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9 Stylish Designs of Long Vests for Ladies in Trend

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A vest is a sleeveless garment for the upper part of your body. Vest is also known as waistcoat, cardigan and jacket etc. vest can be wear by both men and women. Vest was introduced as women wear with the riding habits of women. Now, it has become a part of daily outfit for women. Vests are of two types’ short vest and long vest. There are various ranges, designs, fabrics available in the market one can choose according to the season. It can go with any fitted jeans. Vest is adding a touch of class to outfit. There are various lovable styles of vest are available these are.

Latest and Beautiful Long Vests for Womens in Fashion:

Let we have to look at the top 9 designs of long vests.

1. Denim Long Vest:

Denim long vest

This is perfect choice for denim lover. It can go with any white and black t-shirt. It is front open with button instead of zip. This sleeveless vest gives a stunning look to women.

2. Long Fur Vest:

Long Fur Vest2

Fur is so soft and warm. So, this is best suitable for winter. One who doesn’t want to change their style in winter, this long fur vest is perfect choice for her. This fur jacket is best suit for thin ladies.

3. Long Fringe Vest:

Long Fringe vest

Fringes on vest look cool on any dress. This cutting style looks good whether the fringes are long or short. This black long fringe vest can go with any colour of t-shirt. You can choose it for any event.

4. Long Vest Top:

Long vest top

This stretchable, round neck and uneven hem top looks stylish and pleats in the centre of the neckline makes it more graceful. It can pair with jeans and leggings etc. Women feel very comfortable in this long grey colour vest top. Apart from confines it looks so fabulous.

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5. Formal Long Vest:

Formal Long vest

This light colour long vest can go with jeans and black tunic. It gives a bold and stylish look. This vest is look like an overcoat. Long vest is easy and forgiving to wear. You may need vest tailored for the perfect length. This long vest jacket is a good option for a formal or official wear.

6. Long Lace Cardigan Vest:

Long lace cardigan vest

Women can’t resist her after seeing this long lace vest. This gives an exclusive look it can go with any tunic, jeans. Its delicacy makes it a party wear outfit. It can also pair with gladiators’ footwear.

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7. Long Hooded Vest:

Long hooded vest

In winters you need to cover your head, this long hooded women’s vest is more useful. This will not change your look rather you look more stylish in winter. This printed vest can go with white and sky blue shirt.

8. Gym Long Vest:

Gym long vest

There are various gym vests available in the market but this ladies long vest liked by Indian. Because of its length it is more comfortable during workout. It can also wear in jogging. This pink colour vest is looking as beautiful as it can be wearable outside.

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9. Knitted Long Vest:

Knitted long vest

This is hand knitting vest. It gives a warm feeling, knitted vest have very unique designs and have different patterns. This Long down vest knitting in red heart yarns. This can be going with jeans and leggings.

Vest for women is too comfortable. You can wear it anywhere and in any season. One can choose vest according to their personal style. Women’s long vests are quite versatile and depend on the patterns and prints to its usefulness. Funky vest prints are great for casual events, whereas checks patters and plaids for formal event. Ladies long vests give you a new look for every party and outing. Vests are gaining high popularity in today’s fashion.

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