Monsoon is amongst the favourite seasons of people all across the world. It just doesn’t make the surroundings beautiful but also full of colours. And when we talk about rains, we can’t miss umbrellas that are the most important element we see during monsoons. Umbrellas come in different designs, colours, shapes and sizes, though long umbrellas make the best of the lot because they give you complete protection from rain and are super handy to carry along and use whenever it rains.

Best and Stylish Models of Long Umbrellas In India:

Read on to know what kind of long umbrellas are best to carry around this monsoon:

1. Dome Umbrella:

This dome umbrella is PVC coated and is used very often in western countries in monsoon. Apart from saving you from the rain it gives you a clear picture of what rain looks like. It is lightweight and also easy to carry. Its dome is placed at a reasonable height thus makes it a long handle umbrella.

2. Black Umbrella:

The long black umbrella like this one gives you protection not only from the rains but also the sun unlike the PVC umbrella that cannot be used during sunlight. Since it is black in colour, it doesn’t get dirty quickly and is durable and cleanable. In India, mostly used this type of black long umbrellas.

3. Frilled Umbrella:

Because Umbrellas are an accessory too, they come in various colours and designs and so this umbrella comes with frills on it to suit the ladies style. It is a long stick umbrella which can be used conveniently during both summers and rains. It is quite handy and lightweight to carry around and also provides protection to the entire body catering to its dome shape.

4. Folding Umbrella:

This long stick umbrella is not just usable during sunlight and rains but is also windproof. It can be held stable during heavy winds and can be easily carried around. Its light blue in colour and can also be carried like an accessory. The umbrella is also durable and dries quickly.

5. Curve Handle Umbrella:

This curved handle mens long umbrella is a robust and strong umbrella. It is easily carried around during heavy rains and also used during summers. The umbrella has a masculine touch to it which makes it preferable to be used by men. They are durable and donot get dirty easily.

6. Floral Umbrella:

This floral umbrella is the one which is mostly preferred by women due to its elegant design and print. This umbrella is fit to carry in rains and comes with a wooden handle that maintains a strong grip over the umbrella. It is easy to wash but needs to be cleaned on regular basis to maintain its design and print.

7. Red Umbrella:

This plain red umbrella is the one which will be preferred by most people due to its convenient handling and storage. It comes with a adjustable cover that can be easily removed and put again. This covers also helps drain out the water from the umbrella in case of heavy rains.

8. Tangent Umbrella:

This umbrella is unique amongst the lot. It has an automatic button on its handle to open it and also its two sides are shorter by 6 inches to allow clear vision during rain or sunlight. Its material dries quickly and the Velcro strap holds the umbrella for a better storage.

9. Canopy Umbrella:

This canopy umbrella is the one with a long handle that helps cover the entire body of a person. It gives a strong and quality feel and can be easily carried. It’s lightweight and different design makes it a must have accessory for both men and women.

Umbrellas are a useful accessory that should be convenient and easy to carry. Long umbrellas provide complete protection and also give a tough and robust look to the umbrella. They are durable and do not get damaged easily.

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