable Long Sleeves Shirt Designs in Casual Look:

Now let’s have a quick glance at top 10 shirts with long sleeves for both men and women:

1. Banded Collar Long Sleeves Shirts for Men:

Banded Collar Long Sleeve Shirts for Men

As men’s are very particular about their outfit and it should be one which matches to their persona and even enhances their appearance by many folds. So this type of smart banded collar long sleeve short stands to be a perfect option. This type of button down shirts can be worn casually and if teamed up with black jeans would looks marvellous.

2. Men’s Smart V Neck Long Shirt:

Men’s Smart V Neck Long Shirts

Another smart and wow looking is this V neckline grey and black long sleeve shirt. The shirts look very simple but this type of body fitted shirts gives your body a shape and lends a cool dude looks when worn anywhere.

3. Cool Long Sleeve Shirt for Boys:

Cool Long Sleeve Shirts for Boys3

Other smart and cool looking blue colour long sleeves are these. The patch work on the shoulders with white dots gives an extended and striking look to boys.

4. Turn Down Collar Stripped Shirts for Men:

Turn Down Collar Stripped Shirts for Men

These are the very elegant type of formal stripped long sleeves shirt for men. The shirt has remarkable looking checked pattern patch work on top of the pocket and below the collars giving a classy appearance to both shirt and the wearer.

5. Party Wear Check Pattern Long Sleeve Shirt for Men:

Party Wear Check Pattern Long Sleeve Shirts for Men

The stylish and cool looking are these check pattern long sleeve shirts for men of all age group. On the body the shirts has checks where as sleeves are designed in sizzling black making it perfect for all sorts of parties.

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6. Collared Bow Knot Full Sleeve for Girls:

Collared Bow Knot Full Sleeve for Girls

A cute looking collared bow knot type of full sleeve shirts for young girls. The shirts has nice fall and has small cute buttons in the front. This type of smart shirts can be teamed up with skirts or jeans for that girlis look.

7. Party Type Long Sleeve Shirts for Woman:

Party Type Long Sleeve Shirts for Woman

Here comes a sizzling party type long sleeve shirts for women. On the shirts the lips is designed all over thus giving striking and a “wow” look in the party. If flaunted with tight jeans the nothing could stop you from those sexy and hot looks.

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8. Stylish Pink Long Sleeve Shirts for Woman:

Pink Long Sleeve Shirts

Perfectly tailored neckline make a woman appear more beautiful and appealing, that what this long sleeves shirts does. The shirts has tight fitting around the waist and the loose down the waist adds more style and looks.

9. Office Wear Long Sleeve Shirts for Women:

Office Wear Long Sleeve Shirts for Women

A perfect and ideal office wear long sleeve shirts are these for every woman. It gives a woman an elegant and smart look and the white and great strip’s at the arms and even at the collars makes it appear fantastic and classy.

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10. Women Denim Long Sleeves Shirt:

Women Denim Long Sleeves Shirts

This type of denim long sleeves is designed in loose style and can easily draw the attention of others. The shirts can be teamed up with pair of jeans, skirts or even shorts to get that utilitarian look.

Be it any occasion long sleeve shirts can never go wrong. These types of shirts ads more looks and are never out of fashion, so once got can be used for a long time. The shirts are available in much different style and pattern like collar ones, button up or down and many more. They are designed in all the type of fabric  and can be worn on all walks of life by both the sexes.

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