Tops with full sleeves make a decent look to the figure. Winter or summer days make the skin rough and scratchy. At the end of the day or after a couple of days, we find your skin damaged and a need of covered hands to protect your skin. Apart from protecting your hands from getting worse, long sleeves give a perfectible posture ideal to wear in winters or summers. Even the long sleeves fashion admires the appearance of long arms perfectly dressed up with designer long sleeves. There are long-sleeved designs that make you feel eager to wear such designs.

Trendy Collection of Full Sleeve Tops Women and Men with Pictures:

Here is a List of 9 designer tops with full sleeves for gents and ladies in India.

1. Full Sleeve Drape Nursing Top for Women:

A long sleeve top with drape nursing is a faultless top for working easily. The drape on the chest front also brings unblemished gentle sculpt arms. A black drape top with full sleeves on pants will be a perfect match.

2. Long Sleeve Belted Shirt Top:

Beautifully embellished with embroidery on the neck pattern and buttons shirt looks impressive. A belt making it a perfect fit to the body and long sleeves top for women makes the lady look like a striking body figure.

3. Long Sleeve Laced Tops in Fashion:

The man trap look of lace work and laced arms is always attractive. Ladies long sleeve tops and specially designed with embroidered laces can have a killer impact on women. A round neck off white top perfect to the waistline looks chic cool with pair of blue jeans.

4. Panel Tight Long Sleeve T-Shirt Top for Ladies:

A laced boat neck with a touch of smooth, soft velvet rest and long sleeves top can be a magnificent idea to dress up in the glamour. Bottomed with a long flared skirt can give a doll-like look capturing the mind of the surrounding people.

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5. Patch Worked Long Sleeves Top for Girls:

Patch worked sleeves long covering the full hands-on a peplum top looks splendid. Women with a straight body structure can look magnificent with a white peplum patch worked long sleeve top.

6. Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Top for Women:

Off-shoulder and long sleeve tops for ladies have always looked glamorous and sexy. A long or short tee-shirt with off shoulder design stretchable and tight to the body looks perfect on slim body figured girls.

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7. Men’s Long Sleeve Top in Black:

Unlike the ladies corner of fashion, men have a limited design in their garments. A long sleeve top for men is a must in every men’s wardrobe. Though a man with extra crease long sleeves, pulling back those upright looks handsome and gives an appealing impact on the opposites.

8. Unbalanced Cut Long Sleeve Tops for Men:

Kurtas are an Indian form for both men and women dressing. An unbalanced cut and long sleeves top for men can be a designer look for dressing. Men with a choice of different looks every day can go for a long sleeve top to look amazingly handsome.

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9. Oversized Full Sleeve Tops for Men:

An oversized long sleeve top for men is remarkably very much in the fashion house these days. The long sleeves cover a part of the wrist and fingers too. There is a separate cut for the thumb and fingers to be worn in.

So long sleeve tops for men and women give the dressing a dynamic, appealing impact. The look of long sleeves covers the hands and give a designer look. Net sleeves, lace sleeves, mid-cut full sleeves, baggy long sleeves and cuff on long sleeves are more designs well known and liked by fashion lovers.

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