A human being is always fascinated towards gemstones. Gemstones are available as loose so that you can use them as you like. Gemstones are precious and semi-precious. Precious gemstones are very expensive and rare. While on the other hand, loose semi-precious gemstones are affordable to the common man and easily available. One can keep these gemstones as it is with them and even can use them as jewellery like a ring or necklace.

Attractive Loose Gemstones Rings With Images:

These natural loose gemstones always bless a person with peace and happiness. These gemstones are highly advantageous and naturally found in the lap of Earth.

1. Loose Ruby Gemstone:

This loose precious stone is known as Ruby. It is considered the king of precious stones. This rare gemstone has magnificent colour and is the best choice for jewellery. It has finer qualities and excellent hardness. This gemstone is tough and durable.

2. Loose Sapphire Gemstone:

It is the best loose gemstone for the ring. Sapphires are available in blue, yellow, green and pink colours. It is the most desirable gemstone, and its value depends on the size. Great skills and experience is required to cut this gemstone. It can be worn every day.

3. Loose Alexandrite Gemstone:

This gemstone is found mainly in Russia. This natural loose gemstone is very attractive because of its colour quality. These gemstones have the surprising quality of changing their colour under changing lights. It will turn red in candlelight and purple in electric light. This is the rarest gemstone.

4. Loose Amethyst Gemstone:

This loose gemstone is available in various colours like purple, deep reddish purple and bluish violet. Amethysts with deep colour are more valued. This gemstone is believed to give you good luck and shower love. The noble colour of Amethyst is rich purple and is rare.

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5. Loose Opal Gemstone:

This loose natural gemstone is popular and comes in various attractive colours. Opals should be protected from heat and need to handle with care. The colour quality of this stone is very rich and beautiful. Australia is the founder of this precious stone.

6. Loose Peridot Gemstone:

This gemstone loose is available in only one colour, i.e. green. It is found deep within the earth. The meaning of Peridot is ‘plenty’, so it gives its holder plenty of joy and love. It can be used in rings and bracelets. Its colour is its important significance.

7. Loose Tanzanite Gemstone:

This loose gemstone Tanzanite is named after the East African state of Tanzania. It is found there only and so can be expensive. This extraordinary gemstone is very delicate to handle and can get shattered on heat.

8. Loose Topaz Gemstone:

This is a loose semi-precious stone commonly found in yellow colour. When it comes into contact with heat, it turns blue. Topaz is considered to be a tough and durable gemstone. Topaz gemstones will change their colour when it is near poison. This can easily break down, so it needs to handle with care.

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9. Loose Tourmaline Gemstone:

This loose semi-precious gemstone has an incomparable variety of colours. There are different names for different colours of Tourmaline. Red Tourmaline is known as ‘rubellite’, pink is known as ‘shocking pink’, two-coloured Tourmaline is known as ‘bi-coloured’ and more than two as ‘multi-coloured’.

Loose gemstones are so much value if one understands their benefits. It can shower blessings on you when chosen perfectly. These loose gemstones are highly in demand currently. Jewellers are selling gemstones, saying the original. But it is not easy to get a real gemstone. Hardly one can get a real one. Presently, these gemstones are produced in laboratories with the help of chemical mixtures. However, they are also treated like real ones.


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