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Top 9 Trendy Long T-Shirts For Men and Women

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Donning long t shirts is not a piece of cake for everyone. Though oversized clothes make one look very huge, but if a person can sport these extremely big t shirts nothing less than a fashion statement is created. Initially, this design was perceived as a fashion blunder, but then when a number of celebrities started wearing these, the popularity grew manifold. Long T-Shirts are arguably the most popular outer garments in the entire world. Coming in a style, range, size and colors are quite literally for everyone.

Best Mens and Women’s Long T-Shirts For 2018:

Let us explore top 9 long t-shirts.

1. Over-Sized T Shirts:

Over-Sized Long T Shirts

As we know that these are over-sized t shirts and sometimes they even come in long sleeve t shirts design. These are generally lightweight and durable and that’s why preferred by most people. Generally though you would find people opting for black and white color but it is otherwise available in all colors.

2. Galactic Design:

Galactic Design Long T Shirt

These long sleeve t shirts for women come in designs of the Galaxy. The prints and the fabric are unique and it appears like you are around a huge chunk of stars. This design is relatively new on the market and a very much preferred one.

3. Swag Bandana Style:

Swag Bandana Style Long T Shirt

Want to look like Desi Kalakar Honey Singh! These extra long t shirts come in Swag bandana style like that of YoYo Honey Singh. Mostly, people who are fond of singers and rock stars take their fashion and dress like them to express their appreciation.

4. Fashion Killer:

Women's Fashion Killer Long T Shirt

Another feature of these long length t shirts is that they look extremely fashionable. You can team them up with jeans, trousers and even crazy looking hats and caps. Also, accessorize yourself as much as you can by wearing a chunky piece of jewelry.

5. Men’s Fashion:

Long T Shirt Men’s Fashion

Men’s long t-shirts are very much suitable for the ones looking to impress others with their updated fashion sense. The market and the internet are flooded with the designs of these long t shirts. You can even customize them as per your requirement and need.

6. Street Style:

Long T Shirt In Street Style

Long t shirts men’s range also has a street look or a street style range. The boys look like gangsters and definitely very hot. You would always find girls drooling after bad guys so if a long shirt gives you a street style and a bad guy kind of look, it is worth every penny.

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7. Celebrity Style:

Celebrity Style Long T Shirt

Like mentioned earlier, long t shirts for men got some of its inspiration from celebrities and pop stars. This is very common and if you switch on the music channels these days, you would find maximum celebrities in long t shirts. Even in the past lot of celebrities donned this look.

8. Long Leather T Shirts:

Long Leather T Shirts

Another range of long sleeve t shirts for men has some exotic designs in leather fabric. Either the helm is of leather or may be a full t shirt is made up of leather like fabric. This is new in the fashion market and more and more people are taking advantage of the same.

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9. Long Tail T Shirt:

Long Tail T Shirt

Another category in long sleeve t shirts for men is the one which is extra-long from the back side. These are called long tail t shirts as the front and the back portion of these t shirts is differently sized. These are also pretty common in the market.

Long shirt for man and woman has been in trend for a long time. You can explore the market to find out the recent trends in this range and category. These are super fashionable and very comfortable.

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