Casual t-shirts have been changing its trend at regular intervals. Funky, plain, geek, checkers, etc. have been quite widely worn by both men and women. However, the latest designs in casual t-shirts are the longline t-shirts that have grabbed the attraction of both men and women.

Latest Womens and Mens Longline T-Shirts:

Here are some widely adopted long line tee shirts that have been widely picked for a change in the appearance.

1. Collar Cut Longline T-Shirt for Men:

Collar cut designs in longline t shirt men’s wear within grey have been the prime selection for a designer wear look. The t-shirt contains a narrow collar with long side cuts and central button designs.

2. Dual Color Longline T-Shirt for Men:

A longline t-shirts mens India design with a new touch is given a dual color print. The long t-shirt is divided into two portions, among which one is marron and the other is black with round neck. Do you need some casual long line t-shirts? Then this one will really suitable for you.

3. Flare Longline T-Shirt for Women:

Loose in fitting, the longline t shirts women’s design with cotton material gives a stylish look with simple wearing. The t-shirt is made in cotton and given inspirational wordings with back lengthier than the front.

4. Off-Shoulder Longline T-Shirt for Women:

Off-shoulder designs have been adorable for a stylish look at parties. The longline t-shirt is given a neck round design with single side off-shoulder design. In the black background, the t-shirt is given central rose design. This one is preferred by young girls for their college parties or any functions.

5. Hooded Longline T-Shirt for Men:

Mens longline t shirt with dual layer and hooded neck gives a stunning look for outings. The inner layer of the long t-shirt is white, while the outer layer is in black, made from cotton.

6. Zebra Stripped Longline T-shirt for Men:

Longline t shirt men with long sleeves and semi-round neck and bottom look classier for any party look. The design is made in cotton material with a stretchable effect to give loose and tight fitting.

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7. Back Zipper Longline T-Shirt Women:

A Longline white t shirt made from polyester is given a zip design behind. The t-shirt comes with half sleeves and back neck for a sensual look in parties over jeans or Capri. If you are looking some stylish and little trendy then this type of t-shirt will surely give you a good choice. Try this pattern for your casual parties or any meet up.

8. Distressed Longline T-Shirt for Men:

White longline t shirt when given a distressed design, gives a new appearance for casual. The t-shirt is made from cotton with a round neck and semi-round end is given a distressed look at the end of the t-shirt. For your any outing, try this style for unique way.

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9. Pleaded Longline T-Shirt for Men:

Longline mens t shirt when given pleaded endings and sleeve borders, it gives even a simple t-shirt a modish look. The t-shirt is made from cotton with a plain design combined with red, white and black pleaded look.

Longline t shirt designs have been worn over jeans for men, while for women; they can also be carried over capri and ankle length leggings. As most of them are made from cotton, they give a comfortable experience to the wearer for outings, dancing or even regular wear.

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